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Malaysia is at the threshold of a new era of expansion. If one likens the horoscope of Malaysia to a person, she would be considered to be inventive, futuristic, visionary, restless, avant-garde, but also with a foot firmly steeped in history and antiquity. She would be impulsive, rebellious, anti-establishment, ready to break boundaries and venture into the unknown. Her alter ego is her nemesis ?suspicious, fanatical, superstitious, subversive, and neurotic. This cocktail of contradictory characteristics needs a firm and reassuring hand to guide and nurture her.

In good hands, Malaysia blossoms. In bad, she can be corrupted and volatile. At 48, Malaysia is still in her infancy. Her natural resources are bountiful, and the weather clement, with occasional disturbances usually caused by water and negative foreign catastrophes.

But one of her most powerful resources is her population, the amalgamation of old and advanced civilizations fused with the pride of forging a new mighty nation. The people must not be overlooked as they are the brains, blood and nerve fibers of Malaysia, imbibed with the energy of Malaysians horoscope. The people of Malaysia carry within them the traits of Malaysia’s Personality and this is their unifying factor. When Malaysia progresses, it is these people who fuels her progress. When she is attacked, it is them that feel the hurt.

This age of 48 will make apparent the force that is her People.

Now this capricious, conniving infant who is Malaysia, needs strong hands and firm discipline to mould her. In the hands of our present leadership, the synchronicity of planetary combination interestingly brings about the emergence of the force of Jupiter. Jupiter stands for law, order, benevolence, expansion and religion. This is the route Malaysia will take in her age of 48. This is the way towards progress and a new era of development. Although the year is pitted with obstacles for Malaysia, the leadership has the positive energy to steer her clear of these obstacles. Yes, secrets have been exposed and more will be uncovered to rid her of an inner rot. Neighbors and foreign elements will cause disruptions. But Neptune, which is the dominating force of this year 2005, and negative to Malaysia, is friendly to its leadership and their compatibility to the forces of Neptune can keep its negative effect minimized and under control, protecting Malaysia.

When Malaysia moves into the year 2006, she will be strengthened by her ever positive energy and then, she will be able to stand on her own two feet again. She will then be ready to stride successfully and confidently into her next glorious age of expansion and progress though her leadership may face many trials.

Her age of 48 this Merdeka, is the age when Malaysia brings order and discipline, priming her for expansion. Expansion can be seen in many sectors, but the most significant will be in education, personal development, human resource development and the ingraining of self-confidence in the People of Malaysia. Family Values and religion will be recognized as the subtle but enduring force that strengthens the fabric of a growing Nation such as ours and more emphasis will be put into this at all levels.

Law and enforcement will ensure that rules are adhered to and many will be engaged in this area. Education will be prioritized to bring Malaysians shoulder to shoulder with other modern societies. As it is, Malaysia has confidently thrust herself into the age of Technology far outstripping many nations in the use of Technology in everyday life and keeping abreast with news from all over the world. This desire to reach into the future is due to the influence of Uranus, which is her ruling planet. The influence of the leadership will encourage alliances and trade with foreign lands and Malaysian will be more liberal in her foreign policies.

The most profitable expansion and areas of most growth will be in agriculture, biotechnology, forestry and forestry products, mining, even tin and uranium; husbandry, construction, cement, education, research and development of new technology in health and rejuvenation, petroleum and shipping. She will maintain her expansion in communications and Internet technology, and with her new foreign policies, she will become a hub of wireless technology in the region. Finance, banking, and wealth management will see new emergence with growth in 2006. The stock market will stabilize with new regulations to minimize risk to investors and will be set to flourish by the time Malaysia turns 49.

The growth of inflation will also expand due to extravagance, high-risk investments and negative foreign effects like high fuel prices, currency fluctuations and dependency on imports. Malaysia, with her horoscope, is always negatively affected by foreign influences therefore should be prepared to protect herself against them through a stronger balance of trade, diplomacy and self sufficiency.

The age of 48 compels Malaysia to look inwards towards the individual. Her most valuable asset are her people and making each and every person literate, confident, God fearing, law abiding and proud to be a Malaysian is the criteria. As she turns 48, the spirit of honor and fair play will prevail to ensure a peaceful pathway to her progress. Long Live Malaysia!

About Madam Zorra:
Madam Zorra is a practicing Astrologer, Face Feng Shui Master, Tarot Card Reader and Gem Therapist. She has practiced in Europe, the USA and South East Asia. She is now living in Malaysia who conducts “Live?video broadband consultations and has a website