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Capital Clues


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Written Capital letters can give the strongest clue of a person’s character. It can be as revealing as the leading planet in an astrological chart. To decipher this secret can give you the key to understanding a person. It is as simply as ABC. But, the most revealing of all alphabets is the letter M, I and the capital letters of a person’s name as these letters are personal.

Of all these alphabets, the letter M has the most value as it consists of up and down and strokes and two arches. All these give great character insights. The first downward stroke emphasizes the Id of the person, the last, how perceives himself with regards to society and the middle stroke, the association to the person he is addressing ?You! The arches disclose his temperament and emotions.

If a cautionary or tail like stroke is at the beginning of the alphabet, it indicates a person who gets his thoughts focused, hesitates a little to sum up the situation, before committing. If the arches are well rounded, of the same height, with even downward strokes , then such person is in harmony with himself though he would exercise caution. He is reliable and generous although he may be more concerned about “self? before others.


Should the M be high and slim, but with rounded arches, then he will be more idealistic, protective and controlled in emotions. If the M appears taller and slimmer than the other capitals, then he may have a secretive nature, which shields his deeper emotions. He can seem withdrawn and distant but once under his care, he will protect you -or possess you- to eternity.


If the arches are replaced by sharp points, then a more no nonsense personality is clear. Such a person has no time for emotions. He prefers to deal with fact, ideas and action. If you wish to be on his side-give him results not excuses. He has no patience for delays and emotional outbursts only serves to irritate him.




As the first stroke represents the Id of a person, when the M begins with a very high stroke, then such a person has a high opinion of himself. He is either high born or has a superior attitude. He wishes to rub shoulders with high society or be seen with the rich and famous even though he himself may not measure up to them. This attitude can make him a person to be cautions of as he can be conniving and insincere as what he displays, is not his true self.

 When the last ending down stroke is the highest, then he is very conscious of society and is influenced by public opinion. Such a person can be intimidated by the society he mingles with and is an easy prey to fashion, trends and superficial social decorum.


Should the M’s have superfluous curls at the beginning and at the end, then a selfish and greedy attitude will govern his thoughts and action. He will not give of himself in spirit but in fact will sap you of your emotions as well as your processions. Traits of greed and avarice are indeed present in a person who writes his capital M’s this way though he may camouflage it with style, pomp or under the guise of a do-gooder.


 When the first upper stroke of M is excessively high and angular, an aggressive and dominating character accompanies his desires of empty ambitious. When the ending stroke of the capital M descends in a hard downward line to end lower than the first upward stroke then add tenacity and stubbornness to his or her character.


These little tell-take signs are present at every stroke of the pen but are glaring signs of individualistic characterisms when they are written in capitals. When the capital letters are balanced and equal in the main letter but seem to shout at you in the addressing, then it is not just a polite address but also a demand to be heard, and a call for attention. But if the capitals dominate in the signature, then the writer wishes to impress upon you his superiors presence or his own self-bloated ego.

 What you write is an imprint of your personality and essence of your soul for all to analyse if they wish to. It is amazing what you can reveal of yourself on just a tiny piece of paper. Now let us see what you have conveyed unwittingly to me in your letters.


 JR: 19-6-50


JR has a clean view of his capabilities and setbacks. He has drive and self-regard but it is clouded by unproductive imagination and unrealistic goals, as seen by his decorative “D?with a diminished “body? which can also indicate diminished hope. But his “Z?is strong and purposeful and reveals his tenacity to strive forward no matter what. What courage. Syabas! He must continue to strive onwards but has to be practical.


 Boom Bloom: 27-7-74


The lower zone always indicates physical needs and desires. The “Y?Boom Bloom writes (seen in his entire letter) shouts of unfulfillment, and frustration and anger. With Boom Bloom it could be that she is too demanding and has set goals that are too high. She is afraid to make mistakes as she is proud, so she builds a wall of defense around her. End result-dammed up frustration. She should break down her own walls and get on with life, taking the blows and the joy that come with it. So, if you want to Bloom, -Boom down that wall.


Ainul: 8-3-41


This traditional way of writing “Ts?and “Fs?indicates a person who strongly wishes to adhere to her upbringing, tradition and religion. She is compassionate, self-sacrificing and dutiful. But life plays tricks with her and she finds that real life is not what she has been brought up to expect. But she stoically adheres to her principals and hopes that she will be blessed. However nobles her values, I must urge Ainul to stand up for herself and demand her rightful place and property.


Taurean: 13-5-71

Joined thread like capitals with light pressure indicates a person who is alert, idealistic in aspirations but lacking enthusiasm. His or her physic energy is low and so is his sexual energy. Although Taurean can have lofty dreams and ambitious, he is reluctant to face the pressure and effort to accomplish it but will wade through life unnoticed, ending up a bitter, sarcastic idealist. This is the year for you to put your best food forward and size the luck that awaits you. However, when you are 33 your dreams can be reality but you must do away with your fatalistic attitude and take life by the throat. Don’t hesitate, be brave!


