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Are You A Follower or A Leader?


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Society exists because Man needs protection and order. In return, Man pledges to conform to the rules of that society. Without protection and a structured society, chaos can ensue. According to an 18th century Philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Man is a Noble Savage, born pure but corrupted by society. 

He also puts forth the theory that if one allows oneself to be a slave, be it to love, wealth, power or circumstances, he will become one. His observation was that each person has an inherent quality that makes him a leader, a worker, a soldier or a thinker-much like ants.

To be able to live in Society harmoniously, each person needs to know his role or his place in this society. Though this is true to a point, some people will rebel against this structure and fight for a higher place in that social structure. This rebellion or anti-social behavior can either proclaim great leadership qualities or a lawless criminal.

From handwriting, picking out the conformist, leaders or those with criminal intent, is possible. Teachers and parents can nurture the leaders, understand the conformist or correct the bad apple. In business, selection of the suitable person for the correct job can ensure productivity, good team spirit and eventually a profitable business. Those less trustworthy can be kept in check or denied.

In the case of Corporate, having a majority of their employees falling into the category of ‘the conformists?can prove to be most prudent. The “conformist?is easier to control, motivate and be inculcated with policies or ideologies of the corporation for a common goal.

Many historical figures knew the value of the conformists. Hitler for one could manipulate them to commit genocide while General Custer could make them sacrifice their lives.

But should an individual emerge, it is essential to be able to spot him or her and give them the freedom to think ‘outside of the box? These are the leaders or inventors. Such people are our future human asset. To control them within the box is foolish. Their spirit can be broken or they could rebel and become outcasts.

Physical appearances can reveal a person’s quality though it is not wise to always judge a book by its cover. Handwriting and birthdays is the best yardstick for such judgments as they follow system.


Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear is meticulous, correct and systematic with good aesthetic qualities (good spacing and script form). He will make a good corporate employee as he is loyal (1 ?‘i?dot positioned directly over the ‘i? needs approval ( 2- lower loops of ‘y’s and ‘g’s) and is obedient (3 - rounded words). He will adhere strictly to rules and also ensure that these rules will also be carried out by those under him (4 ?low ‘i?dots). He will also function better in a structured environment as he does not have the confidence yet to make it on his own (birth date, 5- alphabets leaning against each other and 6- curls within the O’s).




The ‘tiling?and wavering line of the script and words, reveals a person under a great deal of emotional stress. Much of XYZ’s problem stems from a rebellious, defiant and careless nature ( 1- uneven size of words and positions).

She is very sensitive and affectionate ( 2- rounded words and closed ‘n’s and ‘m’s). Her sarcastic and careless speech (3 - i dots) make her a difficult person to get on with. She needs to learn to conform and accept authority if she wants her life to carry on smoothly. Her stubborn resistance to (4 - Capital I) accept her weaknesses and limitations can make her frustrated and eventually become a bitter loner.

She is intelligent and a quick thinker ( 5 ? connection of words) but needs to be cautious that her chatty nature does not is not misunderstood for frivolity (6 ?open tops of words like ‘o’s and ‘p’s).

XYZ is an intelligent person who is creative and inventive though not always practical or consistent. She can easily become a rebel if she is not understood or firmly coached into a suitable career or line of work that allows her some freedom to express herself. If she is dissatisfied with herself, she will not be able to settle down or develop a good family unit.



There is little doubt that Sun will be scared out of her wits if she is left to work or live independently. Her small, stunted script proves it. It indicates that she will always dodge any difficult situations that develop.

In fact, with the almost non-existing lower zones, she demonstrates a lack of willpower and the ease in which she can be bullied. However, her capital ‘I’s (1) reveal a stubborn and defiant character that can explode when pushed too far.

Teaching Sun to assert herself can help her hold her ground and come out of her shell. Sun is easily stressed with a tendency to be nervous ( date of birth) therefore she needs a structure and timetable to work within. She does not handle stress well and is best suited to a routine life. She is happy to be a ‘follower?but that does not mean that she will not dream of being more adventurous or daring but she must realize what’s best for her and take the safe route.

