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The brain has the capacity to hear and process 400 words a minute but most people speak between 135 to 175 words a minute. People use the leftover processing capacity of the brain to ponder. Some people use this to doodle. Doodling is not always because they are bored, but it becomes an avenue to express the sub-consciousness of the doodler.

A doodle in Old English refers to a dumb person, these indescribable incomprehensive connection of lines are now called doodles as they seem meaningless. But not so!

Whereas handwriting is a conscious form of communication, doodles are a sub-conscious flow of the mind through the pen. These seemingly nonsensical whirls, swirls dots and dashes all have a meaning and are the expression of desire, conflict or frustrations.

When a person is caught in a trap of some kind and sees no way out, in a moment of idleness or while listening to a speech or lecture, it is not unusual to see that his or her pen is possessed by an unseen force and begins to doodle.

Spirals, especially inwards expresses a captured soul. The tighter the spiral, the more difficult he sees his position and the more hopeless the escape.

Arrows are very interesting. They can mean a determined mind that wishes to reach his mark. If the arrow is angular and sharp, the target is something or importance to his physical needs. It could be a goal he has set for himself or a person he whishes to confront. Should the arrow be flowing or artistically decorated, then it surely indicates an affair of the heart or of passion which he or she is aiming at.

Strangely many people doodle arrows. Even though Steve Martin has a comical crooked arrow, it nonetheless is an arrow that wishes to hit a mark. Nawal Nehru the Indian Prime Minister who was at the helm of India during her Independence and the partition with Pakistan had a habit of drawing arrows. It was obvious what was laid heavily on his mind.

Squares reveal a necessity to confine, maintain or achieve order and discipline. A newly appointed CEO of a company kept on drawing square within squares. His biggest task when he took on his new portfolio was to control the various Executives under his charge who were undisciplined, independent and lacked of the overseeing of a central management. As all the Executives were successful, talented and well educated individuals, he foresaw his task to be rather arduous. This weighed heavily on his mind as he sought solutions. He expressed his emotional and mental dilemma through his doodles.

Doodles of random squares are also an indication of a person who has lost control of his life, finances or his family. It expresses his desire to get things under control.

Squares also reveal someone who has a dire secret to hide. He wishes to confine these secrets thoughts or desires in a box. Sometimes he doodles another set of doodles in these boxes revealing the intricacies of his inner mind.

Hearts are another let up on what is under the skin or shall we say, what’s in the heart. It can be the revelation of someone in love or one who wishes to expose his true feelings. The doodles may develop with an arrow piercing the heart with drops of blood showing the sorrow that’s within. Or it can be a string of hearts soaring up the page to express a joyous flow of new love.

Sometimes doodles express a desire or a wish. It can even express the craving of someone for something the psyche needs. Kim Basingers?doodles of flowers can be interpreted as a need for rest and recuperation in a quiet country environment where she will have time to stop and smell the flowers.

Many people draw caricatures or faces. This is very interesting as it expresses the search of ones?identity or image. Al Pacino draws a caricature of a funny man, but this talented actor always plays the role of gangster, tough cop or a sinister person. Is he trying to show the really funny nice guy he really is?




Not many people will draw snakes.
Sarah Ferguson draws a coiled up snake with its?head raised as if ready to strike. This is indeed very revealing. Snakes are normally an aggressive or frightening animal to us. Drawing one either reveals a fear of attack or that a person is ready to attack. I would not mess around with someone who doodles snakes!







Psychiatrists always seem to pin down mans?obsession with sexual complexes as the root of many problems. Paul Hefner of Playboy magazine once wrote that a man thinks of sex or is reminded of sex every 3 minutes. In doodles, what seems like an orifice or resembles a phallic symbol can be the expression of a sexual nature.

Wavy lines wandering along a page indicate a desire to move on, but the direction is not as yet clear. But there is no doubt about what is in the mind of someone whose doodles consists of a ($)Dollar Sign. However, it may mean the he is in need of money or that he or she is focused on making money.

Doodles have always been an expression of the inner mind. Presidents or scholars will doodle. Even the doodle of President John F. Kennedy are stored in secret files and only released to close family members. Many great men began each moving theories or great masterpieces with doodles. Einstein would not have hit on the theory of E=mc2 had it not been for his doodling or for that matter, Picasso may not have painted his great depiction of Don Quixote had it not begun with an aimless doodle.

