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Question 6:

I am 20 years old and I have a steady boyfriend but I still find other boys and men attractive and sometimes I do not stop myself and have sex with these men I am attracted to. I even plan and arrange secretly how to meet them without my boyfriend finding out. Do you really think I love my boyfriend? Am I ready for marriage? 




Dear Pam,

I do not really think that you are ready to get married - in fact, I don't think you really love your boyfriend. It is not your age that makes you so sexually active, (It depends on what month you are born in) although I feel you might be 21, a Horse, and not 20, a Sheep, you are either not sexually compatible to be happy and satisfied with your boyfriend or you just don't love him enough. Cut loose. Play the field and don't do it carrying a load of guilt or you will be forever confused when it comes to sex.

Mature sexually and emotionally first before being committed  to a relationship. Sow your wild oats but do it discreetly so as not to earn a reputation of bring a slut and above all practice safe sex. Someday you will meet someone who will make you want to remain faithful to him - when you meet him, others will seem so trivial and incomplete. That is when you may seriously think of the big "M". Till then, have fun girl! You are young only once.

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