Society is the bigger framework of component family groups. In a family, there has to be a structure, with discipline and protection from a leader figure. A well-adjusted family unit contributes towards a stable society. Parents maintain control and discipline but parents have to know their children so as to adjust their approach to suit the different characters of their children. They must also learn when their children need to be independent and be prepared to let them go.

A family has sent me their signatures and dates of birth. They may be surprised to learn how different each child is.


Father: Ooi

The father is a man driven to be financially secure ( 1 ?low base stroke). He is quick tempered and impatient (2 ?sharp top strokes). He is honorable, dynamic, aggressive and disciplined ( 3 - high upper zone), but he is very kind and approachable ( slanting forward  script) and will make a good negotiator. He could be a banker, corporate executive or a real estate dealer( date of birth). He is like a chocolate, hard on the outside, but soft in the middle. 

He can fool everyone but not his wife.


Mother: Ling Ling

The Mother is the one in charge. She is firm, disciplined with a sharp edge to her tongue ( 1 ?upright script with erect unconnected alphabets). Her word is law ?even for her husband.

She is proud, uncompromising, stubborn and demands the best from her children (Lack of curls or loops in her signature). Her ambitious and leadership qualities are the driving force of her family ( 2 - Rising signature with a flying ending stroke).

Though she has a successful family, there is a lack of personal contentment in her soul and she feels somewhat inadequate ( 3 ?a canceling out in her signature). Being so ambitious, Ling Ling needs to attain her own personal goals and success. Her inner disharmony could stem from the sacrifices she had to make of her career for the sake of her family. Alas, being a wife and a mother, her priority is her family.




Jeremy has his mother’s independent character and his father’s passionate nature. He is not a follower but a leader all the way ( 1 - high top zone and straight lower zone).

For him to reach his full potential, his Father should play a more active role in Jeremy’s development. He may be a little playful when young, being more interested in extra curricular activities ( date of birth) but a firm hand can bring out the best in him. He will need his independence early in life.



Sonia is ambitious, creative and very idealistic (1 ?rounded top loop). She has a great desire to acquire wealth and all the good things of life. She is flamboyant and very expressive with a touch of vanity. ( 2 ?exaggerated beginning stroke). She is also very anxious of her future stability ( date of birth ).

Sonia has many issues to work out. She has a lot to conceal. ( 3 ?hooked lower loop of ‘y?. Her secretive nature may make her resort to lying to cover the truth ( 4 ?connection in the ‘o? because she fears it will offend her parents or create a family row ( date of birth).

She should be handled with care from now. Encouraging her to be open without judging her too harshly is a good step to take. A rough hand can make her aggressive and defiant.

She is proud of her family as she is of herself and when she does something inappropriate, she can become very guilty and defensive. Do not leave her out of any important family decision as she is feeling isolated as it is.



Jason is active, assertive and gregarious. He demands a great deal of attention, which I’m sure he is getting being the youngest ( big letterings, full rounded words and connected script).

He needs discipline and rules or he can get out of hand (1 - unconventional and exaggerated strokes). His idealism ( 2 ? high top zone) will eventually become more realistic but for the time being, he wants to change the world. Bringing him down to earth sooner rather than later will make him a better man.

He is a daring individualist and can easily become rebellious ( date of birth). Reasoning things out with him rather than using the rod can be most effective. He will need his independence early so developing his conscience to know right from wrong is essential.

This is a successful family with strong-minded children from equally strong-minded parents who will become an important nucleus in our society. They have leadership qualities and are very competitive. They will conform to society rules as they are well brought up but with their vast energy and ambitious nature, they need space to develop to their full potential. They can become leaders and contribute well to our society with intelligent guidance.

Our society will become great if each family unit is wholesome, and progressive with good values. Not every family can produce geniuses but each individual has a role to play and should be content with their lot. Healthy competition is always good but to trying to keep up with the Jones can cause debts and misery.

As Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote, ?Man is born free but all around he is in chains?

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