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Signatures are one of the most interesting aspects of graphology. A signature on its own does not give you a complete portrait of a person. What it does, is to portray the image of how the author perceives himself or what he wants to present to the public of himself.

From very young, we practice and practice our own signature, waiting for the time when we attain the importance and authority to declare our individuality and affirmation of our self on a document. And now, if you look back at the way your signature developed through the years it would be a revelation of the history of your self-development.

Signature analysis does not however give you a complete picture of the person unless it is analyzed together with a script by the author. This is because the signature is a premeditated, predetermined cipher, whereas a written passage is a spontaneous flow. But if the normal handwriting and the signature have a similar rhythm and tone, then it can n judge that the person is straightforward with little to hides.

When you notice that the handwriting is totally different from the signature then it becomes a graphologists?dream (or nightmare) of deciphering who or what is the make-up of the real person.

Nowadays with the common use of cheques and the fear of forgery, handwriting has become more a tangle of indecipherable strokes. But it also indicates how complex and secretive people have become. Gone are the days when an ‘A?looks like an ‘A?and now a ‘G?can resemble anything you want it to. Are we being pushed into being deceptive about ourselves or is it ‘chic?to sign like an untraceable Wall Street broker?

It is also a study in itself to note the signature of married women. Nowadays married women either do not adopt a new signature as they wish to maintain their identity; or they incorporate their married surname into their own maiden name so as to cling onto some of their own identify while happy to belong to someone else. Then there are others who willingly shed their own surname in their signature like shedding a skin to adopt a brand-new one and with it a whole new person. It is a telltale sign of how happy or proud a woman is to be married. Many women will not adopt her new surname if she feels she has married beneath her status.

Then, it is also interesting to observe how a married woman signs her own name in connection with their new surname as it can show how happy or unhappy she is in the relationship. If she signs her new surname far away from her own name, then it indicates a wish to disassociate herself from her married identity. If she signs her new surname in an easy connected flow with her own name then it indicates her happiness and closeness to her husband.

Although signatures cannot fully describe a personality, it can give you incredible hints. Take the signature of Elvis Presley for example. The rising slant of his signature indicates an ambitious person. His capital letters are large and fully showing his self pride, his sense of self importance, his sensuality and creativity. But it is the leftward loop of his ‘y?that is most revealing. Such a loop indicates a tendency to be gloomy and depressive and reveals a person tends to be a loner. It also indicates a ‘suicidal tendency?




Michael Jackson is very much in the news now. The question is?did he or did he not do it. Looking at the signature, Michael has larger and faller upper loops. This indicates a person with a more spiritual nature. His loops are full and straight indicating determination and passion. When the signature has a canopy, it conveys a need for protection or a protective, nurturing inclination. There is a lot of drama and creativity in the writing and his lower loops are not straight. His whole signature appears to be reaching out to hold and to love. Though he may be weird to many, his signatures indicate a pure spirit! He wants only to love. However, right in the middle of his signature is another canopy and this can indicate that he has a little secret that he wishes to conceal. What is it?

When there is anger, frustration and a desire to eradicate oneself, a signature will reveal the anger by sharp jagged loops and formations and ending strokes that seem to cancel out the whole signature. This also reveals a lack of self-esteem and low self-image. Signatures are analyzed to check if they bring luck to a person, and if you analyzed such a signature, it would be considered the unluckiest type of signature to have. If you have such a signature, you should alter it immediately and then work to restore your low self-image and all your negative attitudes.

John Lennon’s signature with a strong initial stroke indicates someone who is constantly looking for advancement in his field of business and social standing or spiritual awareness. It is the signature of someone who is aggressive and has immense drive. His upward strokes are strong and straight and clearly show a straightforward and direct person.

Signatures that begin with very large capital letters that are exaggerated and stylized display a person who is flamboyant, extravagant and full of self-pride. Such a person wishes to be noticed and will go to great extent to get noticed. If the whole signature is very much larger than his normal script, then such a person is full of self-importance and wishes to make it known.

When capital letters are stylized and the whole signature is decorated with flourishes, then such a person is narcissistic and affected.

