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Question 13:

My birthdate is on 31/07/1974 and my birth place is Ipoh, Perak. My first concern is my career. I've just changed my job for one month and my current company is a Finland-based company. At this moment, I'm confused. I'm not sure whether I've made the right decision. FYI, I'm involved in the IT profession and my current position is Systems Analyst. Maybe I should be more patient and see what it'll lead me to in the future.

My second concern is my love life. Nowadays, a lot of my friends are getting married or meet their Mr. Right. Sometimes, I just envy them because they've someone to turn to and I'm tired of carrying all the burdens by myself. As for me, at my age, I'm worried that there's anyone who's interested in me. I've never been in any relationship before. Actually, I'm not choosy but it seems that nobody approaches me, never once. I don't think I'm ugly even though I'm a bit plump. My height is 150cm and weight is 53kg. My aunty and friends don't believe me when I told them that there's nobody approaching me. I don't believe it either myself. My friends think that my character is OK.

My third concern is my interest in astrology. I've become more and more curious about astrology because I find it very interesting and it helps in observing a person. But a lot of people especially guys will say it's not reliable or silly to believe in astrology.




Dear Confused,

As far as job goes you are ideally set up. The IT industry is just up your street. Everything foreign is an attraction to you so working in a foreign company or environment is perfect for a start. A working stint abroad should be in your plans for the future. Working in a large corporation is also very conducive for your as you are expansive and need diverse projects otherwise you get bored easily. 

Regarding your love life, I advise you to wait till you reach 28 then your views and character would have developed so that you can relate to that special someone. Don't be in a hurry as in your chart, two marriages or one serious relationship and one actual marriage is shown. 

Astrology is an age long proven science. Practised by a proven Astrologer can help anyone in their path of life. Practised by a charlatancan wreck havoc and confusion. Choose your Guide with care and do not roam from one astrologer or Psychic Guide  to another. The proof is always  in the pudding. Only when one experiences the astounding revelation that Astrology or The Esoteric Arts can unfold can one realise its potency. 

Don't push your beliefs or ideals too strongly - every person has a time frame - when they are ready, only then are they open to a thought, an ideal or belief.

The Love Guru,

Madam Zorra

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