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Writing Enforces Character


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Do you want to improve yourself? Unless you are an egotist who thinks hes perfect, you would. There are many reasons you may want improvement, it may be for fame, or fortune, but somehow, its natural to strive to be better. But how do you do it?  You can try any esoteric means, be if Feng Shui or Astrology. You can go to etiquette or grooming schools or even slog through another few years of studies to obtain another degree. After all that, have you really got to the core of your being to iron out kinks that seem to be the base root of your problems. Problems like a lack of self-esteem, perseverance, honesty, enthusiasm and ambition can hamper success. You might say that such traits are in-born and cannot be taught. But I beg to differ. You can learn these important character building, success guaranteed traits if you are ready to school yourself through writing or Grapho-Therapy.

What is Grapho Therapy

Grapho-Therapy?is the instituting of certain handwriting disciplines that are character building by repetitive excercise. It is easy to identify negative traits through graphology, but must you live with it and displaying your weaknesses for all to read? Why, when you can redesign your writing to recreate your life and better your future.

What needs to be done may seem childish but, unless you get back to basics, there is no cure. We first establish the problem letters, plan a routine of exercise and then its a matter of diligent practice and most important of all, self-conscious control.

Here are some common writing weaknesses that exemplify inherent character faults that can be easily corrected. 


All Star


- Low t?bars displaying a low self-worth.

- Cancelled out signature affirming a low self worth

- Suspended ending letters ?carelessness ?the main problem for the loss of confidence.

Due to a hasty and careless attitude to many things, All-Star cannot avoid making mistakes and being reprimanded and being told off. As this carries on throughout his life, it is not wonder he feels worthless and deems himself a failure.


Graphology Exercise

1. All-Star should practice writing his ts with a high t?stroke. 15 minutes a day while repeating to himself, I am a Star and a Success.?He should continue to practice this till it comes naturally.

2. He must ensure that he carefully completes his alphabets. His ms, ds etc must reach the base line.

3. Alter his signature so that no line or stroke cancels the alphabets.


Sunshine Girl


Floating lines ?Timid, lacking force, conviction.

Small writing and low t?bars displaying a lack of self-confidence 

Her timidity and the lack of commitment can make her miss opportunities and shy away from a challenge. She does not have the confidence to project herself or her talents. She is painfully shy. Her smooth writing flow, neatness and good script displays intelligence and aesthetic values. She is very capable and can translate her thoughts into positive action given the chance.

Graphology Exercise

Sunshine Girl must practice writing on the line. All her words must being, rest and end on the line. She should cross her ts high. Not only will she begin to be more assertive, but also she will become more realistic and sure of her choices in life when she consciously alters her writing style.

Here are the writings of 3 girls who wish to remain friends for life. At 16, they have a long way to go but it is the right age for them to master some strokes to improve themselves, present a better image and reach their goals.




1. - Sloping down strokes and word angle : depressive tendencies, fake enthusiasm.

2. - low t crossing: Lacking self-confidence.

3. - Zany i?in signature only: Inhibited. Afraid to reveal real self.

4. - Predominant middle zone: Eccentric ideas, too self-concerned, over compensating due to a complex

Halimahtul has to allow her real personality to come through. She is a rebel and always clowning around because she is afraid of what she really is. Artistic and unconventional, she can be very successful if only she can release herself from her comfort zone and be more daring, spontaneous and less self-conscious.

Graphology Exercise

  1. Cross her ts high.

  2. Expand her upper and lower zones so that all are equal

  3. Write in a flowing cursive script as seen in the way she signs her signature.




  1. ?Unnaturally controlled printed script: Self Conscious. Wanting total control. A perfectionist.

  2. ?Low t crossings: Lacks self-confidence.

  3. ?Curled up d? timid, shy.

  4.  ?Missing upper zone ?Lacking ambition or too cautious.

  5. ?Clinging too rigidly to line: Needs to hold on or clutch for support

Afraid to make mistakes for fear of being ridiculed or because she wants to be right all the time can restrain Diyana from reaching her full potential. She should understand that mistakes help one improve. If you are afraid to try anything new, how can you learn or improve? Dont worry what people think of you. Be yourself. Dont be so self-conscious. She should also realize that no one could be perfect all the time. She should give and take a little.

Graphology Exercise

Expand your upper zone strokes. Be more fluid in your script ?you can be natural in a flowing script, so adopt it. Do not use a print form. Practice this and enjoy writing. Your writing looks artificial and so painfully self-conscious as if you labor at every stroke. Write like you sign your name. Cross your ts high and with confidence. Learning to write with freedom can give you the independence you dearly seek.




  1. ?Thin Nib: Timid, not assertive, light pressure.

