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The Art of Handwriting Analysis or Graphology has been raised to a science, which is recognized even by the Courts of Law as being individualistic and unique. For this reason, when taken into account in predictions, together with the date of birth, the result can give you further insight to a personís character or make-up. Quite right to as handwritings are instantly recognized by family, friends and collogues. As it flows from the mind to express persons?thoughts, it paints a portrait of the individual. With time and due observation, experts have begun to analyse and decipher character, state of mind, inner qualities and at times, illnesses, that a person may be suffering from.

The Science of Prediction is usually based on the date of birth; however, millions are born on the same day and even on the same time, and therefore, a very personalized input emphasisís the individuality of a person.  It could be the palms, facial features, and to add to it, his or her handwriting

If any form of diagnosis is to be confirmed as accurate, more than one input of information must be presented. For example, after a personal check-up, a doctor will always want another form of counter analysis e.g. a blood test, an X-ray or ECG, to definitely pronounce an illness, so as to advise on the procure to cure the illness

In any serious form of prediction, more than one cross check will ensure accuracy. Without this, pronouncements are suspect and can be deemed to be careless and irresponsible. A client who totally trusts a predictor can therefore be given an incorrect analysis, which may cause emotional stress and personal upheavals.

For this reason, a responsible predictor who is called upon to give a reading will have to incorporate as many personalized details of the person whose birthday he is analyzing. In the absence of palm prints, which is the most accurate personalized extension of a person, a photograph can suffice. However a picture alone may miss certain nuances of a personís character or deeper alter ego. But if it is accompanied by a handwriting sample, then, the reading can be more precise.

Anyone can benefit from the knowledge of graphology, be it a mother wishing for a better connection with her child, an employer with his employees, or a lover with his loved one.

Handwriting analysis can reveal the emotions, character and even the honesty of the person. By looking at a sample of a personís handwriting, one can instantly make an important impression. This is called the ďflow?of the handwriting.



Picture 1: Childish

This portrays a childish innocence. The words cling to the lines and the flow is uninterrupted and rigid as if the writer dependent on the support of another person. If this is the handwriting of an adult, it indicates that such a person is under the control of another person and does not express free will.



Picture 2: Impatient

Here we see an obviously impatient and irritable nature. The words lean forward, the Ďtís are crossed with long slashes and the formation of curves and loops are sharp.
When we co-relate handwriting to birthdates, we can perceive a more accurate assessment of the person, and even predict how he or she handles crisis, responsibilities, or opportunities when they present themselves. This knowledge would be a great advantage to a Human Resource Manager or even a Teacher.



Handwriting Analysis

Analysis Sample 1: May

The most notable features in this handwriting are the clear open circles in the Oís, the Aís and the Dís. This indicates a generous and openhearted personality who is ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. This also indicates a trusting person who can be taken advantage of. The curves and curls in the letter show a creative tendency, as does the continuous breaks in a word as if the person is waiting for an inspiration to continue. Many people wrongly interpret these breaks as an indication that the person will not finish what he or she begins or that the person cannot concentrate but this is not the case. Her low crossing of the Tís reveals a lack of force and determination and this may cause her to lose interest and therefore deteriorate in her studies. 

Her birth date indicates that she is a creative person and confirms that she is a romantic who gives in to too much to daydreaming rather than to cotton down to the reality that only effort can produce results. But as is with creative persons, unless they are passionate with something, they will not put their heart and soul into it. May should seek her passion so as to reach her full potential.



Analysis Sample 2: Patmah

The slope of handwritings can accurately reveal the confidence level of a person. An upright handwriting shows confidence and balance. A forward sloping handwriting reveals ambition, a desire to reach out, but it can also indicate impatience. In this sample, the slope is leaning backwards and this points to a lack of self-confidence. To compound it, Patmah has a frugal, tiny script. This points to a person with low self-worth. Even her request not to publish her photograph shows her desire to be inconspicuous and anonymous although she desires to find out more about herself.

 As her birth date speaks of a love of beauty and beautiful things, her lack of self-esteem may be due to the fact that she does not consider herself to be pretty or that someone in her family or close circle of friends have said so. Such a cruel remark may have been made worse if she had been compared to another sister, relative or friend. Many of our deepest sensitivities can find their roots in careless and cruel remarks such as this.

 There is creativity in Patmahs?handwriting, and if she can explore her talents and enhance them, be it painting, interior or fashion designing, she could make a success and earn a fortune from it, even though she may want to shunt the spotlight. Her birthdate indicates that she can become rich.



Analysis Sample 3: A1611

The bold and flourishing capital letters shows a character that needs space, independence and attention. She is flamboyant and daring but may not be matured enough to face the reality of life (this is seen in the smiling face caricature).

 Fun loving and ambitious, A1611 has to be warned against indiscreet love affairs and a tendency to live dangerously! The lower loops of her Ďyís and the slant of her below the line formations indicates this. And when we analyse this against her date of birth, we must advise her to avoid gambling and alcohol, as she can be addicted to it. Sex is a tool she may use to gain an advantage for herself but it can cause her to have problems like diseases or an unwanted pregnancies. Her desire for love and affection may be confused with lust and this may cause her to make mistakes in her early ages. Her ages of 24 & 25 were rocky but at the ages of 26 & 27, she is going to experience success. Good Luck A1611.



Analysis Sample 4: Sal

It is unusual to see a handwritten passage entirely in capital letters. There is a great deal of helplessness seen in this letter. It shows an extremely emotional person who is desperately looking for independence and stability in life. The flow indicates a person who is seeking for attention because she is alone and desperate. Handwritings can change and if Sal were to write to me again after she has found clearer directions, the flow would be smoother and less disjointed. 

There is ambition and dependability seen, but the pressure exerted in the strokes show the amount of stress that she is undergoing at present. By the end of this year, things will be less difficult for her and she can attain her stability. She may have to wait till the age of 43 before her full ambitions will be achieved.

 She should wear more purple to enhance her aura and enforce her flagging self-confidence. And Sal, if you have achieved bringing up happy and beautiful children, then you should take great pride in that because it reflects your own goodness and skillful motherly nurturing. That in itself is such a great achievement.


If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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