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Without even knowing a person, many people like Human Resource Managers, Teachers, Business Associates and Office Managers and Bankers have to make assessment of people they are about to become associated with. They have very little to base their assessments except what the person discloses about himself or herself. Being able to pick out tiny details of a character by the handwriting or the signature can always be helpful.

In most cases, reliability, efficiency and honesty would be criteria for selection of a suitable candidate or an associate. Tell-tale initial and terminating strokes though seemingly insignificant reveal a whole lot more than would be imagined.



Long initial strokes with a slow writing speed reveals someone who is slow to comprehend things and slow to act.

But when the long initial strokes accompany a fairly fast writing speed as with Ekojot’s writing, it means that she needs time to make up her mind about something because she is cautious or wishes to consider the risks or wishes to weight things careful out in her mind but, once she embarks on the task in hand, she goes about it swiftly with full enthusiasm and maintains her commitment till the end.

Such a person can be counted on to fulfill her promises once she has agreed but, it may take a while for her to give her approval or consent. Careful and conscientious, she does not trust easily but when she does, no one can rock her loyalty or support.




When a signature or a handwriting begins with a hook, it discloses a constructive and a very persistent person. Once he or she sets her mark on someone or something, he will not rest till he has achieved it. If the writing form is of a good quality as in the case of Intellectual, then, it shows a strong will power to achieve his ambitions.

With a poor writing form, this is a stroke that acts as a warning. Such a person can hold a grudge and will wait for the moment to get even at whatever the cost may be. The revenge can be frightening and painful.

Intellectual exhibits the ‘hook?of persistence and also the ‘tick-on-hook?on his t-bar and i-dot. This further reveals an impatient and aggressive person who brooks no opposition and wants his way all the time. 

He dislikes being criticized or interrupted when he speaks or when he has set on his course of action. He must always be in charge and obeyed or there’s hell to pay.




The same ‘hook?stroke is seen in the signature of Spice. She is also persistent and willful. The ending stroke shows a spontaneous, sociable and gregarious nature. She welcomes a challenge or she’ll find life a bore and may even be provocative to initiate the challenge.

She is a Libra with an attitude bordering on the eccentric who detests conventions. She is a rebel rouser and is anti establishment. Rules are confining and as far as she is concerned, are meant to be broken.

She is adventurous and looks out for new territories to conquer. She does well in an environment of constant change and can be very good with people skills through her impulsive nature can make her seem unsteady and unstable.

She has to sow her wild oats before she finally settles down.




Curious on the other hand, puts a lot of emphasis on outward show and pretenses. She is vain and self-protective, not wishing to loose her dignity or the upper hand in anything.  

That is why she gives a lot of thought to whatever she does because she dislikes being wrong or making a mistake. 

A perfectionist all the way, she can loose out on enjoying life. She is very conscious of the material things in life and can be calculative.

Her copybook form of script further points to her self-consciousness, her need for acceptance by others and a constant affirmation of her abilities and decorum.



Scorpio Girl


Scorpio Girl backward initial stroke reveals a person who is always hampered by her past experiences. This style of writing can also indicate a strong “mother?ties that prohibits her ease of actions.

This backward stroke also conceals inner torment or disharmony that can lock into her soul free expressions of love and affection though her strong full writing does show passion and strong emotions. She must not control her feelings so much or she can never open her heart to love when it comes her way.




When there is no initial stroke and the writing form and speed is good, then it is a positive point.

This indicates that the person is clear thinking and to the point in her dealings as is seen in Helen’s writing.

She is constructive and aggressive in her approach to things. She is assertive in her views and commands, requesting respect and compliance to her authority. Honor is important to her and she will be loyal in her commitment, she just needs to be given a chance and she will prove to be an exceptional member of any corporation.


Rachel Foo


When the terminating alphabets suspend or curl inwards, they indicate a person who does not allow herself to enjoy life or the company of others. She is sad and boring, who will tend to brood over her inadequacies rather than make the best of what life has to offer.

She will be lifeless in a party then moan that she did not have a good time. This is a cruel world, if you do not make an effort, you will be left out.

So, if Rachel wants to make a success of her life, she should drop her shy, self conscious and brooding ways and bring more joy to her life with positive thinking.

She should practice grapho-therapy with these strokes and improve her life.

By making an effort with her handwriting, she will also make an effort to be positive, confident and interesting socially. This is her first step to happiness and fulfillment.  

You may not realize the impression you make on those around you, but just like your handwriting reveals little details of your hidden self, so does everything else about you. It is always the little details that count. To be successful and happy, don’t be too concerned about only the grand ideas or dreams, take note also of the little details. They count too.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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