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Signs of Greatness


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Signs of Greatness

 The energy that flows through the pen replicates the power of your ambitions, confidence and creativity. It wields the energy that flows through you, expressing through strokes, curves and loops, all that you are capable of achieving. It can, likewise, divulge your weaknesses.

 Greatness comes in many forms to immortalize a person. As Shakespeare wrote “some are born great, some achieve greatness but others have greatness thrusted upon them.?/font>

 When one is aware of ones greatness, for example, those born to it, the expression of self-pride, power and perhaps conceit is manifested in superfluous curves and flourishes, as seen in the signatures of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. 

 The exaggerated flourishes characterize the grandeur and opulence they were accustomed to. Their majestic presence could actually be felt in their style. To duplicate this in a signature discloses the grandiose of ones desire.

 Achieving greatness needs the will of steel and remarkable courage. Known as the “Iron Duke? the Duke of Wellington displays this in his strong ascending strokes that leaned far forward like an army of advancing soldiers. The ‘W?in his signature also indicates a sense of form and the ability to organize. It stands apart from the rest of the firm joined letter disclosing his courage and self-sufficient nature.

 (Sample: Duke of Wellington)

 Calmness and patience are also attributes that can win greatness but nothing can replace tenacity and perseverance even in the face of adversity. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, the nemesis of the Iron Duke, exhibits this in his even, compact letters written in a plain hand but with a slight rise in the flow. However, the most remarkable characteristic is the strong, bold line that supported his whole signature.

 (Sample: Napoleon Bonaparte)


 This feature suggests a person who has a great sense of self-preservation and can work covertly with great thoroughness and perseverance, to support his ambitious schemes. This was a stubborn and tenacious person indeed.

 Greatness is also the acknowledgement of an unusual creative genius like William Shakespeare. His insight of human character be it greed, passion or weakness is insidious. Till today, his theatrical plots are reproduced and interpreted by various artistes and woven into modern day contexts be it in Musicals like West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet starring di Caprio.

(Sample: William Shakespeare)

 The uniqueness and strangeness of his signature conveys his originality from the way he writes his ‘W?to the way he forms the ‘H?in his surname. In the days when elaborate scripts use to be the norm, his signature would be considered as untidy, illegible and even crude. But the way his signature breaks at so many points characterizes a person who is intuitive and insightful, a person who understood the many strengths and weaknesses of Man. His ambition is displayed by the way his signature rises at the end. These are the marks of an extraordinary mind.

 Greatness grows in many fields of humanity, from the humility of Mother Theresa to the economic genius of Paul Getty or Lee Iococca. Greatness is not just about being rich but the acknowledgement of a superior will, a talent or an enduring spirit that rises a person above his weaknesses to attain success. Greatness knows no class, race or distinction. It is a tribute to Man’s spirit. Is it within you?



 Exceptional Creative talent is seen in his rounded letters. Thoroughness and courage is displayed in the strong understroke that underlines his signature. He is ambitious and passionate. His lack of self-confidence and procrastination is his draw back to achieving his greatness.



 Intelligent, energetic and a strong will is seen in the firm upright strokes and bold pressure of the pen. An unusual, even zany mind is revealed in the way the ‘i?is dotted. Success as a leader and orator is apparent. Impatience and a lack of clear focus can distract her from achieving her ambitions. (Note the crowding in the middle) So she has to pace herself and curb her weaknesses.



 Creative loops and curves display talents, while ambition is revealed in the rising stroke at the end. Unrealistic dreams and inconsistency must be controlled to secure success. This is seen in the irregular floating line and bloated circles in the signature. These circles can also indicate a person not brave enough to capture her dreams, she needs a great deal of goading.



 Independent, self-sufficient and daring is portrayed in the large capital letters and the gap. However, the exaggeration of the capitals can also indicate a cover-up due to lack of confidence, which can be self-destructive, and a block to achieving success.


At A Loss

Independent, dominating, with lofty ideals is seen in the rising strokes and emphasizes on the upper zones. Arches in the strokes reveal a person who seeks protection. This is so contrary to his character that is why he is at a loss! He must be unafraid to back-up his dreams and ideals to achieve his demands on life and of himself. He is also a proud and egotistical person who cannot take reject or failure. His insecurity is only temporary and he will be his sure himself again once his confidence returns as this person is made for success.



 Talented and idealism is portrayed in the extravagant capitals and upright strokes. But the way a line cancels the whole signature hints at a frustration that destroys the talent and exceptional intelligence. Working around this frustration is the path to greatness.



