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Soul Rhythms


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There is a rhythm pulsing deep within your soul that conducts the flow of your song of words.

One distinct rhythm goes in a garland of letters like this: -

 Another has as higher reach like this: - 

 And others are disjoined like this: - 

The rhythms reflects the passion or harmony of your soul or it can be an outcry of disdain.



When we first begin to write, we print individual letters displaying a conscious effort to form every individual word. This continues till we begin to relax and a connected script develops.

 It is, however, noticed from the many letters I have received that many teenagers and some who are even in their twenties continue to maintain a printed style. Research indicates that the electro-encephalographic (brain) patterns influences our temperament, experience and our writing rhythm. Although what is important is a happy rhythm and an evenly formed script, printed letters are a result of  “visualize, conceptual learning” like recognizing  a p p l e  as being apple rather than learning the alphabets phonetically. A= aaah: b= beh.etc.

 Children learning in this method have a more acute visual awareness of things. They also develop a sense of spatial awareness. Although this printed form is normally the mark of an artist, it may not always be so. Such people become more individualistic, and conscious of “their” space and surroundings earlier in life. They have a greater sense of the order of things and are less emotionally motivated. They have a natural sense of timing, and a gift for demonstration or presentation. As each word is printed, they pre-think their writing form. Giving them time to formulate their thoughts and thereby become more cautious. Such is the evolution of our next generation.

When their happy flow distorts into uneven letters, strokes, spacing, pressure and slopes, then conflict is indicated. 

Anonymous: 14-2-87

 Here Anonymous indicates a nervous and impatient disposition by the lack of loop, and the sharp edges and uneven slopes. He lacks focus because he wants to do too many things at one time. He would not be successful in a sedentary job as he needs to move around to use up his nervous energy. Like his unfinished words, he must see each project through to earn the success and recognition he so badly needs. He will be good in sales and any job that deals with finances.



Garlands are formed when the letters are connected at the base. Garlanded writing reveals a romantic, expressive and emotional disposition. They are easily influenced, as they tend to be gullible. They are co operative and at easy with their surroundings. They prefer to be like by everyone and therefore they tend to be less competitive.


Hope: Dec 14,1954

This is a copybook garland style. Though on the surface Hope indicates all the qualities of the “Garland” person, the stylized writing with the choice of a thick nib disguises suppressed emotions. Hemmed in by tradition, convention or religion, Hope has to suppressed his dreams and desires and pretends to be living a full life. He has talent, self-pride and creativity but he has taken the path of least resistance and is thus dissatisfied with his lot.

 The deeper the garlands are, the more intense, contemplative and reserve the person is.


Green Eleven: 1 Nov 1984

Though Green Eleven is expressive and emotional, she is more intense and introverted. She is critical and can harbour resentment towards others without expressing them. This can cause her to become depressed and lonely. She should learn to speak her mind, but with tact, rather than bottle things up and explode when it gets beyond the limits of her young endurance. She should correct situations immediately. Submission is not always the right thing to do especially if your future is at stake.

 When the garlands are shallow, the writer is kind, obliging and progressive. However, he can be complacent, elusive or hasty.


Curious: 2 Sept 78

This is what’s displayed is the penmanship of Curious. But with the addition of her birth date to give me another perspective of her, I would add that she is fickle, indecisive and even sensitive. Underlying this is a quick temper ready to explode. She is afraid to try new things but has a deep passion for adventure. She has to be goaded to make changes.



The other rhythm of writing forms arches where the letters are connected above as if to form arches. Such people are more secure when they can control or dominate their surroundings. They are less open, more reserved and less easily influenced. Emotionally controlled, they may even seem to be cold hearted.



My Fate: 31 March 1975

My Fate exhibits these traits but his saving grace is his imaginative and creative bent which is displayed by the curls and loops seen even in his “ts”. Arches make a person more factual and down to earth and My Fate can turn his creativity into a profession or career. The occasional loops on his “ts” indicate that he craves love and may in fact be a lovely person.

L. Robert - 29-1-37

Flat Arcades displays practicality. However, the person can be calculative, using money as a measure. The forward slope seen here in L. Roberts’ note is a positive trait but the small writing points to a person that can be too conservative and secretive. His views are too restricted and he will not be honest especially about his emotions. The trailing strokes at the beginning of each word displays extreme caution in all he undertakes.


There is another rhythm which connects like a thread. These people are adaptable to their surroundings, have a strong instinct of self-preservation and avoid trouble and restrictions. They can be manipulative but work at it with charming tact. Intelligent and with a strong power of observation, they make good advises. Ruthless in their need for self-preservation, they may lack ethics when trying to secure it.


Curious: 23-4-1968

Curious displays a “thread connection”. He is idealistic, calculative and mercenary. Charming though he may be, he is deadly, as he will bend over backwards to get what he wants. But, he tiers easily and nothing holds his attention for long, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. He will be successful in life but leaves a trail of demolished hearts.

When the rhythm appears to be trying to connect but seems to  miss,  is called a “Disconnected Thread”. This writing immediately portrays a discord. Emotional anxiety and inner conflict could be the underlying factor.

Sudo: 16.11-1976 

Sudo has a disturbing script. If he wrote this note on his lap while traveling on a bumpy road then it is understandable. But if this is his normal script then Sudo needs help. He is lonely and suffers inwardly. He has erected a wall around him which is getting too deep to penetrate. Though he is intuitive, he is not using it. The “soldering” words that looks as if it has been repaired on hindsight displays nervousness, extreme anxiety and insecurity. His backward sloping g  and y lower loops stresses his loneliness and untrusting nature and points towards a sexual anxiety.


As we put pen to paper, the rhythm and flow demonstrates the harmony or disharmony of our souls. A smooth flowing script reveals an easy flow of confidence and efficiency. Disharmony is clearly visible. Alas, are we so transparent? Is that why we are so reluctant to reveal our souls through our written words? Communication technology being what it is in this millennium has made us more impersonal and detached. No wonder we are breeding complex, dangerous, neurotic problems. Is this the step in the right direction to happiness and a peaceful soul?

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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