Doodles are now evolving into art. Many graphic artist use doodles to enrich their work and logo creators are left to doodle on certain alphabets and symbols to produce creative yet symbolic logos.

So if you find that you have a tendency to doodle and are curious and interested to find out what you are trying to express in your doodling, do send me your sample together with your pseudonym and date of birth. As a parting thought:

There was a young man who drew oodles
of creatures from platypi to poodles.
When friends asked him what
helped him keep his mouth shut,
He replied "I don't talk if I doodles"


It is very obvious that Hamish writes with varying slants. The upper paragraph has a more upright form but the lower paragraph has subconsciously adopted a more rightward or forward Yang slant.

This is normally apparent with someone who has a conflict with his personality. Sometimes he is forward and an extrovert and at other times he is withdrawn and becomes introverted and aloof.

In relationships of any kind, this can be confusing to the other party. For this reason, he has a problem connecting with people. They just don’t know where they stand with him. He blows hot and cold.

Living in a Social environment, man has to learn to inter-relate. Society is not formed for introverts and loners. Introverts will end up with complex personal problems otherwise. Effort has to be made to be congenial and communicative in certain environments, for example in the office, which provides the bread and butter of existence. How you wish to live on your full time is your prerogative.

But “no man is an island unto himself?so we do need people for friendship, love and just to relate to and exchange views. Do not give in to your introverted nature. Make an effort to network or mingle. Search for someone to connect to.

The way you dot your ‘I’s indicate a desire to suppress yourself. The way you write your capital ‘I?shows confidence and the ability to work independently with courage and focus. So you do have very positive traits that are apparent in your writing.

Capitalize on these while you learn to stabilize your social behavior patterns.


It is very normal for a person to have different types of handwritings depending on his moods and emotions.

Different handwritings also reveal the way he reacts while under the pressure of his emotional stress. Some become withdrawn and dangerously cold which others become volatile.
Z043 will tend to be emotional, excitable and may become aggressive in words or actions as seen in her 2nd sample. In this script, her writing slants forward as if to reach out to stress her point or slap someone.

Her birth date indicates that she can be a perfectionist. Analyzing this with her handwriting in both samples, it can be deduced that Z043 is frustrated and stresses herself out by seeking an unattainable perfection from those around her, as she is a perfectionist.

Her upper and lower zones in both samples are suppressed, thus making her middle or ‘self?zones dominant. This points to a self-centered, egotistical person who will not concede or admit she is wrong. There is no end of unhappiness this attitude can bring to a person. If there is a sure way to drive away love and cooperation, this is definitely it. Maybe Z043 needs to ask herself if this is the root of her problems.

As to her future, because Z043 displays creativity and an active mind in her handwriting in the way she crosses her ‘t’s and the curls she adds to her ‘S’s and the top loops of her ‘d’s, she should channel her excess energy into something creative and she will find not only a relief of her bunched up emotions but also make a name for herself through it. Her talents may lie in the arts, writing, gardening, flower arrangement, home decoration, architecture or even ballroom dancing.

Z043 should relax a little and be less obsessive. She should exercise tolerance and be flexible. She should not try to rule by force but by tenderness. But it begins with oneself. If Z043 is not a happy or fulfilled person, she cannot nurture a happy family. So relax a bit Z043 and enjoy life a little.

C.C. Lee

C.C.Lee has what is called in graphology a ‘pastose?or pasty writing. This relates to the choice of nibs he feels reflects his character and the pressure he exerts in his strokes.

Such a script reveals a tactile, undisciplined and ‘earthy?type of personality. Loving food, drinks and the pleasures of the flesh, he can be indolent and laid back except in matters that interest him.

Kind and generous he is ever ready to help anyone and may suffer when his generosity is abused.

Easily despondent and depressive when faced with failure and deceit, he has to learn to be less magnanimous in love and with his belongings.

His loose spacing and hurried style shows a person with a temper and an ego that is easily ruffled. He desires respect and the outward show of acknowledgement of himself. Hating interferences from others, he can become very possessive in love.

He works by inspiration and loves beauty in every form.

His downside is his pessimistic and depressive nature that can override his joviality when he is troubled in love or finances. He thinks in big terms and is very expansive in his desires and ambitions. Though he can become very rich, his failure will be due to over expansion or over indulgence.

He has a tendency to be overweight.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.
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