 Exceptional perception and intuition can make HMN pursue the arts where success can be achieved. The ‘painted?forms and gaps in the signature makes that statement but the way the ‘R’s gape at the bottom shows a lack of persistence or fickleness as does the wavering line. The sharp angles display impatience. These points must be addressed first before her unusual talents can emerge and be appreciated.



 Chloe hides her true talents with elaborate cover-ups of emotions. She must be more up-front and less evasive, concentrating on her goals in life rather than living in her fenced-up, make believe dreamland. Her signature shows this but the elaborate, superfluous flourishes over it contain her ability to achieve greatness.

25 June

 Self pride and a desire to be noticed is seen in the lower flourish of Spencer’s?signature. He is thorough and precise as seen in the little dot at the end of the signature. However, unless he becomes more open and less introverted, his talents will go unnoticed.


 Being too finicky and fussy about unnecessary details can distract Stevenraj from accomplishing or even beginning anything meaningful. To reach his dreams, he must be positive, confident and practical. An unusual mind with great possibilities is seen in his signature, but the flourishes, curves and superfluous dots and circles show a distracted mind.



 This is the signature of a daring, imaginative and unconventional person who is ready to plunge into any challenge. Ambitions can be achieved with fame and fortune following. It’s a matter of channeling the energy seen in this signature in the right direction rather than using it to become outlandish, provocative, flamboyant and an attention grabber.



This is a plain speaking, to-the-point person whose signature bears the marks of leadership and success. Creative with an avant-garde flair of the unusual, Yuki should use his abundant gut feeling and intuition to guide him. His ‘z?indicates his sense of taste and style while the gaps reveals his intuition. He hides nothing of himself as seen in his clear writing and it oozes confidence. He is on the road to greatness somehow in any area where he can use his creativity.



Constant, intuitive and demanding of notice, Ian displays a signature that puts “self?as priority. This is seen in his garland flow, emphasized middle zone and strong strokes especially with the capital ‘I?and the downward stroke of the loopless ‘g? He is calculative and precise and is ready for a challenging life. He will be successful as long as the right motivation is present in the job. However, he is best working on his own and has to be honest in his dealings.


 Madam Chua

 Madam Chua will always demand to be noticed and to be in control Energetic, kind, friendly and a lover of the good things in life, she realizes early that she has to be successful to achieve her desires and she is, as seen in the power of her script and voluminous loops and flourishes. However, to retain her position, she must know when to back down in arguments and confrontation and to know when enough is enough



 This out-going sociable person, is intuitive and will do well dealing with training and advising people. She is generous with her time and emotions and can be depended upon to get a job done. She has the signs of being successful and can achieve stability at an early age. She must learn to balance her life and not be excessive or she may miss out on enjoying life. Her upper loops, generous capitals and rising signature reveals all this.



Though Lalitha is shy, as seen by her compressed signature, she is able to be strict, methodical and precise. This coupled by her creativity and imagination can make her a reliable person who will be gentle and kind in her handling of people. This is a great asset in these days of crassness and insensitivity. She will be someone who people will seek for advise and understanding. She must overcome her shyness and reserve and let her gift shine through.



Refine, sensitive and vain, Saran is easily offended and hurt. He might be born to a rich family or is an only son.  He is immensely talented in the field of art and design and unless he is able to express his talents, he will be unfulfilled. On top of this, Saran takes great pride in his work and is very through and exact. These are ingredients of success and greatness. It’s a question of being practical and decisive and getting on with things rather than being ultra sensitive and self-conscious.


 Ety Ipoh

 Focusing on a career rather than matters of the heart will be more fulfilling for Ety. She is very concerned about her physical needs but unless she can achieve this on her own, she has to be subjected to the whim of others and become too dependent on others to provide it for her. She can achieve financial success but at a price too heavy for her emotions to handle.



 JM is born with a gift and is motivated by a strong desire to be rich and famous. Her signature, which looks like a piece of modern art, speaks volumes in its balance, style and fluid form. If she is an artist, she will achieve fame and recognition. She can also be a successful fashion designer, interior designer or architect.



 Ambition and creativity is seen in this writing, but this traditional person is too concerned by outward appearances to allow himself to achieve complete happiness. He should give his mind the freedom to reach the full limits of its creative potential and shed the strict restrains he puts on himself ?even on his sexuality, and live a full happy life. When he does, he can achieve his dreams and shed his complexes.


 Impatient, complex and easily agitated, Wendy has to learn calm before the can achieve her goals and ambitions in life. Energetic and aggressive, Wendy will do very well in any job that requires action and constant activity. She can achieve a name for herself in the areas of sports but if she is not a sportswoman, then she can do well in sports medicine or any services dealing with sports or even in the military field. The strokes of her signature are full of expansive energy and ambition but tends to cut itself in sharp downward strokes, displaying a deep frustration.


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