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Question 1:

Men and Women find me attractive. And I have had sex with both men and girls. I am so confused now because I do not know if I am a hardcore gay. When I have sex with a man I imagine I am having sex with a woman and when I am having sex with a woman, I always imagine I am having sex with a man. So you see how mixed up I am. I am a man and my birthdate is 12-7-71. Click here for the answer.

Split in 2 from Singapore

Question 2:

I have been offered a very good position in China to run a biscuit factory. The prospects are very good as I can proceed to run the Asian Division of the company if I have achieved this added experience. I am an accountant and have done a degree in Hotel and Catering in Switzerland too. However, I am married and we have a child of 5. My husband is a middle range executive in a bank. He is not very ambitious and loves his golf. That is why I have a lot of time to concentrate in my career because he is always playing golf after work and on weekends. I am afraid to accept this offer as I feel it will be the start of us drifting apart and perhaps end in a divorce. My job and career is important. But I am level headed enough to realise that pursuing my career in another country will definitely put a strain to my marriage. My birthday is 26-12-64 and my husband's is 5-4-63. What is my best route? Can I have both a career and a sound marriage? Click here for the answer.

Accountant from Kuala Lumpur

Question 3:

My divorce is almost final and I am ready to allow myself to get romantically involved with men. But whenever a man touches me, I have a feeling of panic and sometimes I even push them away physically. My scars from the marriage seem to still hurt. Do you think I can get over it? I am a Dragon. When would be the best age or time for me to think about committing to another man again? Does my birthday show that I can find happiness in love? I am a successful lawyer now and can afford the best for me and my daughter. But I know that I need a man's love to make me complete but I cannot stand the thought of another painful and humiliating separation. Please help me. Click here for the answer.

Lonely from Paris

Question 4:

I always get a hard-on when I look at a woman's breast. Sometimes I try to feel her breast. When my sisters bath, I take a peep into the crack of the door which I enlarged so that I can see them bathing. Then I masturbate. I feel so ashamed. Please Madam, am I normal? My birthday is 15 Sept 1985. Click here for the answer.


Question 5:

Can a man remain faithful to one woman all his life? Answer in progress.

Nancy from Melbourne

Question 6:

I am 20 years old and I have a steady boyfriend but I still find other boys and men attractive and sometimes I do not stop myself and have sex with these men I am attracted to. I even plan and arrange secretly how to meet them without my boyfriend finding out. Do you really think I love my boyfriend? Am I ready for marriage? Click here for the answer.


Question 7:

I'm a 26 year old lady from KL and my birthday is on 22 July 1974. I am never sure whether I am a Cancer or Leo because different papers give different dates for these two zodiacs ending and beginning. I know I was born in the year of the tiger. My problem is 'lacking' of a love life. I'm a malay with indian blood from my maternal grandfather and is working in a company where 95% is chinese.

According to my friends, that's probably the reason why I don't have any malay male friends. I'm not exactly that friendly when I just start to know people and very rarely starts a conversation with a stranger.

My friend said I look like Kavitha Kaur and I wonder if I really look like that, why has nobody been interested; unless Kavitha Kaur also has a problem finding the right man.

Is there any reason in the suns and stars for this and can I change it?

Thanks for any advice given. I don't normally believe palm reading or whatever. It just shows how desperate I am at the moment. I don't usually think about my 'lacking'....only when I need to share some problem or joy. I feel really lonely as there is no one to turn to.

Click here for the answer.


Question 8:

There is someone I believe I've completely fallen for...but I'm not sure if it'll work because I'm so young. I feel a connection to him like no other, and I'm too afraid to face it. Is he the right one? Is what I feel true? Or am I still too young? I am female and my birthday is 8-8-84...his is 10-29-78. Click here for the answer.

Immaculate Dream X

Question 9:

I want to ask for your opinion and advice about my relationship. I'm a male, Malay Muslim and my birthdate is 9/10/77 while she is a Chinese Muslim girl with the birthdate 12/07/73.

She makes me cheer up the whole day and takes good care of me. We feel shy to express our feelings but we continue as a normal couple; hanging out together and telling our friends that we are special to each other. We never expressed that we are lovers so we are taking a wait-and-see attitude. I know that she is older than me but we never bother about this. We are not working in the same company. She lives at Puchong and works in Kuala Lumpur as a secretary. I'm living in Shah Alam and work at Damansara as a tax assistant. We do agree that we share most of the same things in our life. Click here for the answer.


Question 10:

I am in a predicament because I got entangled with a very nice man, he's white, about 45 and going on 46 and really shows concern.

I wouldn't be so bothered about it all but we have passed certain boundaries which I feel guilty about but I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again. He too, admitted he didn't realise he getting carried away until it was too late.

By the way, he's a happily married man with a 4 year old daughter. I'm also married and have been for the past 12 years with 2 sons aged 9 and 6.

I don't know how to break away since I don't want to and from the way communication is carrying on between us, he too, is happy with our friendship.

He's just a very, very caring man. Very few of them these days. Click here for the answer.


Question 11:

I have an affair with a girl for the last 6 and a half years and for the last 9 months she has been away. She now wants me around, but is also interested in another person. I want to know if she will come back to me or will she go away to the other person. My birthdate is 8-03-1956 and I live in India.

Click here for the answer.

Sage 83

Question 12:

I'm 20 years old and I have fallen in love with my friend's ex-girlfriend Y. We used to chat and go out together. We were going steady as friends for 4 months and after I expressed my feelings to her, she said she needed some time to think about it. After a week, Y sent me a letter and told me that we were better off as friends or brother and sister. In this letter, Y said that we were happy together and she liked chatting with me on the phone. Y noticed that I care about her and am kind to her. I don't know why she won't accept me as her boyfriend. I really love her so much. Please give some advice.

Click here for the answer.


Question 13:

My birthdate is on 31/07/1974 and my birth place is Ipoh, Perak. My first concern is my career. I've just changed my job for one month and my current company is a Finland-based company. At this moment, I'm confused. I'm not sure whether I've made the right decision. FYI, I'm involved in the IT profession and my current position is Systems Analyst. Maybe I should be more patient and see what it'll lead me to in the future.

My second concern is my love life. Nowadays, a lot of my friends are getting married or meet their Mr. Right. Sometimes, I just envy them because they've someone to turn to and I'm tired of carrying all the burdens by myself. As for me, at my age, I'm worried that there's anyone who's interested in me. I've never been in any relationship before. Actually, I'm not choosy but it seems that nobody approaches me, never once. I don't think I'm ugly even though I'm a bit plump. My height is 150cm and weight is 53kg. My aunty and friends don't believe me when I told them that there's nobody approaching me. I don't believe it either myself. My friends think that my character is OK.

My third concern is my interest in astrology. I've become more and more curious about astrology because I find it very interesting and it helps in observing a person. But a lot of people especially guys will say it's not reliable or silly to believe in astrology.

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