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Question 2:

I have been offered a very good position in China to run a biscuit factory. The prospects are very good as I can proceed to run the Asian Division of the company if I have achieved this added experience. I am an accountant and have done a degree in Hotel and Catering in Switzerland too. However, I am married and we have a child of 5. My husband is a middle rung executive in a bank. He is not very ambitious and loves his golf. That is why I have a lot of time to concentrate on my career because he is always playing golf after work and on weekends. I am afraid to accept this offer as I feel it will be the start of us drifting apart and perhaps end in a divorce. My job and career is important. But I am level headed enough to realise that pursuing my career in another country will definitely put a strain to my marriage. My birthday is 26-12-64 and my husband's is 5-4-63. What is my best route? Can I have both a career and a sound marriage?

Accountant from Kuala Lumpur



Dear Accountant from KL,

You have a problem faced ever so often by women nowadays. Career or Marriage. It is a difficult choice but from the looks of things you don't have a very exciting marriage union. If one loves a person, one couldn't bear to be separated from the one you love. Perhaps you have to ask yourself that question first. Where does love come in in all this? Work out your solution from there. From your birthdate, I can see that you are a very ambitious Rabbit but it does indicate the possibility of divorce. I do not include your child at all in this problem because children cannot grow up as balanced adults in a marriage without love. So sort that out first.

Now, your husband is a Tiger - I cannot see how he can bear to be parted from the one he loves. Who is going to look after that Tiger? There is a saying "a cat will never turn his nose up to fish when it's put in front of him". By going away, don't you think schools of fish will be presenting themselves to him?

So if you value your marriage and husband, don't take a chance. But if your husband wants you to take up the offer, then I advise you to take the offer.

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