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Love is as elusive as a dream and as much an illusion as a mirage. Yet we pursue it like the crock of gold at the rainbows end and waste away into a pile of spent emotions when it is lost. When we have it, we betray it, when we don’t have it, we don’t have it, we lament. But do we actually have what it takes to make a success of love? Or are we destined to live through life loveless. Why is love so important? Well it’s the motivating thrust for procreation, which is the primary biological need of every living organism; but in humans, it seems to be magnified due to the rigors of society and religion. Therefore, let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be successful in love.

Although a good look at the palms in conjunction with the birth date can give us a clearer indication, handwriting, which subtly reveals character traits, together with a date of birth can indicate how a person can cope with love and marriage. This revelation can save many from making a blunder.


Sepia: 1st Aug 85

Love is more “give?than “get? Sepia is more “get?than give. Egoism is seen in her firm pressure and upright form. The person she loves has to be the backdrop for her personality and success. This means that she will consciously look for someone who is good-looking, successful, glamorous, rich or famous to emphasize her self-image. For that reason, she may be making a conscious choice of a mate who complements her ambitious dreams. Her writing clearly shows the prominence of the middle zone, which means that ‘self?and emotions are emphasized in her personality. This is a very feminine trait. Therefore, when she makes a choice, is it from the heart or from the mind? Will her calculated choice stand the test of loves?rocky path?

Sepia will have a rude shock one day because she will expect the perfect man to love her exclusively but she will be too wrapped up in her needs to realize that her man has his own needs too.

She can be successful in her career and in material things but in the area of love, she will learn many lessons before she wakes up to the facts of life.

The way she crosses her I’s reveal her need for comport and protection but the way she crosses her t’s and the firm downward strokes of her d’s and f’s shows that she will always want her way and can be uncompromising.

Unless there is more “give? than “get?in her relationships, love will be hard to hold on to for Sepia.


Tede: 18 Aug 62 

A mid-life crisis always points to a decision relating to marriage. For whatever reason, a time will come when the partner is less exciting and attractive and another person has come into the picture. Tede shows great passion and imagination in her rounded, balanced and energetic writing style. Her capital I’s and T’s show a self-protective and secretive nature. This could mean that any dissatisfaction she feels for her partner would have been well masked and rather that upset the apple cart, she will look for an outlet in a secret love affair. She has been discreet about it but now she has to make a decision because her conscience will not allow her to carry on in this deceit as she has been brought up in a traditional and perhaps even religious family as noted by her beginning address “Dear Madam Zorra? where balance is seen in her M’s and Y’s and biologically, women cannot carry on a physical relationship with two men at one time. Though a physical attraction can lure a woman to have passionate sex with a man, she cannot separate love from sex and she is bound to fall in love with the exciting lover. When that happens, problems begin.

 No wonder she is in conflict. My advice is to avoid a decision till she is past the age of 42, which is the age of emotional confusion and bad judgment for her. By 43, her common sense will return and she can view things more clearly. In fact, 43 is a lucky age for her and a long travel with a good ending is seen. Her view of live, love and marriage will become more realistic and stable then. However, because her age is so unlucky now, I fear that her husband will discover her infidelity and she may loose everything!


Chuan Cher: 28 Sept 77 

In both his English and Chinese signature, Chuan Cher bears the sign of the Dagger, which is a long, straight line that cuts the signature in two. This sign in a signature indicates a person who is unforgiving, vindictive, confrontational and uncompromising. This person will seek revenge even though he will pay dearly for it. This is dangerous for the one he possesses as his jealousy and pride cannot be placated. He may not be upfront in his actions, but may do it covertly.

He has an enhanced sense of “self?which makes him easily hurt and sensitive so he is readily aggravated by anyone who bruises his ego or self-pride. However, deep down, this bloated ego covers a lack of confidence and self-worth, which can drive him to self-destruction.

His biggest fear is the loss of his loved one and social status. His worst enemy is an addiction most probably to alcohol or gambling. He must be very careful during his ages of 27 and especially 28. He must control his pride and ego or he will be badly hurt and make unnecessary mistakes.


Juliet: 30 May 60 

Juliet is a romantic person who avoids reality. Her curly and loopy writing reveals this. Creative and artistic, she can be successful in anything she puts her mind to but she is handicapped by her lack of confidence and shyness as exhibited by her capital ‘I? Her lack of confidence and idealistic nature can make Juliet depend too much on others especially on those she falls in love with. When she is down in luck she can be easily influenced and led astray. 

Her forward sloping writing expresses her desire to connect with people around her but her shyness and lack of self-esteem prevents her and therefore she misses opportunities.

 Her large leftward sloping lower loops reveals that she fantasizes a lot about love and romance but is afraid to express her true desires. This suppression can bring about discontentment, which makes her feel a failure.

As she yearns for the ideal love and has a refined taste for the good things in life, she can pose unrealistic demands on herself. This can be self-defeating and she is undergoing this pain right now as her writing indicates her ladened heart as it lacks a happy flow and the alphabets are of varying sizes revealing inner conflict.

