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Question 4:

I always get a hard-on when I look at a woman's breast. Sometimes I try to feel her breast. When my sisters bath, I take a peep into the crack of the door which I enlarged so that I can see them bathing. Then I masturbate. I feel so ashamed. Please Madam, am I normal? My birthday is 15 Sept 1985.




Dear James,

You are a little Tiger. At your age, your hormones are running a riot. Why don't you have a girlfriend so that you can have a real physical experience with a girl instead of developing these perverted voyeuristic antics. I caught my cousin peeping into the bathroom when my maid was bathing and he was only 8! So I know curiosity can get a hold of a person but at your age you have to start getting real. In days gone by, fathers or a congenial uncle would introduce a youth to the delights of the flesh by taking them to a brothel of high quality. But nowadays, sexual education of the youth is left to personal discovery and can lead to smutty and lewd discussions with their peers. This is why many youths have sexual complications and problems.

Learn about sex from a responsible and matured person. Also, realise that without love, sex is an empty unfulfilled experience. So tread carefully. Learn to distinguish between love and lust.

Being a Rat born in the period if the Rooster, you have a great attraction to things beautiful and sex will be a rather complex thing with you. You may also be susceptible to disabilities or diseases related to the sexual organs. So be very careful if a problem occurs. They will always be your best guide failing which speak to your family doctor.

For now, get a girlfriend and have normal sexual experiences.

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