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Changing Handwriting


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Though it takes more than a few lines of handwritings to actually reveal a full picture of a person, an alphabet, repeatedly written in a particular way can be very revealing. The letter t?though seemingly inconspicuous, can say a mouthful. To make that little mark, the pen either leaves the paper then returns with a burst of feelings or it can twist into a display of knotted emotions. Unconsciously we display so much.


  1. Devi, born on the 13th Sept 1987 exhibits the copybook form of t? This, together with a firm pressure and fairly thick nib choice reveals a reliable, cautious and predictable nature. She is able to focus on details and with the printed writing form reveals an inflexible nature who goes by the book and has not as yet found the release of her individuality. This could be due to strict parents or a very disciplines upbringing and can make her domineering when she matures.


  1. AP Rajananthini 14th Oct 1985 has a regular t?but the significance is the straight end. This speaks of an action-orientated person who comes straight to the point. He may be considered abrupt but in fact, he is just in a hurry and does not waste time. He is fast and effective and is very focused on achieving physical needs like a good living and financial security.


  1. SY77 who is born on the 5th of June 1977 has t?crossings that are high on the stem. Very few people have reached the emotional confidence to display such ts. This indicates high self-esteem, confidence and a healthy sense of self worth. It is a very positive sign and should be practiced consciously by those who lack self-esteem or have an inferiority complex.


  1. When the t?bar rises as in the case of Curious Cat?born on the 3rd of April 1989, it displays an ambitious person who aims high and has the determination and inner will to achieve it. Curious Cat must be more careful in his scripting as it can be misconstrued as being evasively contorted? to cover up faults like unsure spellings or grammar.
    Contorted words and especially numbers are suspicious and raised doubts about the integrity of the writer.


  1. Sailor Mercury born on the 9th of November 1985 has wavy t?bars that droop downwards. Wavy bars can manifest a lack of confidence but when they droop down as well, they also reveal a depressive nature. Sailor mercury can cover up his depression and lack of confidence by being aggressive and quarrelsome but generally, he tries to be different or do unusual things like delving in the Tarot to find relief for his shortcomings and perhaps to find answers to his doubts!


  1. Maximum who is born on the 13th August 1979 has t?bars that go leftwards from the stem. This reveals a self-conscious person who fears social contact. This can also indicate a loss of self-esteem. Maximum may just be developing such a t?bar due to her present predicament, as some writing quirks may also be temporary, being influenced by current circumstances. If this is the case, Maximum should consciously extend her t?bar as her birth date does indicate that she can become withdrawn and anti-social.
    With this grapho-therapy practice, she can constantly remind herself to make an effort at integrating with her colleagues and becoming more of a team player rather than trying to withdraw and remain aloof.


  1. The Kid born on the 25th of June 1979 exhibits unusual backward t?bars which slopes downwards but are high on the stem. This means that he does not suffer from a lack of confidence but rather has a high opinion of himself. He fears and withdraws from social contact by choice. This could be that he has been hurt or let down and being a proud person who holds himself in high regard, he has chosen to isolate himself and remain aloof. This self-protective act is safe, but is making him sad and lonely. He should reach out or may sink into deep depression.


  1. Larry born on the 1st of October 1955 has t?bars that extend forward away from the stem. He has a good script but it has a tendency to slant backwards. This indicates a person who is looking for a challenge. But because his script leans backwards, it shows that he lacks the will power or the spirit to accept challenges when they are presented to him. His fanciful writing style reveals an active imagination which fantasizes rather than accept reality.
    So with his combination, unless Larry plucks up his courage and meets the challenges he so desires and dreams of, he may end up frustrated.
    Understandably, the commitment of a big family can weigh down many dreams.


  1. Amber, born on the 25th February 1978 has a copybook style of script and ts of a home-loving person. She is affectionate and loving and is very sensitive especially to criticism. She has good taste and aesthetic sense and will do very well in the field of entertainment. But she is fickle and impatient which are not prime qualities essential for being a writer. At the moment, she should concentrate in the entertainment industry especially singing and music and leave writing till she is more experienced and settled.


At times, the pen does not leave the paper but forms the t?bar in a knot with a single stroke. Although this does reveal a quick and agile mind, the way they cross has their subtle nuances.


  1. A small knotted t?bar, as in the case of Sumitra, born on the 13th of November 1976 reveals tenacity and a persistent character who will succeed through resilience and determination. It also reveals thoroughness and an obstinate nature, which can resist help and assistance, or good, solid common sense.


  1. Johnny, born on the 18th of May 1959 has star-like knots in his t?strokes. These long triangular strokes indicate tenacity and a stubborn nature but it also reveals a person who can be very jealous and resentful of interferences. He can be aggressive when opposed or questioned. Many disappointments in his life have left him angry, suspicious and jaded and he has to slowly unravel the knots in his heart before he can attain inner peace.


  1. Hooks at the beginning or the end of the t? bars indicate a determined nature, but in the case of Curious? born on the 1st of August, when the tbar crosses the tent?like stem of the t? it further discloses a self-assured, opinionated person who is highly motivated towards personal achievement and material gains. He will brook no opposition to achieve his goals but he must take care not to offend those close to him with his sarcasm and careless treatment of their feelings.


  1. Mixed t?bars as in the case of Dawns?script reveal a person who is suffering inner conflict and dissatisfaction. From her birth date, 15th September 1979, I can see that she is too romantic and idealistic and this could be the cause of her lack of direction and disappointment. Once she has chosen her path and become more down to earth, her ts will be more consistent.


To appreciate the whole portrait of a person, the little details give a wealth of meaning. Subconsciously we tick out ts and dot our is but in these subtle subconscious strokes are the inner notes of our character and emotions.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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