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?font color="#FFFF00">'I' as a single alphabet to identify 壮elf?is unique to the English language. That single alphabet embodies the total image of a person as he sees himself. 的?
could stand alone, unshackled by proceeding or ensuing words to demand privacy and space to grow or 的?
can crouch, curled like a ball amidst all the words seeking obscurity due to insecurity.

 When you expose your 選痴, you tell the world of your needs, your values and your self perception. 選? manifests your self-image.

 Looking at a written passage, when the 選?stands out, then the person has self-respect, self-pride and dignity. If the 選?is lost, then so is the person. The letter 選?is one of the most revealing letters of a persons?character, besides the letter 閃?and the capital letters of the persons name, when analyzing handwritings.

 Though the letter 選?has to be seen in context with the general handwriting, even on its own it can be a revelation of a character. No doubt the pressure, slant, choice of nibs and fullness or bareness of the written script does give the character-scope of a person, the 選?speaks of his desires, doubts and ambitions.

 It would be very beneficial to anyone to have a perception of another through his 選痴 so as to better understand him or her and ultimately to better communicate or handle him. It may also come as a surprise to you as to what your 選痴 reveal about yourself. This little knowledge can help a parent teacher or employer. Many sophisticated lawyers use experts in handwriting analysis for their Jury Selection where the simple 選?reveals a deal to the expert. Let痴 take a look at some of these examples.


 The straight forward cultured 選?needs little clarification. It is a simple yet clearly definitive statement of a presence to be respected and acknowledged. He wishes to be seen as he really is. He does not wish to hide himself or his feelings.

(Slant Backwards)

Such an 選?also speaks of a cultured and straightforward person but one who is a little reserved and cautious in his approach to others.


(Slant Forward)

This 選?wishes to communicate and to command your attention and participation.

This ornate pretentious 選?can actually mask a great deal of complexes and self doubt while overcompensating in an external show of greatness and exuberance.

Greed is clear in such extensive rolls and curls especially if the pressure is strong and a thick neb is used.

An angular base expresses resentment and unfulfilled desires. Disappointments have caused such a person to be bitter and aggressive.


A person who tends to mend his letters especially his 選痴 indicates an anxious person with a neurotic tendency. Due to a lack of confidence, he is fussy and not proud of himself. He has had his self-worth destroyed for some reason.

Angular top loops and a sharp base speak of aggression and a person who is self-righteous. He can do no wrong!


A full top loop and a curved base declare a warm heart and one who is comfortable with himself. He is outgoing, happy and ready to lend a helping hand.

Compressed loops and curves reveal a close-minded and biased person who has discriminations. It is emphasized if the pressure is light and the 選? is thin and long compared to his other words. It can also reveal loneliness and isolation due to his discriminatory ideas.


An open- looped, large, curved 選?reveals an open minded, co-operative and communicative person who is ready to listen to your point of view.


An 選?with a top and bottom stroke that touches the centre stem has a confident and independent spirit. He is cultured, focused and is clear thinking. He has self-pride and dislikes critism. Should the top and bottom bars separate from the main stem, it then emphasizes the whole personality making the person more conscious of himself or his position and his point of view. He has a defensive character and can be unreasonable because of this.

Discretion is the watchwords of such a person. He conceals his thoughts and emotions though he is not lacking in confidence. The more curled the lower loop, the more secretive is the person.

Such a person is seeking values from tradition or religion. Obedient and dutiful, such a person is afraid to break the laws of society or the country.

Such a person is happy but always on the defensive. This can be due to overtraining, dominating and exacting parents or unsympathetic schooling disciplines. He needs a lot of reassurance before he is at ease.

 A person is born with unique tendencies and characteristics but is eventually a product of his environment. This is revealed in his writing. If a person has a chance to develop to his true potential with loving and care from his parents and a safe, sympathetic place of learning he can be an asset to society. A rough hand makes a retaliatory person; a soft but firm touch, a balanced individual. Is your self-image one of balance?  Being rich or famous does not measure your self-image, it is how your perceive yourself that counts. How you rate your self-image is how those that matter rate you. It痴 all in the 的?



21 July 84

Confident, straight forward, correct in every way, Lynael has the classic form of 選? His 選?tends to be far from his preceding and ensuing words, indicating his desire for space to develop and the need for independence. Occasionally his 選?leans leftwards indicating a certain reserve or shyness. He has a well-chosen name and pseudonym 銑yanael?as he has the pride and boldness of a lion. His signature is too cluttered disclosing a person who is yet not focused on his future plans. He much clear his thoughts and train himself to instill a system so as to achieve his goals. He must not try to do too many things all at once.



21 December 59


Determined and ambitious, Toffee has to learn to be less dominating and a perfectionist. Very conscious of status and her position, she seeks absolute commitment from those around her and will be disappointed because few can comply with her demanding standard. This is seen from the way she writes her 選痴 which have very long upper and lower bars. This indicates her strong need for protection and security and makes her what she is.



25 April 88


Destiny has the classic 選? but it is lost in her letter, as it does not stand out to say, 鏑ook at me, look at what I can do? So whatever talent she has may go unnoticed as she lacks the boldness to push it forward to be recognized. So if she wishes to go ahead in the world of entertainment, she must build her self-confidence and demand notice.


30 March 72


Nadine writes her 選痴 with a cautionary beginning stroke that indicates a careful person who does not act on impulse or spontaneously. One would consider her to be a suspicious person who is wary of making mistakes or losing out in any way. She is defensive, secretive in nature who may never truly reveal what痴 really in her heart.


2 February 95


A light pressure and the use of a fine nib show an introverted person who is really shy though not necessarily secretive. Once she knows someone she opens up. Her 選痴 look like 銑痴 which indicates a desire to conceal. Underneath that shy exterior lies a volcano, which can erupt at the slightest provocation. Due to her timidity, her eruption may just be an overflowing of hot tears.


16 October 84


Iris has the curly 選?that hides within her script. She is exceedingly discreet, shy but loving. She feels she is not important enough to be noticed and chooses liaisons that conceal her true identity or feelings. She is not sure of her sensuality and is afraid to fall in love.


20 March 59


Andrea reveals her disappointment about her life and herself by the way she writes her 選痴. This could be due to her inability to be assertive and decisive. She should work on this. She is shy and unsure of herself. As she would like to embark on a new route in life and asked for my advise, I would advice her to take up a course in childcare or cooking as she now wishes to do something suitable for her character and compatible to her horoscope.


2 April 84


When a person writes his or her 前?in the lower case, it exposes his/her lack of self-esteem. She does not think of herself as important enough to be recognized. This is the saddest of cases because if a person has no self-pride, how can others respect her. Chiwawa has to work on this. She must change the way she writes her 選痴 and also ask herself why she feels the way she does. She has talent and is creative so developing her talents can help her build her self-esteem. Though she may think it chic or arty to write her 選痴 that way, it really camouflages her low self-image.


1 May 82


Rita is proud and sure of herself. She is ready to stand up for what she believes in and unafraid of a challenge. She is very conscious of herself and will always endeavor to look her best. She has a good sense of self-esteem and will not do anything to ruin her good name. Though she can be intolerant at times, she is able to conceal her true feelings rather than hurt others.

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