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Love Hurts, But I Need It


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Love Hurts. It hurts when you are in love. It hurts when youre out of it. But no one can live without it. Love makes life worthwhile yet, it can reduce us to spineless slaves of degradation.

If our parents love another sibling more than us, we feel we are lesser than them. We then go out of our way to attract this love back to us. Sometimes we become rebellious and get out of hand just to bring back the love-focus to us. Sometimes we turn into docile ever ready to please puppies just so our parents show us some love. How terribly sad. This can dog us to our dying days.

It is worse when a broken grown-up romantic love affair leaves us devastated. We try physical self abuse, comb the cosmos for spiritual answers, cosmetic surgery, makeovers and still feel inadequate until a new love comes around. Then what? Is it another merry-go-round or, can we build enough self-respect between affaires to prevent a repetition?

So take a moment to think about it. Love can happen again, successfully, but on your terms and with your self-respect in tack. It just needs a little self-love first. Love thyself first as others should love you. Yes, its love by example




Jay is 24 and cannot allow himself to love again. His birth date indicates a person who is ambitious, proud and confident. He is sensitive to criticism and failure. This can destroy him totally leaving him afraid to expose himself again.

So his broken love affair has really devastated him and he is hiding his ruined ego in defiance.

It is good that he can reaffirm his positive points like his good looks, educational background, self-reliance and personality but the happy go lucky attitude is a camouflage for his hurt and pain.

His lost self esteem is seen in his lower case i? (1) and curled up?is?although he began his letter with a strong bold I? His hope and emotional dreams are subdued as are his higher zone. But most of all, his ds?2) reveal his insecurity and personal doubts.

Jay, you are all that you say you are and even more. You are destined for success, honor and even recognition. Work on that first and achieve the success that is written for you in the Stars. Only after that should you find someone to love. But be sure that she is good enough to appreciate you and all you have to offer to your relationship together. It is not a clich? but the one who left you broken hearted did not know just what she was missing. Be gone loss love, you were just not worthy on my love.?Say that over and over again as you look in the mirror and work towards a better tomorrow blessed with true love. Then watch your written Is?uncurl to express the self confidence you will regain.



Shalu feels that she is trapped in a tunnel. Judging from her date of birth, Shalu can be self-sacrificing and riddled by guilt. Love has made her a prisoner. However, her handwriting, which reveals the intrinsic character of a person, speaks of an intelligent (flow of writing speed), logical(spacing) and independent person (high loopless ls & hs (1).

Her dancing P?(2) indicates that she is hardworking and most likely than not, has her own financial independence. She is factual and straightforward (capital Ms(3), therefore, it is very unlike her character to feel trapped in a tunnel with no escape.

From her horoscope, he commitment towards her family and the guilt factor may make her feel this way. But, with all the apparent strong character, she should not confuse love and marriage with her traditional upbringing  (she is conservative as visible in her Is (4).  She should separate them and ask herself what will make her happiest and  whole? If she loves her husband then she should make her marriage work. If there is no love in the marriage, then, its a question of duty and obligations. But be it what it may, if the union robs her of her dignity and self worth, then she owes it to herself to rectify it.




Marriage is on Electras mind. She could meet someone who she may fall in love with or a matched marriage may be her wish. Whatever it is, Electra has a sensitive nature that can be easily damaged by a wrong choice.

She is very loving, therefore she must find someone who will cherish and protect her. She loves children and is really just a child herself. This is visible in her rounded words and full lower loops. But she is painfully shy as seen in the curls within her ds, ss etc (1) and lacks a great deal of self confidence (tightly grouped alphabets(2).

If Electra is forced into marriage or marries someone who is crude, insensitive and domineering, she will be very miserable. She is like a blossoming flower that can be destroyed by a rough hand or burnt by the scorching Sun. Therefore I hope Electra does not get too carried away by the romantic side of marriage but the stark reality of it as well. A mistake can be a lifetime of regret and sorrow for her because she is submissive and can be easily controlled and dominated.

According to her horoscope, she should NOT marry until she turns 31 in 2006.




Sylvia feels the weight of all her 26 years heavy on her shoulder. At 26, you are just beginning to mature Sylvia! Who has been putting these debilitating ideas into your mind. Stay away from these negative people. They are destroying your self-esteem. Look at your lower case is !(1) they show just how unworthy you feel you are.

In fact, the time is right for you to understand the gravity of marriage commitments. You are emotionally stunted (loopless ys, open looped gs(2). It is time to allow a person into your life. You are building a fence around you and if you are not careful, it may be too late and you may end up on the shelf looking down at Life instead of participating in it.

I do not advise you to marry before you are 29 but begin dating and soon someone who is caring will see the beauty, loyalty and stability that is in you. Do not bring past memories of your parents into your relationship or allow it to taint your perception of love. Keep them in the past where they belong.

You have your future. Its bright and happy ?go towards it.




Natasha, stay away from married men, they never leave their wives. Love with your head, not only with your heart and body. Your handwriting reveals a person that is strong, aggressive, passionate and dying for adventure (angular words(1) sharp arcades(2) and fine nib choice).

You are a disciplined person as revealed in your date of birth and well spaced, even sized letters so put this discipline to work even in your love life. Do not allow any man to make use of your love or your body. If you carry on this way, you will hate what you do and loose all self-respect. This seems to be lurking in your soul and is already seeping into your handwriting through your very low t? crossings (3), but your I?(4) indicates that your traditional background can be your salvation. So do not shun it but use it to strengthen your dignity and self respect.


Love is not all bad. Sometimes you glimmer a Spark of Hope: -


Sagittarius Man 28-11-77
Virgo Girl 30-8-78


Love and Marriage can be what we always dream it will be as seen by this declaration on Valentines day by two people in love but who are well aware of the realities of Life.

Sagittarius Man with his full, expanded upper zone is bold, genuine and frank and more romantic and idealistic than Virgo Girl. I hope he will not eventually take her for granted. Virgo Girl reveals her practical, down to earth side in her small, evenly spaced writing which exposes more middle and lower zones than the high, idealistic upper zones. She will rule the roost with a tight reign but I hope it will not be too tight because Sagittarius Man cannot be controlled or dominated by anyone.

As long as they know who wears the pants in this partnership, they will indeed have many Valentines in the future. They have the right chemistry to keep love alive.



Love is such an important part of our lives. It makes life blossom or it can scar our souls. After each experience, good or bad, we go though the next stage bearing the signs of our past. If we are strong and have a sound appreciation of our self worth, we can take each step in confidence. But if we are too cowardly to experience life or careless of our self-pride and dignity, we accomplish nothing but humiliation and pain. Love always hurts because only those we love can hurt us. So entrust your love only to those who are worthy of your most precious emotion ?Love.

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