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Handwriting analysis has been used as a science in various criminal investigations. The most notable is that of finding the identity of Jack the Ripper, the notorious murderer of numerous prostitutes in the East End of London in the 1880’s. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes writes extensively about it in his novels primarily because he was a pupil and assistant of Dr. Joseph Bell, a Forensic Expert working for Scotland Yard.

3 suspects were finally short-listed, and with the use of handwriting analysis a Mr. Druitt, a fine looking gentleman who was a Barrister, was considered the most likely. Word that he was the chief suspect must have leaked out and before he was arrested, he was found floating on The Thames. Following the suicide of Mr. Druirr, the gruesome murders ended.

Today handwriting analysis is still being used to assist investigations of various types but other advanced techniques are being used, like Electro-static Identification, which can identify the origin of the paper and also the ink and pens that were employed, making handwriting analysis important in C.S.I. or Criminal Scene Investigations.

Even in the rules of Etiquette, it is perceived to be good manners and upbringing to write and sign invitations, gift cards and especially applications for jobs and requests for favours and privileges. Most schools expect a handwritten request for absentia and job advertisements stipulate a handwritten application. Besides good etiquette, it also provides the reviewer a personality insight of the candidate, as handwritings are as individual as a persons?face.

Handwriting size, formation and balance are some of the ways to detect character. Although we have been schooled en masse, we eventually evolve a personal style, preference for certain ink colours, pens and even nibs. The basic step in analysis is to evaluate a person’s inner harmony and driving force. It is this primary emotional make-up that determines his or her actions and attitudes.

Handwriting is viewed as having 3 zones. This is best noticed when analyzing the way a person forms the letter “f?

The upper zone reveals intellect and the spiritual self. The middle zone emotions, practicality and self-perception. The lower zone exposes sexual needs and desires as well as material importance to the person.

The ideal is when the 3 zones are equal, balanced and well formed.

When the upper zone stands out as being the most dominant then the person is imaginative, ambitious and confident. He is enthusiastic, spiritually conscious and generous, especially if the loops are full.

If the upper zone is stunted and diminishing in size in comparison to the other 3 zones then such a person is modest to the point of lacking in self-esteem and confidence, with a lack of spiritual values and ethics. Though he may be considered as a realistic person, when faced with challenging opportunities, he will take the road of caution and therefore miss out.

Exaggerated upper zones indicate a pretentious and power seeking character who can lack objectivity and focus.

When the middle zone stands out as being the most obvious, such a person can be perceived as being self-concerned, presumptuous and conceited though they are self-assured and socially responsive. They are by large too self-involved and will put themselves and their needs above others. Such seemingly naďve handwritings are usually seen in the scripts of teenagers who have not as yet attained a balanced view of reality and are very subjective in all actions and reactions. Self is their priority.

When the lower zone is dominant then sexual instincts and materialistic desires dominates his actions.

As there are more lower zone scripts, there more to analyse and explore. The fullness on lack of it, the slope and completion of loops all tell a little story. Basically, if the lower zone is proportionate, then a balanced sexual and materialistic drive is present, giving the person a balanced personality and not a sexless, unambitious individual who drifts along without goals and personal fulfillment.

If the lower zone is exaggerated and dominating then such a person will be over indulgent sexually and can use sex as a tool to attain materialistic rewards.

Should the loops be full, than the persons?sexual drive and fantasy can be on overdrive. The fuller the loop, the greater the drive.

Long thin loops show a materialistic bent with a great desire to amass material success for his self-gratification and security which can over-shadow his spiritual needs and make him too money minded and greedy. Such a driving force robs a person of enjoying life and freedom, though it can make him practical and enforce him with a strong sense of perseverance.

Long thin loops reveal sexual indifference and petty mindedness.

An exaggeratedly large and fanciful lower zone with loops that stray too far below, so as to invade other words, speak of an unrealistic though imaginative and intelligent personality who is rich in fantasy and expansive in love.

Handwriting that is devoid of or lacking a lower zone speaks of a person who has a low sense of self-preservation and sexual strength or confidence, and therefore will not extend himself to explore his full potential.

Even though your handwriting does reveal hidden characteristics, you cannot change it. However, the choice of nibs and pens can improve the script but what is in the fiber of the person will be revealed in the written words. Handwritings do change and this is caused by maturity and self-change.



Sample 1: “Failure?br> 9 Mar 1987

It is a great shame that this person has such a low opinion of herself as her birthdate shows great potential. Her handwriting reveals a predominant middle zone. As mentioned in my analyses, this indicates a person who does not as yet have a balanced view of reality. She is subjective and feels that she is a failure because she has not achieved her goals and has not as yet gained her recognition. This handwriting type is usually a feminine feature and indicates an emotional person.

The way she writes her “ys?and “gs?indicates a person who has still not found her confidence and is still a follower though her birthdate indicates an assertive and ambitious person. Therefore, “FAILURE?is feeling like a low achiever purely because she still does not know what she wants and has not as yet found her self-confidence. Experience and maturity will solve her problems and doubts.

Her low crossing “ts?indicates a timid person which could be due to her age, parental supervision or strict upbringing which forces her to conform much to the contrary of her birthdate which speaks of independence, daring and courage. This is the reason for her lack of confidence and even a lack of concentration in her studies. Her parents should understand her nature and allow her some independence of movement and thought. Such a person, if subjected to too much control will eventually rebel.

Another interesting point in her handwriting is the occasional absence of the dots on her “i”s. This can be interpreted as carelessness, laziness or even a lack of concentration. This is an unforgivable trait especially in one so young who already has a problem in her studies. FAILURE has to buck up or she may just be bucked out and that could her name choice a realization

Sample 2: Goddessensationalisme
11 Nov 1969

As with her name, this person is constantly putting on an act. She is highly imaginative and full of fantasy. Artistic and creative, such a person should be more down to Earth and realistic to achieve success.

She will face a lot of problems in finding a suitable partner in love and marriage as she has a preconceived romantic notion of the person who she thinks is deserving of her. Idealistic and ambitious, she will do well in the arts but must make sure that her ideas are practical and that she keeps focused.

The middle zone is dominant indicating eccentricity and even conceit. She is extremely emotional and indicates that she is affectionate, gentle and loving but lacks emotional maturity as seen in her “y?and “g?loops. Above all, these loops points towards a painfully shy character.

This characteristic makes you understand why she has adopted such a script as she uses this to compensate for her shyness but yet craves attention and most important, love.

The way she dots her “i”s with a slash shows a keen sense of observation and a sticker for details. As the slash is pressing low on the top of the word reveals an intensity about details to the extent of being fussy.

Sample 3: Dave
15 Dec 1964

Dave’s handwriting shows a diminished upper zone. This indicates that he is modest, self-reliant and is more focused on self gratification and materialists pursuits. He is lucky but is not really ambitious.

His lower zone is prominent and his lower loops of “ys?show that he lives in a world of erotic fantasies and is hesitant to reveal them.

His rounded lower loops in his “gs?show that he is economical and financial matters take precedence in his life. Such loops in “gs?are called the “money pouch?and indicates that such a person finds security in saving his money.

The way he joins his “t?crossings with the next word, like “th?or “tr? shows a quick and agile wit, which is quick to grasp an opportunity.

Another clue to his personality is the low dots of his “i". This shows that he is restrained and shy and need to build up his self-confidence so as to achieve his dreams and financial ambitions.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.
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