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Measuring Friendship


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There is no one on Earth who has not been let down or disappointed by a friend. It is said that if you can count your friends on the fingers of one hand, you are among the fortunate ones. Being deceived, let down or cheated by a friend is as devastating as being cheated by a lover.

Sue: 26-Feb-1971
Shirley: 7-June-1971
Joe: 11 ?Jan - 1960

Sue took into her arms and home a foreigner who was deserted by her husband. She employed her in her business, gave her shelter and now she suspects that Shirley is trying to usurp her position as wife and co-partner of her business, which she began with her husband. She wants to know if her suspicions are founded and what she should do.


Sue is a trusting, compassionate person who cannot see evil in any person (upright style, round full alphabets with full bottom loops in her gs and ys). She is gullible and naïve and self-absorbed. Being straightforward, she may have been too blinkered to notice that her husband in feeling deprived, perhaps even sexually and emotionally, while she was too absorbed ensuring that her business and their family’s future are secured. Sue is plagued by her own anxieties and insecurities (curls within her capital A ?1 and o ?) and can be oblivious to what’s going on around her till its too late.


Shirley is unhappy. She expresses helplessness and submissiveness in her pasty handwriting. She is also conniving and secretive (thread connections of her handwriting with railing ends and closed es, as and os) behind all that feigned weakness; damsel in distress exterior, and this is like honey to any male ego. It is likely that she is more responsive (thick pressure indicating intense and strong sex drive) to Joe’s personal needs and will make herself available at the slightest request as she is sharp and shrewd enough to realize that he calls the shots in the business and other important matters in the family.

Joe: 11-Jan-1960

Joe is egotistical, self-important with a strong male presence (strong, thick writing with strong pressure and the preference for a thick nib). He wants to be master, the defender and the provider. This obviously is very appealing to lost Shirley and in turn, Shirley’s adoration of his male power feeds his ego to no end. At the same time, Joe is very affectionate and sensual, needing a lot of attention.

It is no doubt that living and working so close together has stoked physical and emotional vibrations between Shirley and Joe and if Sue has not been too self-engrossed, she may not have let things escalate to such a fever passion before it hit her. Are her suspicions founded and can she trust Shirley. Sue is very intuitive (seen from her birth date) so she better sober up and listen to her intuition. No, she cannot trust Shirley because Shirley has no scruples, is very focused on own survival needs and is extremely deceptive, calculative and opportunistic (her birth date reveals that).

So the sooner she dislodges the silent tendrils of entrapment that Shirley is growing around Joe and the whole business and family scene, the better. Sue’s judgment and perception of what friendship is, is so misguided. Shirley, the opportunist, sees the chance and weakness in Sue and is quick to make use of it. Wise up Sue, being Mother Theresa means total sacrifice. Are you up for it?


Nash: 19-Aug-1953
King Jin: 22-Sept-1951

Nash is planning to bring King Jin into his company as a Director and Shareholder. Things were going well and they are ready to sign on the dotted line when Nash found out about a very small but telltale sign of dishonesty that King Jin engaged in. Nash and King Jin have been friends since college days and suddenly doubts are giving Nash sleepless nights. He wants to know if friendship has blinded his good judgment and wants an unbiased opinion.


Unable to print the whole letter or the very recognizable signature, I have to use only certain handwriting traits and important and revealing alphabets to justify my analysis of King Jin’s character.

M: This M is the evidence of a factual, level headed person who is cool, to the point of having no prejudices. He is clear sighted and can be strict and ruthlessly critical. He looks out for himself with little or no tolerance for the mistakes of others. He is ambitious and aims high.

I: Contrary to his M, King Jin’s capital I’s shows discretion, and an unwillingness to expose a certain part of himself and his sentimental side. He is conservative and traditional in many ways. He controls his emotions, allowing you to see only what he has been conditioned to expose. This does not meant that he is conniving but rather, that due to his upbringing, training or parental guidance, he is reticent to expose himself for fear of being thought as weak or too emotional. He is not a weak person as proven by his ‘M?but he is emotionally repressed.

King Jin is straightforward, correct and a very good employee. He may do certain things in a manner that causes doubts but it is usually to hide the side of him that is emotional or soft so as not to lose the all-important ‘Face?

Nash can rely on King Jin but he must try to understand his nature and his cultural sensitivities. In many cultures, it is rude to voice an outright objection especially to those you respect or do not know very well. They circumnavigate the issue and expect you to read between the lines. Complicated no doubt but these are our Asian values when politeness prohibits us to let others loose “Face?


Richelle: 19-Mar-1988

Richelle finds friends and friendships unfulfilling and one sided. This is not the fault of her friends but rather the expectations Richelle has of her friends. Being a strong, independent and upfront person, (good flow, upright script with well defined ‘I’s). Richelle is looking for someone as strong and practical as her but evidently cannot find it. She has moments of self-doubt especially in her emotional life (seen in the trailing under strokes of her g’s and y’s) and does need a down to earth person she can trust to share her problems with. Being loyal (i dots), honest and intuitive (painted, clear, rounded alphabets) she realizes that there are few she can trust her innermost feelings with and that is why she feels lonely and friendless despite her readiness to assist any ‘friend?in need.

Ones perspective of friendship is not always reciprocated. Many have been deceived by friends because of the lop-sided expectations in a friendship. The many letdowns by friends in ones life make a person cautious and skeptical of friends. It is wise to know a person through handwriting analysis, face feng shui or astrology before opening up your soul and secrets. There is an old poem that says it all-

            Have a friend and keep him such,
            Never let him know too much,
            Cause if your friend becomes your foe,
            Then all the world your secret know.

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