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Birth of Malaysia


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Malaysia has a lucky birthdate ?31 August 1957. She is a double Rooster because she is born in the year of the Fire Rooster during the period of the Rooster and on the day of Uranus or Ether.

As far as personalities go, a Fire Rooster is dynamic, dauntless, over dramatic, erratic and temperamental. She is highly principled and single minded but more nervous, critical and suspicious than other Roosters. These qualities will make Malaysia a land that stimulates growth with far-sighted vision, great courage and perseverance, although she is constantly being stirred by mischievous gossip that causes isolation.

If likened to a person, Malaysia, the Rooster, has many positive traits, natural resources and is very talented but she has flaws that are disruptive. Her ability to look far into the future, to be able to grasp modern and revolutionary trends and techniques can thrust her far ahead, past her neighbours. But she is too impatient to excel and in her haste to get ahead and be acknowledged as successful and a leading Nation she stands at jeopardising her financial stability and her “Family?unity. She has the brilliant advantage of being an artful negotiator with natural charisma and inborn skills of public relations. But taking her birthday as a whole, she tends to seek her limelight by trying to be sensational and anti establishment to gain recognition rather than allow her true talents to speak for her. Likened to a person, she is just a cocky teenager compared to other matured countries of the world. But so like a teenager she tries to be outrageous, rebellious and undisciplined to grab attention.

The most dangerous characteristic this Rooster is born with is her love for playing politics and indulging in cloak and dagger games. This is dangerous and disruptive. There is a grave danger that she will be tempted to indulge in this too much in the year of the cunning Monkey and it will backfire, bringing about suspicion, breaking of partnerships, disunity and chaos in the year of the Rooster in 2005. It is always best if the Rooster plays her cards out front. But this is impossible. Her intrinsic character always gets the better of her.

On a big platform, like the world stage which she craves to perform on, Malaysia the Rooster is expansive, a do gooder, a righter of wrong, a humanitarian, the negotiator, the umpire of peace and fair play. But at home, on her own home turf she is insensitive to the basic needs of her people. She looks too far ahead and misses what is right under her nose. This leaves her open to be undermined by forces that wait for such a chance to sabotage.

To over come such problems she resorts to short cut measures and corruption but it only undermines her long term stability, growth and her position of respect which gives rise to subversive elements who will use it towards their own negative agenda.

These traits will be imbibed into its people and her leaders and influence her passage through time.

Her 46th birthday falls half in the year of the Water Sheep and from the 22nd of January 2004, in the year of the Wood Monkey. The period of the Water Sheep will be a period of relative calm and tolerance. The Element of Water will control the Fire of the birth element, but her age of 46 indicates new beginnings. New faces and trends will emerge to take her into a new course. New alliances and partnerships will encourage her to explore new routes. During the year of the Water Sheep, things will be calm and smooth flowing. But there is an under-current of a new force that is not entirely friendly that is churning under the surface. It will emerge or be set alight during the year of the Wood Monkey.

AFTA is already round the corner. Malaysia will have to be more competitive to gain an edge. Certain industries are favourable to Malaysia’s birthdate. She is lucky in anything to do with electronics, the wireless world, satellites, and biotechnology and advance medical research. She will be successful if she can use her natural resources in manufacturing. She can become a leader in futuristic farming and agriculture. Setting herself up as an Education hub for the region will also gain her respect and success. She should move away from traditional methods and archaic processes. She is a Nation of the Future. She should move in that direction.

Malaysia should not compete with other countries in the Fashion industry, as it is not in harmony with her birthday. Instead, she should develop new types of fabrics from rubber, lallang or tapioca root for example. She must look beyond convention. However, her leading Planet Uranus speaks of not only futuristic vision but also an empathy with antiquity and heritage. Using this in context with Fashion, it can be interpreted that we can do well if we explore and adopt our national heritage in fashion items and incorporate it in our designs and our fashion export items. For example the Nyonya Baba heritage with their rich and unique fashion and colour combinations can prove to be not only uniquely Malaysian, it can also portray the charming and harmonious blending of our cultures.


The age of 46 opens windows of opportunities. The cautious and conservative Rooster is reluctant to take on these new challenges but the fire in the Malaysian Rooster type will relish it otherwise it will be forced upon her in the year of the Wood Monkey.

The Rooster does well in the areas of electronics, communications, finances and also natural resources like plantations and farming if it adopts futuristic and avant guard techniques. She should be open to joint ventures on condition she has the majority control as the Rooster does not do well with Foreign Partners.

Trade and export will do better than the stock market and there is no room for speculation in it. It is the time to set new goals and fundamentals as new wisdom begins to form in the minds of people.

The year of the Monkey will bring with it the urgent need of inculcating good business sense and financial wisdom. People will be more concerned with proper financial management. The insurance and financial management businesses like Unit Trusts will grow. New import and export businesses will be developed although it will be competitive. It is a challenging period. Good business acumen coupled with impeccable National and International Public Relationship as well as flexibility in terms of trade will give the competitive edge which is the key to meeting the challenging year of the Wood Monkey. Old ways must be discarded or isolation in business will emerge. Tourism will fair better in the Monkey Year but it will need clearing her International image and offering more exciting tours like eco tourism or adventure tourism to attract the droves of tourist. Let’s face it, there are much better beaches with more exciting fringe benefits in other countries vying for the same Tourist dollar.

Business is politically driven in Malaysia. Political stability ensures “business as usual? Any changes make the economy insecure. The smooth transfer of power is of utmost importance for our economy to maintain a growth rate and a steady stock market index.
A new leadership is already determined, but new faces will also emerge. The year of the Sheep will be calm but the Monkey year will bring unrest in the political ?family? The circumstances indicate that our political position is precarious. The firm hold our Political Leaders had will slacken as the baton is passed. Mischievous and self-gratifying rivalry will disrupt ties. New alliances will be formed but will they be strong enough to with stand what has faced the test of time. Effort must be made to quell suspicion and rivalry. Egos will be ruffled. A strong hand is needed. Suspicion will disrupt alliances. The lack of money will leave many dissatisfied. The rift between the haves and the have nots will widen. This is a very dangerous situation as it provides a bed of unrest for subversive elements to cause political unrest. If this is allowed to happen, the year of 2005, the year of the Rooster will see a political crisis and even the possibility of Martial Law. How we ride this year of change will speak for the years that follow.

Directional Luck

Taking Kuala Lumpur as the centre, Malaysia will always be troubled by its states on the East, North-West and South-East. Special attention has to be given to these directions at all time.

During the year of the Water Sheep, the southerly direction will produce problems that need to be addressed.

In the year of the Monkey, the East and South West need more attention.


Malaysia is a country with a good birthdate. This is a good start. It will always have problems with its neighbours and foreign influences. Corruption, suspicion and subversive elements will always be its undermining factors and this needs to be controlled and kept in check if it is to prosper into a great nation. She will always be a forward thinking, attention clamouring Nation who desires to rub shoulders with the powers that be. She is impatient to be at par with developed Nations and have all the comforts and modernisation of advance societies but unless our fundamentals are sound it will only be piped dreams and plans that are our “follie de grandeur?or our folly of extravagance and grandiosity. We will get there but we must pay our dues first. We must strengthen our base. Unity and homogeny is key to our success. Opportunities will always be in abundance. Our desire to experiment, invent and look towards the future is our strength but we must not get ahead of ourselves. This is what will make Malaysia stand out in Asia and emerge as a model nation of the New Millennium.

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