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Question 9:

I want to ask for your opinion and advice about my relationship. I'm a male, Malay Muslim and my birthdate is 9/10/77 while she is a Chinese Muslim girl with the birthdate 12/07/73.

She makes me cheer up the whole day and takes good care of me. We feel shy to express our feelings but we continue as a normal couple; hanging out together and telling our friends that we are special to each other. We never expressed that we are lovers so we are taking a wait-and-see attitude. I know that she is older than me but we never bother about this. We are not working in the same company. She lives at Puchong and works in Kuala Lumpur as a secretary. I'm living in Shah Alam and work at Damansara as a tax assistant. We do agree that we share most of the same things in our life.  




Dear Sly,

You have met a girl who is quite dominating and strong. That is why you are so attracted to her. You, on the other hand, are timid but with a bad temper when provoked and tend to be secretive. You can make a good couple as long as you are prepared to allow her to rule your life. But when things get too much for you, you will try to find relief or look for a balance to your existence by doing things behind her back.

She is sentimental under all that domineering and fussy front and that appeals to you who tends to be a romantic at heart.

So go ahead and make the proposal. Your difficult times are at an end and your future is very bright but! Watch that temper.

The Love Guru,

Madam Zorra


Your name Sly suits you

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