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The Wood Monkey Year


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We welcome the year of the Wood Monkey on the 22nd of January 2004 till 8th Feb 2005. Be prepared for a year of action, unconventional practices and breaking down of confining barriers. It is a year of stimulated change, wide global prospects in trade and affiliations with a tinge of hysteria.



The Year of the Monkey is a lucky year especially for business. It is a year of bountiful opportunities if you are prepared to tap into the Luck Bucket, irrespective of your animal sign.

This is a year of optimism and grandiose schemes, the danger is the practicality of it all because the Monkey Year can eventually prove to be short term and extravagant. Anyone and everyone will be caught in the euphoria but many will be left stunned and burnt at the end of it due to their own lack of intelligence, commonsense or foresight.


The stock market will be revved up erratic sentiments and speculative players. This can make it volatile, prone to short-term hit and run raiders. It will be riddled by rumors with no fundaments that can draw ignorant speculators who will turn it into a gambling pen. When the dust settles, the reality can be financial chaos for the individual as well as for the country.

This is a year for renewed confidence in leadership.

This is the year for eloquent politicians and diplomats. Their persuasive tongues will be lined with silver and many will fall under their charm. The US of A and our country will be presenting their talents this is the year for the Presidential and General Elections. Do not allow the cajoling Monkey make your head spin with promises that are impossible to be kept. Maintain a practical presence of mind.

 Signs indicate that a great leader will emerge in the land of the Blazing Sun, surrounded by water to bring calm and control in this restless heartland of our Earth. We will recognize him as the “Peace Maker? Around the world hands will be extended in peace and for greater economic stability. The year of the Monkey is a year of economic auspiciousness. Only those whose intentions are straightforward and honorable will achieve durable success. The Year of the Monkey has no time for those who wish to deal in intrigue, underhanded corruption and subversion. Open hearted, honest and noble spirits will be praised and supported.

One thing the Monkey year can promise you is the accelerating of trade, especially international trade.  The businesses that will flourish will be Petroleum, Gold, pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotechnology, rejuvenation, skin products, health, hospitality, language and speech therapy, entertainment especially music, marine linked industries, herbs, the leisure industry especially related to the sea like sailing, boating and cruise ships, alcoholic beverages especially wines, religious paraphernalia, import export, shipping and mystic arts.


The weather will be hot and fiery. Droughts will cause hardship and the farming industry will suffer. Seismic activities will be very active, mainly resulting in earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Los Angeles vicinity is the most volatile. 

At home and in matters of the heart, the Year of the Monkey will bring families together so that they can forge ahead in unity. Heads of families should take the lead and guide by example. Infidelities and clandestine adventures will be exposed. Treat everyone with honesty and fairness and you will gain the respect due to you. Be rebellious and stubborn and you will be an outcast. It is the year where Heads of Families should recognize their position and with it, their responsibility.

The Monkey year will be a glorious year where millionaires will be made and new leaders emerge. But the danger is that things are too heady with little long-term stability. You can make the most of it if your animal sign and element is compatible 

The wood element adds volatility to the already agitated mood of the Monkey year, as wood is highly combustible. The result can be beneficial when combined with Earth or Water but causes destruction when it meets metal. The fixed element of the Monkey is Metal. This in itself can bring about a conflict. In plain words, this is a year of contradictions.

As far as individual elements go, those born with strong Earth and Water Elements will overcome their problems even though they are in conflict with the Monkey Year.

As every year brings happiness to many and does give its share of problems to others, be positive in your outlook and find your path to harmony. Anyone can tap into the Luck of the Monkey Year, irrespective of their birth sign and it will bring them the 5 blessings of the Ancient Chinese: - Longevity, Virtuous Love, Vital Health, Wealth and a Natural Ending.