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Happiness is an elusive thing. Scientifically speaking, it is a state of well being brought about by the secretions of a hormone called serotonin that is secreted in the left cortex of the brain. But the question is what makes the brain secrete this up-lifting hormone? One of the simplest thing for me is having a bar of chocolates. Chocolates have this instant pick me up effect. Other possibilities are exercise, yoga, perfume that stimulates the brain (limbic region) that jolts a fond memory or, a surprise gift. Happiness is not constant. You are so happy when you get the job you want to but when the problems begin ?poof- there goes your happiness.

So, to be happy is an illusion. But, if you have a measure of contentment in your soul, you can sustain some happiness. Many religions teach this and there is so much wisdom in their teaching. Let’s find out how else we can be happy.

When analyzing a letter, I look for these tell-tale signs of happiness.



Lynn has so much happiness in her writing. This stems from the ability to give and receive love from her two children and husband. Her alphabets are full and encompassing like the love she has in her heart. With Lynn, her happiness comes from giving and the expectancy of a future. She is adaptable and can be happy anywhere.




Happiness for Shaalini is inter-relating with people. Her writing slants forward as if she is so eager to communicate with you. This gives her happiness. She is active in sports which is an activator of serotonin! She is also a caring and nurturing person who always needs to care for the welfare of all those around her. In doing so, she will remain happy. To achieve soulful contentment, I advise Shaalini to become a teacher, doctor or nurse because when you fell that you are caring for someone and are wanted, you will always remain happy.


Wong Kim Lung


Here is happiness expressed in an excited, anticipating script of someone who is ready to change the world. He is a deep thinker who wants to be heard and recognized. Youthful enthusiasm is stimulating and Kim Lung has it in abundance. His happiness will come from having his ideologies recognized, implemented and appreciated.

He is a person who feels that ‘Destiny?has a calling for him and he is ready to meet its call. His happiness comes from self sacrifice to accomplish a dream. His happiness will come with some degree of pain but be true to yourself Kim Lung and you will be a great leader.


Monica Chew


Monica is a happy, balanced and self contented person. Her happiness comes from her success, beauty and well focused sights of her future. She knows where she wants to go in life. Right now it’s a question of degree.

When a person can be so focused at 16, it indicates high self worth and that in itself can make a person happy and secure. There are no doubts or hesitations. There is focus.

She is on the right path to success and to make it more exciting, I advise her to take up plastic surgery or connective dental surgery because she will excel in it. Monica is left handed. Many left handed people use that as n excuse for their bad hand writing. But Monica is the living proof that it is not true. It just needs self pride and a work well done.




ZW has a ‘tiling style?of handwriting. Each word rises upwards. It is an unusual form of writing that indicates a person who is unsure at the beginning and gradually rises upwards as she builds up in her confidence. She looks like she is afraid to be happy, but some uncontrollable glee within her just gives her a rush and her spirits soar. To sustain her mood, she needs to build her confidence. Because her tiling script indicates a lack of it. Now what will keep ZW’s mood always on a high note will be money. So I advise her to work in a bank or a finance institution, then being surrounded by money she will be at her happiest best.




With 6 types of handwriting, Crystal must be very confused as to who she really is. Is she the romantic curly writing style Crystal or is she the factual, to the point, no-nonsense alter ego. The fact is that Crystal is so imaginative that she is all these personalities rolled into one. Psychiatrist would say that she has a multiple personality disorder but I would disagree ?all her M’s are the same. So she is very balanced and self-aware.

Crystal is so imaginative that she is happiest when she dreams and begins to live in the personality and dreams she creates for herself. She is best suited for a profession that allows her to use her imaginative talent.


Nor Azatul

This very unusual, high soaring, space invading writing style of writing belongs to a highly communicative, intelligent exhibitionist. She loves to be notices and admired. Confident and ambitious, she is ready to go to any lengths to help those in need. But she must be obeyed.

She is very happy about herself and what she has achieved in life. Her happiness comes form her accomplishment, confidence and expansive personality. She is what she is and that’s that. Take her for what she is, she is not changing for anyone, and what should she?



Leo Woman


Leo Woman has fully experienced life’s perilous journey facing it with the aggression, assertion and passion of her nature. She has realized that with all the fire she put in to her life and no matter how she tried to control those around her, the only way she can achieve happiness is through peace.

Because with Peace, Happiness can blossom. With this wisdom through experience, she can enjoy her golden ages and surround herself with family and friends. That is her happiness. But this fiery lady had to walk through fire to realize it.


Happiness can be achieved as long as you have contentment in your heart. It seems to mean different things to different people at different ages. But, you will eventually realize that true happiness is achieved within yourself.

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