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Life After School


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Life seems safe in school. The pattern is set in tight schedules, school, home, homework, tuition or extra curricular activities, more homework, computer time, sleep, wake-up, school ?

Then suddenly you are at the edge of a precipice after the climatic final exams. This wide dark and frightening chasm of the next stage towards adulthood and independence can be terrifying. You envy those who are so sure of themselves as they march off to do law or IT collage or leave for some grand overseas Uni. But many are just at a loss. This is one of the first, most important steps they have to make, which will shape their destiny. Their first flight out of the nest.

Through the date of birth and handwriting analysis, some indication emerges to guide those in doubt.



Hopeful is an intelligent (smooth flow), confident, mentally alert  person who should really have no problem deciding what she should do. But on close examination, it is noticed that she tends to return to over write a letter or a stroke (1). This is an apparent indication of a person who is very fastidious to the point of being fussy, who has sets high sometimes unrealistic standards and is never satisfied with herself. It also reveals a nervousness which can develop into an O.C.D; “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Her signature strengthens my evaluation. She is very creative and imaginative (curly writing form and her date of birth) and should do well in anything she does, be it cooking, accounting, teaching or general management. She is correct in deducing that she must be passionate in her career to excel so she must first ignore family and peer pressure in career choices and ask herself what she truly wants to do and confidently get on with it.

Being easily influenced (2 d’s) can make her more indecisive (3 - ts) so she should begin to use her own discretion and make an intelligent assessment of her talents, resources like finances, and make up her own mind in this very important decision concerning her future.




J is another creative person who undoubtedly confused (mixed script, slant -1). However, her birth date indicates that she can be successful in the electronic industry be it in graphic art, engineering or in the academic side like lecturing. Otherwise, she could utilize her adeptness with computers to compliment anything she chooses to do from clothes design to architecture to systems analysis.

Her dominant middle zone indicates her immaturity of mind and action so my advise is that she masters the computer and do an intensive IT course, and then decide what she wants to specialize in after that.




The angular letter form is immediately noticeable and points out to a tense person. Angular writing reveals an aggressive, competitive, hardworking and probably intelligent person. The slash ‘i? dots (1) confirm the aggressive person who can be sharp tongued and impatient. Another point of note is the loopless top and bottom strokes (2), which speaks of an analytical mind with a good measure of common sense. All these qualities can make a good lawyer, psychologist or psychotherapist. At the moment, Desperate does not have must self-confidence as seen by her low t strokes (3) but she should follow in her father’s footsteps even though she is trying hard to develop her self identity as seen by her j’s (4). Her birth date indicates an emotional person who may try to camouflage her shortcoming with a show of defiance and bravado (r 5) so it is best that she gets all the help she can from her family before she strikes out on her own.


Gurmeet Kaur


Gurmeet is ambitious and very responsible (birth date) she is thorough (1 signature), intelligent (flow) and tenacious (2 ‘t?. She is taking her responsibilities too seriously and it can be affecting her emotional balance ((3) ?anxiety soldering or black strokes and tight ‘t?bars (4) showing aggressiveness). Having a general IT diploma can only get her so far, so if she wants to do better, I advise her to start working but take further courses to improve her chances of a better job. She will do well working in an academic institution, travel, shipping or petroleum company, then she should give a thought to specializing in solutions, accountancy or financial management. Her birthdate also indicates a person who is always anxious about finances, so once she has a job with a monthly income, she will feel less anxious and stressed an enjoy life a little.




Nurul has an admirable goal in life which is to be successful so that she can look after her parents when they grow old. Accountancy can be a lucrative business or set one on a stable route to top management. Nurul is studying accountancy and will do well in it as she is methodical (word formation) will go by the book (1 close linked alphabets) and honest (2 full letters) but before that, she should build her self-esteem (3 lower case I’s for capitals) and become more astute and practical (4 diminished lower loops indicating a gullible person and a lack of physical awareness). Success is to know your self-worth and to be ‘street smart?otherwise one is a dead duck in this world of crafty opportunists. Being 19, she is yet to know the ways of the world and no doubt she will learn it in the “School of Hard Knocks?and I hope the lessons will not be too severe so as not to change her noble ideals.





The fear of the future because of the dubious outcome of final examinations results, due to inadequate focus on studies or the total incomprehension of the school syllabus, is the beginning to the failure of life itself. I’d say “why didn’t you think of it before and put more effort in your studies? Spilt milk! Let’s look at the future. Many people simple don’t see the point of studying about the history of Great Britain. They wanted to paint or tinker with cars or design and sew beautiful dresses or get into business. To each his own. So life after a poor finals result is not the end of the world but could be the beginning of a new exciting life, on condition you know what you really want. CG is petrified about the disgrace and disappointment she will cause others rather than what she’s going to do should her results be disastrous.

There is much frustration and anger in her writing like the angular lower loops of her y's and g's (1) and the slashed “i? dots (2). She is a straightforward person (open and full alphabets) who is sensitive and very emotional and must have had to struggle through school even though it caused her unhappiness and emotional stress (wavering lines ?). If her parents love her and if she has tried her very best, then no one can fault her and should not be in such an emotional predicament.

Her birthday indicates that she is very disciplined, organized and resolute. But it also indicates that she is easily influenced and shy. So if her results are not good enough for her to enter a university or collage, it is not the end of the world. She should instead be firm about what she wants to do, be it cooking, or sewing or teaching and get on to being the best cook in say,  Nyonya Cuisine! There is a great need to keep up true, authentic Nyonya taste and you don’t need a diploma for this.

Life after school can be the reward after much hard work or the release to fulfill your dreams. Many say that school days should be the best days of one’s life but is it really true. What ever it may be for you, when you finish school, you are just stepping into another school and that is the school of LIFE! This is when life really begins. So be brave and confident and always enjoy whatever you want to do.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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