Illegible and complicated signatures reveals a vain person who considers himself superior to others. He can be pompous, standoffish and supercilious. If he has money, intellect or position to back it - then well and good. But if he is an empty braggart then he is in for a shock.

Small signatures just reek of a mousy person who seriously lacks confidence. But do not mistake ciphers for signatures or give a cipher as a signature as this would be incomplete as it is only a marking used by those who have loads of documents to go through. But some ciphers used as signatures can display signs of neurosis as it indicates that the person is using a mask to hide his true self. Employers take note. What does the signature of your trusted employee reveals?

This is the signature of a highly intelligent crook. The tell tale indicators are the backward pull of the cipher used as a signature. Though the cipher is obviously illegible as if to disguise its identity, the most outstanding feature is the invented ‘d?at the end of the cipher. The writers name ended in ‘d?but he signed with a ‘b?this is a clear mirror image of his true self. He indeed meant to deceive.

Signatures expose a multitude of characteristics to help understand and evaluate people we are in contact with. Signatures give an endorsement or it binds a contract. Knowing whom we are dealing with can be of a great help. When the signature is clear and attractive, it reveals a person who has integrity and self-pride. Such a signature is considered lucky and indicates an honorable person. An elaborate indecipherable scribble can indicate complexities of character that needs watching out for.

Handwriting Analysis

25 April 1956

At a glance the author reveals a demanding, impatient character that has little tolerance.

His capitals especially the I’s and P’s indicate a direct, assertive and a proud personality. He does not relate well to people and should work on his people skills if he wishes to get support or retain his staff. The strong under-score of his signature reveals that he demands notice and has a high opinion of himself. At sometime, he will want to be self-employed as it would suit him better. His is a factual person and accountancy or anything to do with medicine, petroleum or chemicals will suit him very well.

His writing indicates a healthy person; he may even be a sportsman of some kind even now. KL enjoys solitude at times and tends to be secretive.

Underneath all this, he is an old fashioned man who respects tradition, history and religious beliefs. This is analyzed by the way he writes his capital ‘I’s. He should do well in his business or career these two years.

4 October 1973

These doodles are reflective of a person who is trapped and trying to break loose from either tradition, a dead end job or family ties. She is a rebel.

Libra is a complex personality who may develop a neurosis if she cannot express her creativity or her personality. She cannot be confined but is afraid to venture out to experience life or realize her ambitions. She is creative and inventive. She needs to formulate goals and aim for them or she will end up a frustrated person.

She is looking for something worthwhile to do but is not realistic about what she wants. She is affected and has to come down to earth.

These are good years for her and she should get on with her life. She should communicate, revealing what’s in her soul to find the outlet for her frustrations and the avenue to attain recognition and fulfillment.

3 December 1962

This is the handwriting of someone who has got a breathing problem. The rhythm of her writing does not have a smooth flow. The flow or rhythm of penmanship not only depends on thought flow but also on breathing.

Although the script indicates a person with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, the root problem is her health.

Signatures are usually on the left hand corner, Girlie’s tight cipher in the right hand corners reveals a person who has suppressed herself and wishes to pass through life un-noticed

This is a great shame Girlie writes well and has gathered strength and endurance through her hardship. I hope Girlie will contact me personally as I can help her achieve a better and more fulfilling life.

9 June 1961

Maya is an intelligent person who needs to work to regain her confidence.

Her ‘p’s indicates that she always tries to please others and in doing so neglects herself.

She exhibits strength, energy and vitality in her script but it is not properly channeled. She is confident as shown by her capital ‘I’s so it is surprising why she has not gone and done something for herself while being a good Mum. She should embark on obtaining a certificate if she does not already have one.

Her birthday indicates that she should take up law and this can be done through external courses or via the Internet.

The way she wrote the word ‘isolated?reveals her plight. She is deprived of companionship with those of similar intellect. She can also be sexually deprived and dissatisfied as seen in many of her lower loops and she is too introverted to discuss this with her husband.

Don’t waste time Maya, go make a life for yourself!