  LD: 22 Dec 89


The capital M of LD typifies the impatient, critical and clear vision of the sharp angled M’s as described in my script. As the second angle is higher, it shows that he always needs to be appreciated and is mindful of public opinion. His capital M shows that he is enthusiastic and is never short of new and often outrageous ideas. Unless he is willing to be patient, he will end up frustrated, as not many are ready to go along with his outlandish, though very forward thinking schemes.


The Special One: 8-11-89


The Special One reveals a generous and balanced logic that requires facts to form her judgment as seen in her W. She is sociable and energetic and is eager to be accepted and an appreciated. She works well when praised and can sink to despair when criticized or abolished. She is intelligent and very lively but needs to be focused to achieve her ambitious. She can be very successful in life and, she will always have Luck on her side.


Grace: 23-2-85


Grace has two characters as seen by the 2 ways she write her “Gs? In her deepest soul she is conservative, graceful and imaginative and gives way to fanciful and even erotic flights of imagination, but, in her daily life, she tries to portray a brisk, practical and efficient front. Both works. She should put business where it matters and be a complete woman when the time is right. Quite a provocative personality.


Winston: 17 February 1985


Winston is artistic but has the ability to be extremely organized mentally. His H has a decorative loop but is linked to his other letters in a graceful flow. He would do well in any field-even in music. Elvis Presley shares the same birth date. Though he may be a late starter and a loner, he will eventually achieve success and personal satisfaction if he chooses the right path. There is a slight neurosis in his writing but if he puts it to creative use he can turn the table on his drawbacks.


Karen: 28-9-67


In all her capitals Karen exhibits refinement and high values. Her cautionary pre-stroke in her M and the slender arches shows her emotionally protective nature. Her capital Z and S indicate her creativity and artistic talents. She may be fully occupied as a housewife but she will do it well. Bringing up her family with love and devotions and using all her creative talents to make her house a beautiful and comfortable home.


KY 1962: 27-2-62


KY 1962 exhibits a dual personality as noticed in the different ways she writes her capital Y. The Y with the sharp lower case indicates someone who does not channel her energy into something meaningful, while harboring some form of physical unfulfillment. Her other Y with the curved lower loop portrays a person who is calm, sociable and happy. But which is which? She appears to be happy and content but in actual fact she has pent up issues that need to be resolved or she may explode.


GK: 16 April 85


One of the most revealing capital formation when a person writes is with the letter A. GK has a unique way of forming her capital A. An A that forms a triangle with a backward stroke indicates someone who lacks confidence in whatever she does and has to double check herself all the time. She will then extend it to those she works with or associates with and needs to look over their shoulder to ensure that all is correct. If this carries on, it can develop into an Obsessive Compulsive Behavior (OCB) pattern. As she is young she can arrest this habit now and control it developing into a problem.


Elaine: 8-11-57


Elaine writes her Ps the same way in capitals or in the lower case. This formation is classically known as the “Dancers?formation as it shows rhythmical coordinated movement. Such a person is abrupt, hard working and tense and finds occasional release in this formation. In actual fact she is a generous and artistic person who is forced to push herself to the limits due to her own ambitions or a due to a deep inner insecurity .She should find release in music and dancing, but before that, she needs financial security.


Xingu: 4-4-59


The X in Xingu’s signature makes a statement that he is present and demands to be notice. The capital X in his pseudonym symbolizes an honest, uncompromising, straightforward, straight talking person who has no time to deal with non-nonsensical emotions. As long as your expectations need his, the will always have time for you but when your usefulness is spent, he can unceremoniously dump you. The choice of a pseudonym, which uses capitals X, Y, or Z, reveals a person who seeks immortality. It is very interesting that Xingu has chosen this name.


Alan: 18-12-75

 Capitals that should but do not close at the bottom and looks incomplete is a sign of laziness and carelessness. This does not say much for a person as it casts doubt on his willingness to make a wholehearted effort to complete a task, Alan needs to put serious attention to this small detail because it can make him very successful or prove to be his undoing.


Siew Fong: 20-4-90


Even at 14, Siew Fong reveals a refined and cultured character by the almost Grecian way she writes her capital E. She has a very responsive mind and always seeks to further cultivate it. She will do well in the artistic filed but must always remember to be practical and down to Earth in her quest for her happiness.


LTC: 10-8-90


LTC is a talented and ambitious person who has the ability to be successful and famous. She has a good style of rhythm and form and can put it to practical use. She has chosen a career in music and this will suite her very well because she has high standards and is extremely focused in her objectives as seen in her capital O. However, her J indicates a annoying frustration that can jeopardize he quest for fame and this could be due to her highly critical nature which begins with being critical of herself. She has to be more relaxed and enjoy her work. She must be unafraid to try new things and be prepared to face the ups and downs that her career choice will bring her. If her ego gets in the way then she will not go very far.

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