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Love makes the world go round. And so it does and you go round and round with love. It lifts you to unimaginable heights and it can also dash you into death despondent hell. Few are spared. In this day and age, love. sex and cohabitation is more difficult to handle what with the demands of women for their rights equal to man and the ever increasing liberalisation of sex.

Having lived a life full with no regrets but with every passion of my being, I have walked the mile and survived with my soul intact. My years of consultation and consoling has given me the depth to lend you my advice if you wish to seek my council. Nothing is too shocking, trivial or perverse for me to attend to and you remain in absolute anonymity through the Internet. So e-mail me at and I shall endeavour to guide you.

Always accompany your question with your birthdate, country you live in and an alias to remain anonymous. Keep in touch.


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