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Question 8:

There is someone I believe I've completely fallen for...but I'm not sure if it'll work because I'm so young. I feel a connection to him like no other, and I'm too afraid to face it. Is he the right one? Is what I feel true? Or am I still too young? I am female and my birthday is 8-8-84...his is 10-29-78.  

Immaculate Dream X



Dear Immaculate Dream X,

You will remember the age 15 as the year when you first encountered love. Do not let it be the year when you first nursed a broken heart. Your friend is a very sensitive person and he too is going through a difficult time.

But good news is waiting for you when you turn 16. Are you going abroad? True love goes on and time is the sure proof of love. So if you have to carry on with your education, concentrate on that for now. If you are fated to be together, let it happen when you have accomplished something in your own life.

If your friend truly cares for you then he will not hold you back.

The Love Guru,

Madam Zorra

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