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When you look into your mirror, what do you see? A girl of 14 or a budding adult of 19? But what do you imagine you see? An International Correspondent, a Movie Star, a Lawyer, Millionaire Tycoon? Now keep that image in your mind and look at your writing. Can you see that in your writing as well? If that image is nowhere obvious in your writing, then some things are not right. You are either only dreaming, or need more personal reinforcement for your dreams to meet reality.


You have asked me what your writing says about you. So let me be frank. For a start, a person is first judged by his or her presentation. If the person stands in front of you he is judged by his personal appearance. But if the judgment if through correspondence, the presentation of the letter makes the first impression. The presentation is in the neatness, substance and choice of writing material including the pen and nib used. This gives a good indication of the persons self image because a person who has self pride will not present a letter that is written on a scrap of paper with a multitude of cancellations.


So if you wish to become someone successful, you must first build a good image of yourself.


(1) Gold Sword
Ambitions: Businesswoman

Gold Sword takes pride in which she is. Her writing is neat and well spaced. She writes in a painted (script) style revealing her creativity. To be a good businesswoman, she must first work on being more assertive, focused, patient and daring (floating lines and backward slant reveal this). Her communication skills can be improved as she tends to be impatient and abrupt (angular M & W and slashed i dots). She is too sensitive and idealistic and in business you must be factual and realistic (expanded top zone). Then she has to learn to be a team player because success is built on team effort. Yes she can be a good businesswoman as making money gives her a high (birthdate).


(2) Mi

This is an example of a poor presentation. So, my first assumption is that she has a low self-image of herself and shows no respect to which she is writing to. Though she has a good script and writing flow, which reveals intelligence and capability, she can be aggressive, impatient and self-centered (angular script, compressed as, ds etc, sharp endings, i dots) she is demanding and domineering but has good organizational skills (birthdate). She can be successful in life in management or business but has to work very hard in areas of love, romance and person-to-person relationship. She may be cheerful but have to improve her tolerance level and be focused and decisive in her goals.


 (3) Jade


Jade on the other hand is very conscious of her self image not just by her presentation but by her M?(1-Second arch higher ?conscious of public self) she has good aesthetic values but she is yet to reach full maturity to be able to express her individuality (2-y?loops and exaggerated middle zones). She will do very will in the IT field or as a designer of some kind as she shows great potential (birth date) but seems to be very much under-control at this moment and shows no ambitions (suppressed upper zone (3))


(4) Charmed

Her presentation, flow and script indicate confidence, intelligence and a keen intellect. She is organized, balanced and at ease with herself and her thoughts are organized (connected strokes (1): she is reasonable, and factual but can be critical of others (Ms (2)) and can be abrupt in speech and manner (i crossings (3)). Very concerned about the future (T (4)) she will always allow tradition and convention to guide her (L (5)). She will be very successful as she is already very confident of herself (high t? crossings 6), especially if she goes into the field of research (birth date) and if she keeps her mind on her studies she can be a renowned scientist and be the discoverer of some new genetic component that prevents the common cold or something quite outstanding. Genetic similarities can influence handwriting as it does disease, and even facial and physical appearances. A father and son who had no contact with each other since the child was two found that they both had the same way of standing, walking and other idiosyncrasies when they met 14 years later.


(5) Lillian Goh

By the age of 12, characteristics begin to emerge in writing and can then be analyzed.  

Lilian is an intense (pressure of writing), shy (curled-in M (1)) and quiet person. She harbors dreams and fantasies (L (2)), which can be expressed in music or the arts. She has perseverance (f (3)) but is yet to formulate her goals (uneven slant) there is an emotional frustration in her (g & y loops (4)), which she must address because this can make her moody and aggressive at times. She has a birth date that shows potential, but she must be focused on her basic education so that she has the foundation to materialize all her dreams and ambitions. There is a possibility that she can marry quite young as she is so much a romantic, but she must always cherish her dreams and make them a reality for her to be happy in life.


(6) Little Faith


Little Faith has a good presentation, flow, spacing and script. She has a healthy self-image, good aesthetic values and an organized mind. Her diminished upper zones display the lack of fixed goal or ambition and thats her problem right now. Being a happy romantic and creative (curly script and signature (1) person, she should do something that can utilize these talents. Her birth date shows that she loves to be in the limelight and to interrelate with people. She has yet to gain her self-confidence (low T crossings, choice of pseudonym (2) but if she always clings to her comfort zone i.e. her familys protection, she may not learn to stand on her own two feet (seen in her I (3).


(7) Nikita


Nikita is a straightforward, happy, balanced Sagittarian who is craving for independence (I (1)). Daring, generous, openhearted and talented (os, as, ps well formed (2) she must be a hit with her mates. She has an eye for detail (low i dots (3) so she will be careful and meticulous in all she does. She is very much a peoples person so she must never get a job that puts her in the back room tied to a desk. The communications industry would be good for her.


(8) Linda


Linda seems to be hitting a low, and her unhappiness and lack of self worth is seen in her slopping words (1) and her compressed ds, es and os (2) Her compressed e?in particular (3) reveals that she has done something that she is not proud or happy about and that is troubling her deeply. This must be the cause of the distractions in her studies. She has become erratic and careless (suspended d ends (4)), showing no interest in what she is doing. Her birth date indicates a proud and efficient person so she must put her secret guilt aside and focus on her studies. She should do economics, business administration, teaching or engineering. She is a firm, determined and exacting person who needs a challenge in life so she can be successful if she can get her focus back into her studies.


My Dear Teenage Readers, in your letters to me you seem to be asking for some magical enlightenment to make your future all bright. But what you dont realize is that you are Our Future Magic. It is you that can make the future bright because you have the Youth, fresh vision, dynamic energy and the power of ambition that will shape our future. So do not be afraid to dream your dreams but you must be confident and you must do your part. Inject the vibrant and enthusiastic spirit of your boundless ambition and imagination to make our country and our world a better place for all.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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