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Question 3:

My divorce is almost final and I am ready to allow myself to get romantically involved with men. But whenever a man touches me, I have a feeling of panic and sometimes I even push them away physically. My scars from the marriage seem to still hurt. Do you think I can get over it? I am a Dragon. When would be the best age or time for me to think about committing to another man again? Does my birthday show that I can find happiness in love? I am a successful lawyer now and can afford the best for me and my daughter. But I know that I need a man's love to make me complete but I cannot stand the thought of another painful and humiliating separation. Please help me.

Lonely from Paris



Dear Lonely from Paris,

Dragons are strong and proud, but they are also sensitive and idealistic to a fault. A Lady Dragon in this era who is successful will find it very difficult to adopt the role of a "wife". Your husband must have damaged your pride and self-esteem to make you hurt so much. You can find happiness when you meet someone who you respect so much that you will bend your mighty head in acknowledgement of your love for him and allow him to rule your life. Are you shocked by my words? You see, you need someone to be in control of you - you are yin - you need a yang. You can never be a yang because you are a woman. Accept this first. That is the principal of Tao.

From there you go on towards happiness. If you are a Dragon, you must be either 35 or perhaps 47. These are good ages for a Dragon. Your split-up or divorce must have been at the age of 33 or 42 or 44. So it wasn't so long ago. Do not force yourself to be in contact with men. Let it happen naturally. Meditate for peace of mind and if you logon to the LuckyZodiacShop, you can get a gemstone that can help you strengthen your positive aura.

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