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Question 1:

Men and Women find me attractive. And I have had sex with both men and girls. I am so confused now because I do not know if I am a hardcore gay. When I have sex with a man I imagine I am having sex with a woman and when I am having sex with a woman, I always imagine I am having sex with a man. So you see how mixed up I am. I am a man and my birthdate is 12-7-71.

Split in 2 from Singapore



Dear Split in 2,

For a start you are a Pig born in the period of the Sheep. The day you were born is already in conflict with your period and shows a lot of inferiority complexes. You have a very strong element of Fire in your birthdate. This indicates passion and a strong sex drive. On top of this, you are also creative and very sensitive. So all in all, you are a complex, sexually passionate man with an inferiority complex. That is why you have such an exciting although a very complex sexual appetite. Bisexuality is not uncommon. Letting your mind stimulate you sexually while in the act of making love or having sex is normal. After all, sex is all in the mind and imagination. So while your sexual behaviour is acceptably although quite kinky, your main problem is establishing to yourself your own sexual identify. These sexual games you play are only physical. What you have to discover is who do you fall in love with and spend your life with. When you have discovered that, then only will you discover your True Self. Checking your Face Feng Shui will allow me to have a confirmation. So make a personal appointment or wait till I start having interactive one to one consultation on the web. Till then, enjoy your life without harming yourself by promiscuous, unsafe sex OK?

Watch the video clip or listen to the song "I want to break free" by Freddy Mercury of Queen. This will reach the depths of your soul.

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