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Changing Handwriting


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Handwritings change due to character development or disintegration. The pen carries the spirit of out emotions and displays subtle or dramatic changes of temperament. The first natural change occurs during the transition into puberty, around the age of 12 or 13. Sometimes handwritings keep on changing until the age of 20 when the true character of a person is developed. It is the changes that happen after that and in adulthood that is a curiosity to many. Such changes caused by trauma, self development and emotional maturity give clues to a persons state of being and is a barometer of his inner “balance?


The most obvious change is observed in the flow of the script and the slant as is seen in this sample.

Eddy Roy 2

Sample A:

This is his controlled self. Proper, correct and official. This is the personality he has developed when dealing with the public in his professional capacity.

Sample B:

This is his true self. Here he is accommodating, sociable and very affectionate. But even in this style, his “s?swings from sentimental (1) to independent (2). This indicates that he can be loving but needs his independence.

Most people who have to deal with the public or have undergone severe disciplinary training like a policeman, hoteliers or someone who has to assume command develop two personalities. One personality is what they wear like a mask when performing their duties, and the other, their own relaxed self when they are with family and among close friends. As they grow in their position, it is not uncommon for the official personality to dominate.

Some people are aware that they have different types of handwritings and could slip from one to another at will, as in the case of Honey:


3rd July 1989

Sample A:

This sample reveals an adult, intelligent person who is bending forward to accommodate impress or to make a sale. There is integrity but impatience    ( 1 -“i? in this script. The writing is more angular, suggesting an urgency or pressure, which may be due to her job.

Sample B and C:
These two samples are quite similar. They show a more relaxed and sensitive person but the lower loops hold some clues to her emotional life.

The lower loops (2) in sample B shows a repressed physical state whereas sample C (3) displays more physical satisfaction. It could be that during the period of Sample B, she was going through and emotional problem and felt somewhat deprived of affection whereas in Sample C, she is happy and is willing to display her loving and affectionate self.


Acir 2004

Acir 2004 unconsciously switches styles in his very expressive script. He begins by being controlled and official  (1) but as he gets into the real reason for this letter his style, flow and word formation changes (2). His writing slants forward eagerly and his script becomes more rapid and angular, displaying his anxiety about the response he will get as it will determine an important decision he has to make.

Unfortunately I cannot help him to identify the best age he should marry as he gave me an incorrect birth date!




It is normal to write in different sizes to accommodate a given space in a form or the size of the writing material. But a smaller script (1) when doing  homework, as compared to a normal boisterous, dominating style (2) reveals an insecurity or unpreparedness when dealing with the homework. Zombie who is very creative, with a natural, stylized script is unsure about her schoolwork as she may be weak in some subjects and is afraid of failure (occasional backward slanting script (3). She is less confident when doing her school and homework and is not secure in her ranking within the peck order of her peers.

She is nervous but is not prepared to ask for help. It is wise for her to ask for extra tuition on subjects that she is weak at instead of living in dread.




Writing in a display of one’s personality. To put something on paper is to reveal ones educational background, efficiency and competence. The way one writes also reveals ones attitude towards the person one is writing to. A relaxed style where mistakes are casually crossed or written over displays an easy relationship with the correspondent (Sample 1)

But when Amy wants to make an impression, she adopts a more formal upright and attentive-to-detail style (Sample 2). To her, Amy feels that when she writes in Style 3, she is the neatest, when in fact it is the most sterile and impersonal style that gives little clue to her true personality. In sample 3, she does not display her sociable, loving, demonstrative and balanced self (forward slant, full round letters and easy flow) as seen in sample 1. All samples display creativity but sample 3 hints of a lack of maturity and her willingness to toe the line ( 4 upright “painted?or script style and the close dots in her “i”s).

Amy is actually quite a rebel and very individualistic. It is best for her to always use sample 1 when she writes. She should be less inhibited and willingly to display her full character and spirit as seen in Sample 1 which also reveals intelligence, frankness and an engaging personality.

Changes in handwriting are worrying when there are unconscious changes within a word, sentence or different paragraphs within a written piece. It can display a personality disorder or an inner turmoil.


Try Hard

Try Hard is not very happy about his style. A respiratory problem like Asthma can produce uneven writing rhythm, as writing speed is modulated by ones breathing. This uneven rhythm is similar to Try Hard’s writing, but as I cannot verify this, I have to make my own judgment based on clues within his script.

Within a word (1), Try Hard can go from a backward to a forward slant. This indicates an inner conflict between confidence and a lack of it, or a person torn between wanting to reach out and one who is secretive, introspective or shy.

His flow of writing indicates intelligence and a keen mind. He is secretive (2- close eye of “e? and finds it difficult to drop his guard, therefore making him a difficult person to get to know and a loner rather than a team player.

Another insight to his character and emotional state is in the unnecessary punctuation. (3). This reveals pent up inner tension, which can cause the strain and anxiety, he feels. According to his date of birth, Try Hard can also develop breathing problems and this can be due to his anxiety!

My conclusion is that Try Hard does not have to worry about his handwriting but instead; he should address the unreleased emotions that are displayed in his uneven and disturbing script. Such handwriting grates on the reader who unknowingly mistakes it for illegible or untidy. When the flow is smooth, the script always looks neat.

Changing handwriting are not always the work of split personalities or a schizophrenic or an imaginative mind who dreams of escape into different roles and personalities. It could also belong to one who is trying to fit or conform.


Galadrimm Damodread


Here is someone who is trying hard to control his Nemesis. He is by nature aggressive, argumentative and confrontational, with a bad temper. He can either wear a mask as in Sample 4 or be himself (Sample 1).

He has moments of daring, (Sample 1) and can just as easily be coward and docile (Sample 3).

He is open, direct and intelligent but to achieve inner harmony by trying to curb his aggressiveness and intolerance. When he mellows, his writing will naturally settle to a distinctive style. His words will be less angular and irregular. His capital letters will be less dominating (i) and he will not see the need to encroach into higher and lower spaces within a lined paper (ii). These indicate a flamboyant personality who is boastful and cries for attention. It also reveals that he can be a bully.

Practicing grapho-therapy can help bring some control to his character.

  1. He should control the dominating capitals.
  2. Keep within the lines of a paper.
  3. Make his words especially his ‘M’s and lower loops rounded and full.
  4. He should consciously avoid making lower backward ‘hooks?in his ‘p’s (iii) and ‘f’s (iv). This is an indication of a violent and revengeful person.

Start here Galadrimm Damodread to a calmer and better you! Let your natural script speak for itself as you slowly reach a balance within your soul.

Changing Handwritings is the first physical manifestation of changes within you. Make these changes positive developments and not the disintegration of your spirit.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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