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Being an asthmatic and constantly having colds, bronchitis and catarrh, was always on one cough medicine or another when I was young. Being rather unhappy of the side effect of cough medicines which used to make me drowsy and sedated, my mother used to rely on a n old herbal remedy to help me loosen and expectorate (cough out) the phlegm that congested my lungs and bronchial tubes. Being able to cough out the phlegm would ease my asthmatic attacks and clean my lungs and aid the oxygen flow to the bronchioles and thus allow the lung infection to get cured.

I would like to share this effective and pleasant remedy with you so that you too can benefit from it.


Buddah Fruits - 2
Dried and Candied Dates - 10
Water - 1 litre


- Crack the Buddah Fruits

- Add the Buddah Fruits and dates to the Water and boil

- When the water is boiling, reduce the flame and simmer for half an hour


You can also cook this in a slow cooker for 1 2 hours.


Strain and drink often every day until the phlegm has cleared.


Always store the drink in the refrigerator and heat before drinking.


Do not have it unrefrigerated as fermentation will occur.

Seaweed Jelly

For beautiful and youthful skin, the Nyonya women of Penang highly recommend a jelly made of seaweed. This is definitely more advantageous than eating jelly made from other sources like petroleum or animal origin.


Seaweed - 200 grams
Sugar (White or Brown) - 200 grams
Flavouring like Pandan - 3 leaves (optional)
Water - 500 litres


- Add all the ingredients to the water

- Boil till the seaweed is totally dissolved

- Strain and cool


To make a Syrup for Drinks!


Seaweed - 200 grams

Sugar (White) - 400 grams

Rose Flavouring - 1 tsp

Red Food colouring


- Boil till the sugar and seaweed is dissolved

- Bottle and use 1 2 tbsp. to 1 glass of water


Ginger Tea

When you have a colic attack, suffer a sudden gastric attack or feel bloated and cannot find any medicine to ease the pain, I would like to recommend this simple and effective tea that will help you to expel wind and ease the pain.


Old ginger - 1 2 inches

Sugar (White or Brown) - 1 2 teaspoons (optional)

Water - 3 cups


- Wash and scrape off the ginger skin

- Gently crush the ginger

- Place it in the water with the sugar if you are using sugar

- Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 15 minutes.

Drink the infusion as hot as you can tolerate.


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