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There have been many texts, exposÚs and studies done to search for the roots of the magical Pakua. In Asia, especially among the Chinese community, the Pakua is a familiar sign and an increasingly used symbol of protection, magical powers and directional symbol for the ever present search for good luck.


Now it would be a great shock and revelation to all to be confronted by the fact that the origin of the very essence of the Chinese symbol of the I Ching and the Feng Shui originated outside of China.

I am not the sole person to recognise this astounding fact but many have delved into the texts of historic findings to come out with this realisation.



The cradle of human civilisation and when cultures are recorded in findings in Mesopotamia (3000-2300 BC) although the recorded history of Chinese civilisation went as far back as 2943 BC, evidence of Chinese civilisation by archaeological findings appears quite suddenly around China around 1400 BC.

It is believed that the Chinese left Mesopotamia to escape the perverted idolitary worship of Babylon. The Chinese held fast to their worship of the One True God "Shang Ti" and they migrated west from the Middle East to the lands now called China. The ancient Chinese, like the Ancient Hebrews had a monotheistic religion and worshipped Shang-Ti or the Supreme God till 500 BC.

The Chinese have the longest recorded historical continuity dating back to 2943 BC. They were believed to have arrived in China from Akkadia in Mesopotamia travelling through Khotan in Central Asia.

Many Chinese ideograms have descriptions and describe many Middle-East legends like the Great Flood, Noah and the Tower of Babel. In fact, the Chinese word for "BOAT" contains sub-characters reflecting the 8 persons of Noah's family in the ark-boat. Whenever the Ark Boat of Noah was described, it was always described as having eight-sides like the Pak Kua.



The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and the tradition of building a tower of Buns during the festival preserves till today the legend of the Tower of Babel. It is in memory of how "Golden Leung" Emperor Huang-Ti acted against the Serpent Chih to release water to the people.

The Chinese knew who Adam was and who Noah was as well and mentioned them prominently in Ancient Chinese History as the 1st world Emperor Fu-Hsi who taught them the rudiments of civilised existence like hunting and planting and Noah the great astrologer who was named Shen-Nung who revealed the passing of time and the changing of seasons. He invented the plough, established markets and cultivated 5 grains.

These significant cultural fusion is the reason why there is so many parallels and discoveries of similarities between the Hebrews ancient book of magic the "Kalalah" and the Taoist books of Divination the "I-Ching"

The Chinese, like the Hebrews, worshipped a monotheistic, imageless Supreme God Shang-Ti. There is historical evidence to support this. But in 500 BC, due to politics, polytheism and deviant teachings were introduced so as to better control the people of China.


The Pakua

Fu Shi is said to be Adam. He was the first of the Five Emperors of the legendary period known as the "Pao Hsi Kung". The founder of civilised China, he taught the people to hunt, fish, make fire and to spin silk. From the markings on the back of the tortoise, he constructed the "Eight Diagrams" or the series of lines. It was a system of philosophy or the basis of the form on which society is built. It is known as the "Canon of Changes". This is the Pakua.

Till today, 5000 years from the period when Fu Hsi formulated his concept of the ideals code of conduct for a harmonious society, his words and rules are still valid. No doubt they were refined and fine-tuned by philosophers and sages like King Wen and Confucious, his structure is what a model Society should be based upon - VALUES and a CONSCIENCE inscribed as a series of trigrams  in a Pakua, these ancient words of metaphysical wisdom is there for you to tap from whenever you are lost and need to find the path to happiness.

Although the Pakua is normally hung outside a house to ward off or deflect evil, wearing it on one's body, enhanced by a compatible gemstone can be y our lucky charm and protection against negative attitudes. Seek the magical help of this ancient talisman to guide you to happiness.


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