  2. ?Floating line: Afraid of commitment.

  3. ?Diminished lower zone: Sexual Complexes

  4. ?Low t bar

Thilsath is easily intimidated, easily provoked. She can explode with rage. She lacks confidence, which can rob her of her happiness. She seeks reassurance and is not daring enough to strike out on her own. She will resist change and that is not realistic because life changes constantly and her attitude can make her very unhappy with life.

Graphology Exercise

Choose a thicker nib to write with. This can immediately enhance and embolden your writing style, which is good. Extend your lower zone. This can make you more realistic about your physical needs. Make conscious effort to write on the line. All this can project a better self-image and enhance your own perception of yourself. Raise your t?bar as you can gain more out of life, widen your horizons and build more self-confidence with just this simple conscious exercise.


Pisces 13

Heres a self confessed coward who has nothing wrong with herself except that she is too self-conscious and vain. She seeks perfection especially of herself and that is why she is so self-critical.

  1. ?Exaggerated middle zone: Self conscious and self-concerned. Needs comfort and constant attention.

  2. ?Small, straight signature, underlined and with an added dot: Shy, timid, lacks ambition, too fussy about irrelevant details.

  3. ?Gs & Ys with angled lower loop: Fussy, sexually complex. Prone to emotional blackmail.

Pisces 13 has to overcome her emotional hang-up otherwise her life, especially her love life can become very complex and unhappy. She should take up more social activities in school. If she has been intimidated by a family member, she should report it to her parents.

Graphology Exercise

To enhance her confidence and ambitions, she should first work on her signature, which reveals her inner persona. Her writing is confident and bold but her signature is small and insignificant. Why is this so? Has she got such a low self worth?  She should practice a bigger and bolder signature. Tilting the paper at an angle so that the signature flows upwards at approximately 45˚ to the line will display ambition. Use either a line or a dot under the signature, not both.

To allow more spontaneous emotional feelings, she should practice her gPracs and ys using a lower loop that is full and well looped.




In life, sometimes one does everything right but luck is not on your side. Sometimes, your aspirations are too high and not practical. But you cant compromise on values or standards. What should you do! Belinda is in this dilemma.

1. D ?Traditional, high values, conservative.
2. T ?Seeking protection. Over cautious
3. Signature ?Creative
4. Capital I?s ?Spiritual, desires recognition.
5. Capital h??Lacks self trust.
6. D ?Shy, insecure
7. M ?Ruled by common sense

When one is too self-controlled, with high expectations, it can prove to be difficult because there is no room for compromise. Belinda can find recognition in any creative work although success may come late in life. In love, she should not be too backward in going forward or she will be unnoticed. If she wants something or someone, she must make it known. Shielding herself in convention and tradition is a way of coping out on life. She is not ready to exert herself or be brave enough to take risks.

Graphology Exercise

Change her capital I?a more straight forward I? that stands brave and demands recognition. Her capital T?should have a shorter top, which can encourage her to take risks. Choices in matters of the heart have to be spontaneous and not calculative. She should not be too calculative at work either as this will work against her success and her loyalty will be suspect. Elongating her d?stems and making them straight can draw her out of her shyness. These little corrections done daily can enforce character changes.


Michael Chan


Michael can benefit a great deal from grapho-therapy. From my experience, when a person has a fallen or debilitated Mars?in their horoscope, they tend to shiver?when holding something in their hand like a pen. They even shiver when they try to stretch their hands straight in front of them. This is due to their intensity of nature. Here are some other traits that Michael has to be mindful of:-

Uneven writing ?emotional stress
Sloping down words ?depression or lack of initiative and persistence.
Y loops bent right ?cold, sexually lacking warmth.
Heavy pressure ?Frustration, unhappy
Unequal zones ?nbsp; Mental stress. 

There is no doubt that Michael is unhappy, depressed and under immense pressure. He has to practice certain alphabets to build his perseverance, calmness of temperament and become less possessive. 

  1. He should use a thinner nib,

  2. He should change his printed script to a cursive script.

  3. He has to practice his t?or A?crossings to develop persistence.

  4. He should consciously correct his slanting lower y and g loops

  5. He should consciously make his 3 zones in correct proportions. All 3 zones must be equal.

Although it is best to initiate Grapho-Therapy with teenagers, it is never too late. Michael has to get back to basics. Even a glance reveals his anguish and mental state. He needs to focus and practice daily to improve his image, confidence and emotional strength.

200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin, used to copy the handwriting of successful and famous people of his times. He recognized the importance of presenting a positive and powerful image in his handwriting. He became the President of the United States. If he could recognize the importance of handwriting, why dont you too.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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About Madam Zorra:

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