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Madam Zorra has been a practising Astro Gem Therapist and Tarot Card Reader since 1971.

Living in the Jungle of Sumatra and Kalimantan, she has studied how Shamans and Herbist use various crystals to purify water and enhance their aura or Electro magnetic force to strengthen their minds to resist illnesses and focus their thoughts and energy.

She fine-tuned her knowledge of gems and the powers they have during a one-year stay in Rangoon or Yangoon Burma. In the temple of the Shwea Dagong Pagoda, or the Golden Bell Temple, she gained a God-Sent opportunity to be tutored by Maha Pad-di, a Buddhist Monk. In Gem rich Burma, he taught her the properties of each stone and guided her on how to call upon her inner strength and natural intuition to feel vibrations of those she was in contact with and to read auras.

To give a discipline and scientific basis to her natural abilities she studied Astrology and Palmistry, Physiognomy and found her niche in the rich divination of the mystic Tarot which she practised up till today. All her studies and research gives her a unique and sound backing in her interpretations of the mysterious and startlingly revelling Tarot Cards.

Her vast knowledge of gems and metals were further expanded by he encounters and seminars of New Age Healers in London and San Francisco.

However, she was until then, only a woman who had a lot of knowledge and a natural talent but fate had to give her opportunities to put her in touch with her deeper sensitivity. She faced great adversities brought about by deaths, loss of fortune and numerous personal sacrifices. When she went through all that alone while bringing up two young children, she overcame it and again became successful. She developed great inner strength and wisdom which she brings to her divination of her Tarot. At a glance you can feel the inner Peace she has attained and you will know that when she unravels the knots of problems that you may have encountered, she never sits in judgement as she has drunk from the bitter cup of life.

But it was only after an "out of body" experience she had after an operation that made her give up her profession as a Hotellier and go into the Esoteric Science and Profession.

Madam Zorra has in 1999 been claimed by UNISYS as one of the TOP 500 list of people who had contributed to the Malaysian society.

Because of all her experiences in her life, she can guide you with the aid of The Tarot to find the path to harmony, love and inner peace.


Whatever difficulties she has experienced in life, Madam Zorra has managed to always look calm and radiant.

She shares with you her knowledge to attain this harmonious appearance by her "Face Feng Shui".

She has now offered her services to you through this amazing media of electronics "The Internet" and has personally said to me that she hopes that she can in some small way help you to overcome your various problems in life and work towards a happier and harmonious future.

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