I would say that her worst years are over and she should put the past behind her. Her age of 39 was very troubling as is the age of 43 but when she reaches 44, a new stability especially in love will bring her peace and a new beginning, which she well deserves.


Kimberly: 3 April (early 40’s) 

Kimberly blames her looks as the hurdle to finding true love. But if looks are a problem, it can be easily overcome by make-up, grooming or surgery if need be. But it is ones attitude and character that are most difficult to overcome and this is what can douse the hottest passion and sincerest love. Her birth date and other give away signs in her script speaks of a domineering personality.

From her writing, it is obvious that Kimberly is intelligent as her writing flow, which reflects her thought process, is smooth and effortless.

What is interesting is her I’s which have a superfluous lower curve. This revels a desire to camouflage an inadequacy with an unnecessary and exaggerated flourish. This can indicate a character, which has developed a cover-up. This pseudo character can be arrogant, dominating and dictatorial. Underlying this abrasive character lays a gentle, loving heart, which can be easily broken.

Well, anyone who won’t correct her attitude and continues to be rigid and too authoritative, as seen in the loop less ‘It’s, can face old age alone. However, judging from the way her Y’s loop backwards, I’d say that Kimberly is very kind and affectionate, though somewhat lacking in maturity in matters of love, and any man will find her an ideal mate ?so Kimberly, soften up a little and wipe away your ‘battle-axe?exterior and give love a chance. 


Frustrated Lady: 13 Apr 55 

You are absolutely right about who has to come to terms with the other because “Frustrated Lady? you have one dynamic birth date which gives you a personality, which is difficult to control.

Your handwriting indicates a balanced, friendly, extroverted nature in its zones and slant. But your strong and confrontational character is expressed in your occasional printed script and low heavy ‘t?crossing.

There is passion and a great deal of energy in your writing flow. To put you in your place and control your excessive energy, you need a man with a strong character and a firm hand. Only then will you toe the line and respect him. Otherwise you can become a hen-pecking tyrant of a wife. So, maybe if you have been married for this long, you might have just met your match. Love is a constant battle of wills in your marriage, but honestly, hasn’t it been exciting.

With your energy you should be gainfully occupied ?a good job, your own interest etc. otherwise, with such intelligence, energy and style ?you could end up being neurotic and quarrelsome or even a bully as seen by the backward flourish of your ‘f?

Although the age of 49 is not the best of years for you, I am sure you will be able to overcome any of your problems due to your courage and practical nature as displayed by your capital ‘H?


 Murely: 16 Oct 76 

Murely has a ‘painted?or printed form of writing. This usually indicates an artistic and sensitive personality. Such a person is cautious and does not jump into the deep end. The way Murely forms his P’s indicates that he can be talented in some musical form although with his sense of timing and caution, he may also be an accountant.

His writing flow reveals a tense, nervous and insecure person who prefers to hide the truth rather than face the music. This can cause an emotional disaster especially now at his ages of 27 and 28. He will be attracted to ladies from another race as this satisfies his love for exotic things and if this is the case, and if he is in love with someone of another race, then his love life will not be smooth. 

To overcome his problems, he must come clean and face the music. Love will always prevail ?(what can I say, I am a confirmed romantic) and if he truly loves his lady friend and if she truly loves him, then they can have the combined energy to fight their problems through. This is indeed a true test through fire.

So, do not do anything in secret or on the sly. Be open about things. Be strong, brave and straightforward to all parties: parents and girl friend.


 Foo Seng Chuan: 17 Jan 71 

Foo’s signature reveals a person who is cautious, self-preserving and anxious about the future. His signature is a classic example of the ‘ARCHES?rhythm of writing. Unfortunately, his signature begins and ends with downward strokes, which indicate a depressive and procrastinating nature that will not take chances due to a lack of confidence.

However, his strokes are strong and firm indicating passion, and tenacity. Foo should therefore be unafraid to work hard and make firm moves to secure financial strength when the time is auspicious, which, by the way, is now. Success and a sound financial standing is the magic ingredient to overcome his insecurities and jealousy, which can threaten the serenity of his marriage.


There are many reasons why love misses a beat or stumbles. There is no one who should feel unlucky in love. Love is a compromise though some cynics think it’s barter, a trade off. But, whatever the pain we have to endure for love, when all is said and done we cannot be fulfilled without it. Besides that, many are afraid of loneliness in old age, as it is a frightening prospect no matter how well off financially a person may be.

Youth does make one careless and ‘nonchalant?about love. But, in the autumn years of life, without love, we will wake up to the bleak realization of the prospect of loneliness and it could be too late. So if love becomes difficult to find or if marriage hits a rock, do not just walk away. Find a way to bridge the rift as there is no surety that you will find that perfect love the next time which you have conjured up in your mind in your chase of that elusive illusion, that perfect LOVE.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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