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Now that entertainment can be brought into your living room through Radio, Television and the World Wide Web, the business of entertainment is “Big?and gaining momentum. This is giving many the opportunity to consider the entertainment industry as a good career possibility and to achieve instant fame and recognition. Our country is no exception. The American Idol, Akademi Fantasia and Fear Factor craze is attracting notice. Many harbour a secret notion to participate and to see their image in that magic box “television? But how do you know if you have Star Potential?

Talent does not ensure success. You need that Extra Factor ?Audience Appeal or Sex Appeal.


X-Factor - 29-April 93 

This is the handwriting of someone who has what it takes. His bold, printed writing form with the strong independent I (1) indicate one who is ready to make a statement. He demands to be noticed, is not afraid to make mistakes and confidant enough to admit he is not perfect. His round, full alphabets indicate his sensitive, open and honest nature and he will be as open and expressive in portraying characters and getting into a role. His lower zones express his loving and emotional character, a point much needed in being a Star.

These positive qualities, plus the fact that his birthday reveals a very creative, imagination and lucky person, makes me deduce that he can be a success in Show Biz as an actor, singer, TV host, writer or even a celebrated chef. The choice is his. From the choice of pseudonym, he too is convinced that he has the X-Factor.


Suhaime Jaaffa ?14-April 74


What showbiz wants is originality. Suhaimi shows abundance of it in his handwriting. His style is original and his flow smooth indicating that it is a natural style and not contrived. His spacing is wide between words revealing his desire to be individualistic. This character also reveals a need for solitude, which is necessary for a creative person. His desire to be different is seen in his various alphabets (1) and his unconventional and breakaway attitude in the way his words rise high (2) and fall (3) above and below the lines. This, together with his date of birth, points to a person who needs the freedom of expression, be it speech, action or attitude, enforced by his creativity and originality. Suhaimi can go beyond the norm and gain attention in any field of creativity art and entertainment, especially acting.


Elita ?14-Sept-81

Star quality is also recognisable in handwritings and signatures which have flourishes and decorations. They reveal flamboyance and the desire for recognition.


Elita has this in her signature with its extravagant curves and decorative additions. She has fantasies and dreams and these are key elements in the making of an entertainer. In combination with the super ingredient called Luck, a Star can be born. This special element Luck is seen in her date of Birth so go for your dreams Elita. 

All that and more ?with talent and ambition, you must also possess the determination and focus to become Number 1


Zaid ?19-Dec-80

Zaid, the winner of Akademi Fantasia 2 says it all in his bold flourishing signature which is emphasised by a strong straight underline (1). This shows thoroughness and a perfectionist. His strong Z (2) with a balanced lower zone, a full upper loop of the ‘h?(3) and the full upper loop of his ending ‘d?(4) indicates that he has aesthetic qualities, is persistent and tenacious and will see things through till the end. A true winner!


Linda ?21-March-84

Linda was second in Akademi Fantasia 2. Linda is positive (1, rising lines), determined (2, straight upward strokes) and forward thinking (3, T’s). Her A(iv) also reveals tenacity and a character that will not give up once she has made up her mind. Her high ‘d?strokes are evidence of her determination, as is her date of birth.


Adam ?19-Sept-83

Adam who bagged third place, displays tenacity and persistence in his A(1) formation. He aims for the top and is ready to put the effort to attain it. He is daring, aggressive and is ready to take on any challenge. Ambitious (2) and thorough (3) he will work hard to ensure results.


Elvis Presley ?8 Jan 35

Elvis the King of Rock shows immense talent. Dancing and rhythmic talent is especially clear in the way he wrote his ‘P?1) commonly known as a dancing “P?  His flourishes reveal his flamboyance and love of theatrics and the lower flourish of his Y (2) expose his desire for the limelight and recognition, pomp and grandiose splendour.

Showbiz is competitive. To make it to the top, you need a blend of talent, charisma and the will power to succeed. If you have this magical potpourri, then you have Star Potential.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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About Madam Zorra:

Madam Zorra is a practicing Astrologer, Face Feng Shui Master, Tarot Card Reader and Gem Therapist. She has practiced in Europe, the USA and South East Asia. She is now living in Malaysia who conducts “Live?video broadband consultations and has a website