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The familiarity between teenage girls and boys nowadays astounds me yet I do not disapprove. In yonder years when I was a teenager, brought up in a strict background, my date had to ask the permission of my father to take me to a party. His family background was scrutinized as was his intensions, and then an 11pm curfew was imposed under the penalty of an embarrassing dressing down and a report to his parents. And it was only a date, and I was already 18. That was a bit too much, but the liberties the youth of today have, are worrisome. Parties only begin to rock at 11pm and statutory rape is below the age of 16!

When is the right age to allow a child to date and how do you prepare a teenager to cope with a date. Unless boys are not boys anymore, dating would include a measure of ‘petting?or as they say nowadays, ‘making out? In the ancient days of my youth, condoms and birth control pills were spoken about in whispers, nowadays; they are advertised on TV and available in any store next to and in as many flavors as chewing gum.

So what do you expect happens on a date and is your teenager ready to cope. The most common form of rape is ‘date-rape? Many go untold. Alcohol, so readily available to teenagers in our country, breaks down many inhibitions and self-control. This, besides drugs is what your child can be exposed to on a date. So, at what age is your child matured enough to make sound choices for his or her safety.


Mei Ling


At 16, Mei Ling still watches and enjoys Spongebob Squarepants but her script, flow and form indicates an intelligent, logical, affectionate and very clued on young girl. There is a balance between all 3 zones of her script indicating that she has ambitions, is aware of herself and appreciates the physical things in life.

To her parents, she may be too independent, (‘I?1), argumentative (‘i?2) and a rebel. She may not comply with all their bidding because even at her age, she has her own mind (connected script with no break in a word - 3). Connected script such as hers indicates a logical, consistent and purposeful person who is sociable. She may be highly opinionated and tends to be too flippant. There is more to her than meets the eye, but she is cautious (cautionary strokes ?4).

On a date, she will know how to look after herself and nothing will happen without her wanting it.





Wendy is 18 but her handwriting is child like with a great deal of naivety exposed in her small, carefully printed form. She is a romantic, imaginative (rounded alphabets ?1), and affectionate girl (full lower loops of ys and gs ?2) who harbors a great deal of pent up emotions which may be anger and disappointment ( closed e’s, a’s - 3). She is affected by something that happened to her in the past and is unable to find emotional release from it (uniquely ‘a?- 4)

Her spacing is uneven and erratic which hints at an emotional imbalance and unhappiness. Her alphabet formations are uneven and small, revealing a person with a great deal of self-doubt and insecurities.

A glance at her script immediately gives one an impression of an inexperienced, unexposed and emotionally immature girl who cannot look after herself and her safety on a date. She can be easily intimidated and influenced, and forced to do things against her will. Being too protective of a child can sometimes work to their disadvantage when they are left to fend for themselves. Wendy is still too young to date!




Cherry’s regular, rigid handwriting indicates a strong, self controlled and single minded personality who lacks spontaneity and flexibility. She feels that she is totally in control of her emotions and can handle herself under any circumstances.

The perfection of her size, spacing and margin is so precise that it hints of a neurosis even in one so young. Her search for perfection can make her aloof and disdainful of those who she thinks are her inferiors. She needs to be emotionally sensitive and understand that not everyone is as self-controlled as she is, otherwise she may not hold back her date after a session of heavy petting and can end in a date rape.





Emylig is an extraordinarily creative person with a vivid imagination. She has a great sense of humor (1 ?r) and is very sociable, adaptable and accommodating (date of birth). Loving, (2 - fullness of letters), tactile and demonstrative (3 ?letters leaning against each other), she will begin dating and experimenting very early but I advise her not to get trapped into marriage too early or she may discover that her youthful marriage is not satisfactory and it may end in a divorce.




Here is a highly intelligent (style, speed and flow) person who has a very good perception of himself. He is ready to develop into a successful, highly motivated person, but, due to an idealistic perception of what love is, may stunt his emotional growth. No hint of any sexual shortcomings is seen in his handwriting or date of birth except a lack of, or suppression of physical fulfillment (1- ys). So it is high time that he overcomes his sensitivities and begin to date. My advice is that he dates girls who are older than him as they will be compatible to him intellectually and will find him very interesting.




I was given a letter written by Elsa from her mother. Her mother has been rather worried about her because she has been keeping company with an older woman, Jan, who spends a lot of time and money on Elsa. She takes Elsa on vacation overseas and even insists on paying for her college fees. Her mother wonders why Elsa never dates any boys and if she should put a stop to this dubious friendship with Jan.

As the letter is very personal and can be easily recognized, I can only highlight a few points for my analysis.

Elsa is a very loving and sensual person as seen by her full alphabets, choice of a broad nib and heavy pressure.

There are a few points that makes me believe that she has lesbian tendencies, first is her figure ??f’s and g’s and secondly, the leftward slant of her writing which reveals a withdrawal from the norm and an introverted tendency.

As this relationship has gone on for a few years, it would be difficult for Elsa’s mother to put a stop to it without traumatic consequences. Jan has not influenced Else. She was the catalyst that ignited the latent lesbian tendencies that Elsa was already predisposed to.

Elsa’s mother cannot blame herself for prohibiting Elsa to date boys when she was younger, how she to know what was was her daughters?make-up.

Boys and girls will seek each other’s company as soon as they begin to realize that there is a difference between sexes. It is never easy to gauge when your child is ready to date. Open dialogue about dating, sex and the responsibilities of having sex is essential. The sooner your child can open up to you in these matters, the sooner they will become responsible for their actions in any dating situations.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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