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Birth of Malaysia


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Malaysia will be seeing an age of new beginnings in her age of 46. Whereas the year of the Water Sheep encourages her to be flexible and enhance communications, the year of the Wood Monkey brings with it the need for active, aggressive, and wise trade and business ventures into new areas, and with new partners.

 Looking primarily at the ASEAN Region, it will be interesting to know the areas of compatibility each country can expect from the other, and their level of “luck?in this coming year.

9-8-65 (Wood Snake)
38 years old

 The Snake and Rooster do not always see eye to eye. The supercilious Snake is characteristically aloof, but she is calculative and will always seize a good opportunity when she sees it. So, if Malaysia provides opportunities, then the Snake will be tolerant. The relationship is built on this. Singapore is relatively lucky this year but she will be under stress in the year of the Monkey due to matters arising from Financial and Internal “Family?problems.


17-8-45 (Wood Rooster)
58 Years Old

 Malaysia and Indonesia do get along as they are both Roosters but the Fire element of Malaysia tends to ignite envy and conflict with the Wood element of Indonesia. Indonesia is moving into an erratic and unstable period. The year of the Wood Monkey will help to encourage business but her “house?is still not in order.

1238 (Year of the Horse)
765 years old

 Malaysia and Thailand make good friends and trading partners. Thailand’s energy stimulates Malaysia but her exuberance and restless ways always makes the cautious Rooster cluck in disapproval. The year of the Monkey will be good for Thailand especially in the area of fashion, beauty, creative arts, house décor and financial businesses.


4-7-46 (Fire Dog)
57 years old

 There is compatibility between the Dog and the Rooster but their Fire element can cause an explosion. The Dog is always looking for causes to fight for instead of being concerned about their well being and financial security. Though an alliance between the loyal Dog and progressive Rooster can be good, the year of the Water Sheep and Wood Monkey will see the Dog too busy making new alliances therefore neglecting the Rooster. The Philippines will be lucky in her ages of 57 but she has to be cautious not to be made use of.


1-1-84 (Wood Boar)
19 years old

 Young and contented, the Wood Boar is lucky. She is compatible with the Rooster and can help each other. They should foster closer ties with each other though Malaysia will take the lead with progressive ideas and futuristic vision. Brunei will have to be cautious in the year of the Monkey or she can be taken for a ride.


2-9-45 (Wood Rooster)
58 years old

 The Wood Rooster does get along with Malaysia, the Fire Rooster, but Fire can outdo Wood. Vietnam will be very lucky for the next 2 years and all will benefit from her. But the birthdate of Vietnam indicates continuous changes and this instability will raise caution in all dealings with her.


4-1-48 (Fire Boar)
55 years old

 The Boar and the Rooster have areas of compatibility. The Fire Boar is the most aggressive of all the Boars and he will be more energetic and less complacent. The Boar has resources to be explored but his age of 52 is not smooth and she can face financial problems or be let down due to broken promises and subversive under currents.


9-11-53 (Water Snake)
50 years old

 The Snake and the Rooster do not always see eye to eye and the Fire element can be doused by the Water element of Cambodia. So Malaysia should tread carefully when dealing with Cambodia as plans and deals can be easily extinguished.


 With the coming of the Monkey Year, the Rooster should be focused on business and industry. Her futuristic vision and ideas should hold her in good stead with her neighbours. As a whole, she does not have any strong opposing enemies among her neighbours and can live in peace.