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Caring Begins In The Classroom


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With the help of their English Teacher, a class of 14 and 15 year old students sent me their handwriting for analysis. Self knowledge is a vital part of deciphering handwritingís hidden meanings but being aware of the characters of your classmates and friends not only helps you to get along with them but also enables you to understand why he or she acts in a certain way. This knowledge brings better understanding and results in a happy, caring group of people who will always be aware and respect the feelings of others.

Being emotionally aware of others and respecting their individualities and characters will educate a young person on social skills and make him or her to the needs and feelings of others. This eventually promotes a better environment at work, in social circles and family life.

In any group, you will find the shy and the forward type. This does not mean that the shy ones are less likely to succeed or that they donít have an opinion. They just prefer to keep their feelings private.


Vivian Yung
2nd Feb 1991


Vivian is shy and keeps to herself but can be very impatient and quick to lash out verbally when provoked as seen by the slashing dots of her ďIís?. She is alert, and focused on her future and is no pushover, so do not underestimate her. Imaginative and creative, she does tend to live in her own world of dreams and fantasy. She should therefore, allow her dream world to come to life in her artwork, essays and visual arts subjects.


Seng Sook Harn
11th Oct 1990


Her spacing on the paper she wrote on suggests that she tries to become as inconspicuous as possible but her Mís and Iís indicate that she is very conscious of herself and her abilities. Creative and talented, she just has to identify her strengths and focus her ambitions on them to develop to her full potential. Sook Harn should realize that if she chooses to live in a corner, no one would notice her or her gentle personality.


Tao Yee Lin
29th Dec 1990


Yee Lin hides her feelings and dreams within herself. She has a wild imagination that finds release in her T.V. world of make ?belief. But one day, she can make her own dreams come to life in her own TV shows or the world of entertainment and glamour. She should not be afraid to exhibit her talent so that she can improve on them and use them in her future career.

In a group, the confident and dominant types are also easily identified but are they liked and how well do they integrate with others?


3rd March 1990

Eugene appears to be confident, well balanced and demands attention, but her signature reveals her complex nature and an inner confusion. She should not try to hide her true self as this can stunt her inner growth. She should be more open in her outlook and accept criticisms as constructive. Her signature has to be as clear and transparent as her bold writing is.


29th July 1990


Proud, confident and sure of herself, Leonie seems well on her way to being a success in life. However, her idealistic nature exhibited by her decorative writing style can be in for a few knocks when she realizes that true life cannot reach her high standards. Her cautious (1 ?cautionary beginning strokes) and studious nature (2 ? t strokes) needs to be more flexible and agile to cope with the fast pace of working life. She should be prepared to take a little risk at times and not always play safe or she may loose out on the greatness that could be hers.


27th February 1990


The big bold letters of Heidiís script is a true portrayal of her character. She is daring, assertive, aggressive and always ready for a challenge. Active and inquisitive, she needs a career that is exciting and different like astronomy. She is a direct, straightforward and kind girl who always speaks her mind. This can make her intimidating and easily misunderstood. She must learn to be tactful and sensitive to the feelings of others especially those who are less confident than her.


Yap Jia Wei
2nd August 1990


Intelligent and fluid in thought, Jai Wei can do well as long as she can be less conscious of herself and more sensitive to those around her (prominent middle zone). She needs love, affection and re-affirmation but is slow in giving it (loopless upper strokes of lís, hís etc). If she is not careful, she can become a cold and aloof person who will be lonely.



In every group, you will encounter the introvert that needs to be drawn out. They have a lot to give and an extra effort can reveal a wonderful friend or a prized talent.

Foong Sook Wah
20th January 1990


Sook Wah has the backward slant of an introvert but her full letters and balanced zones reveal an affectionate and stable personality. Though her loopless upper and lower alphabets shows a control of her feelings, she will be ready for an outpour of true emotions at the slightest show of tenderness and love. On her own, Sook Wah should make an effort reach out to those around her and break the barrier she is building around herself.


Poon Xin Hui
4th November 1990


Xin Hui is talented and intelligent. She will do well in life but has to clear away her frustrations and inner resentment ?(lower loops of yís and gís). She is unhappy with her lot in life and it could be due to a family problem or her personal appearance (signature crossed out). She has to learn to appreciate her good points rather than dwell on to the negative. Should her anger be towards the family, then she has to work hard and do well in school so that she can become independent and economically secure. For the moment, she should try to discuss her inner unhappiness with a caring and unbiased person like her Teacher.

Understanding people through the analysis of handwriting can help dedicated Educationists develop and nurture their students better. The personal attention and care the Teacher of this Class exhibited to encourage her students to write, collect and personally post the 40 over letters is exemplary. With such dedication to their vocation by our Teachers, the success and substance of our future generation can be ensured.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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