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Teenage Timebombs


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Angry, aggressive teenagers grow into aggressive, violent adults. Know the signs. They are very obvious. They speak not only through behavior patterns but also through tell tale signs in hand writing.

The most obvious sign that a youth is suppressing inner rage is when he becomes introverted and isolated. Due to conditioning, the inability to express emotions and, fear of being reprimanded, a great deal of pain and anguish can remain bottled up; ready to explode at the slightest provocation. Many times it could be due to insecurities as result of family fights, separation anxiety, moving to a new location or divorce. The child then recoils into a defensive inner dark place where his fears grow.


Mas 27th May 1987

Mas is in this void as seen in her left slanting script. In this withdrawal state, she is also emotional, her aggression is growing as seen in her tall upward strokes (1) and she is very unhappy as seen in her undulating lines (2). The sooner she gets help the better for her because she is swiftly loosing her self esteem (3 - cancelled signature), and before long she may become self-destructive. If no one around her can spot the unhappy state she is in, I advise her to find someone she can trust who can understand the problems she is facing and who can help her.


Marcus 2nd January 1991


Marcus also has the telltale sign of aggression in his elongated, tall strokes (1) and undulating lines (2). He is intelligent and sensitive, and is suppressing a great deal of unhappiness and anger seen through his "slashing" i dots (3) his angular strokes and the strong pressure of his writing. He may be taking on more than he can handle and can easily be irritated into physical violence. He also exhibits lower zone "hooks" (4), which could indicate that he may be harboring a past grudge that is eating into his inner soul. Who can he turn to for help? He is a Prefect, he is supposed to set an example but if he is not at peace within himself, how can he be the role model. Here is the time bomb ready to explode. Sports is a way to express some of the inner anger, but being sensitive, he will respond better to gentle attention and understanding.


Vaishnavi 5th August 1991


When lower or upper strokes of  an alphabet encroaches into upper or lower lines (1), it reveals an emotional disturbance that can fester and erupt. These lower elongated strokes seen here (2) indicate a person who is totally engrossed with the physical aspects of life like money, sexual gratification and physical pleasures. By the formation of the curled lower loop "g" (3), Z (4) and "S" (5), it can indicate that this preoccupation can turn into an obsession though on the surface he may seem cheerful and very amicable. Being so young such obsessions are not healthy. If not addresses, it may turn into an obsessive behavior. He should be counseled immediately or he may resort to any means to satisfy his greed or craving.


Mal 21st March 1986


Puberty and the teenage years can cause a great deal of anxieties and insecurities. Many teenagers become intimidated by their emotions and cannot understand the physical and sexual changes within them. It is not unusual for them to express these deep-seated emotions through handwriting that suddenly slant backwards or become faint and thread like. This is a "fear flight" syndrome, which even humans experience. Mal portrays these two traits in his handwriting. If these traits continue for a long period, it could mean that he is building up dangerous emotional insecurities, which may flare up at the slightest provocation. What emphasize his emotional state is the angular lower loops of his "y"s (1) and "g"s which warns of a frustration, which should be addressed as soon as possible. I advise Mal to overcome his self-consciousness and speak to someone about his emotional doubts.


LTH 31st March 1987


Exaggerated and embellished of alphabets is a sign of independence and an outgoing personality, but when it is over done and persists, it exhibits a highly imaginative person with very unrealistic illusions. Her capital "I"s (1) show that she can be very unpredictable. Some of her alphabets are beginning to look strange and even a little bizarre. This can mean that her illusions can become too fantastic and she may be developing a warped sense of reality. Should she begin to act strangely, dress outlandishly, start smoking or mix around with the "cool" and rebellious group of her peers then she needs to be put right and brought down to earth before she makes a grievous mistake.


Ahmed 3rd October 1989


A small script and a very diminished signature (1) is a clear sign of one who totally lacks confidence and self-esteem.

This is not healthy in a growing child as it can cripple his self-development. If he allows himself to be pushed around by bullies and fears to stand up for himself, he will harbor deep-rooted resentment, which can suddenly erupt in a violent show of temper and rage. Worse still, he may grow into an adult with this bottled up anger and it is frightening what he will be capable of then.

Being a teenager is not easy. The pressure is enormous. Understanding, a sympathetic ear and patience is so essential when nurturing a teenager. Though old, solid Asian values must prevail, we cannot ignore that modern and foreign influences will have their effect on our teenage children. So parents must keep and open mind and a keen eye on any telltale signs, which will act as a barometer on the pressure cooker build-up in their child. Teachers too have their duty in this area and it will serve them well to see the signs through Graphology.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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