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t can happen to anyone. One moment you are chugging along a happily married man or woman, then something happens, you are thrown off balance. It could be due to a sudden accident or a chance meeting with an old flame. Then, your future is questioned. Or it could be that you are in school. One day you know that you are all set to become the most brilliant lawyer. You can almost taste the victory of your first case. Then, you fail a simple English exam and you sink into self-doubt. But the most damaging crisis is a personality crisis. A comment is made in jest or in a vicious argument about you and suddenly your whole world collapses shattered by self doubt ?is that what I really am?

These moments of crisis can happen to anyone. From that moment on, nothing is clear anymore. You look for directions. Sometimes these crises are nothing more than little glitches that take the wind out of your sails.  You try harder or better still keep calm, clear the panic from your heart and soon you are back in stride again.

But when these moments happen in your life to make you stop and realize that you have been living in a fools paradise, that your marriage was just a sham, or that you really do not believe that you can stand up and fight for the life of a convicted person, then its a horror story. These are crisis of concern. If you are committed up to your eyeballs, how can you step off this moving carousel?

Many are faced with this crisis. A gender crisis, a personality crisis. They doubt themselves, their abilities and question their future. Afraid to reveal their doubts in case it can be considered a weakness or it can put undue suffering on their family, they struggle through it and sink into deep depression. This makes matters worse.

Some of those who have arrived at this crisis point in their lives have written to me for advice. They want to know if their doubts are founded. Is there a solution or is this their karma?


At 35 going 36, Naa has reached a point where she is questioning her fate. Married with 3 children, she feels the burden. Life is passing by and she has not made anything of her life she thinks is worthwhile.

Although her birth date indicates a restless spirit with a hint of rebelliousness, her handwriting is copybook style, controlled and deliberate in its flow. This indicates that Naa is very much constrained in her ambitions and lacks freedom. She is relegated to doing daily chores that do not give her the challenge she needs. By nature, she should be spontaneous and unconventional, her writing shows the opposite.

So there must be a lot of frustrations and resentment in her. She has to perform duties and stick to a timetable when what she really wants is to be free to travel, to do what she likes, to be mad and wild again. But her life does not allow it. So her dissatisfaction seeps through and is vents itself through her sharp tongue as seen in her t?crossings (1), her lack of self-confidence as seen in the looped d?stem (2) and her loneliness visible in her looped t?stem (3). This also shows that she is engaged in things that are too mundane and simple that does not tax her intelligence or her potential.

Her frustrations are seen in her lower y?(4) loops and she is unhappy with herself as seen in her Is (5).

If this dissatisfaction continues, she will end up a bitter, unfulfilled person. As she is conscious of her commitment and her responsibilities, she should first try to socialize more, have more time to herself for self-development and think of life-after-children? Many women devote themselves entirely to their children and suffer anguish when the nest is empty.

Naa does not like her plight. She is experiencing a self-crisis so she must make time for herself to pursue her own self-expansion. Being talented and creative with a gift for understanding the psyche of people, she should do things that are people oriented. 35 is not the best age for her, but when she turns 36 this December, new beginnings are hers for the taking.



Ong is going on 20 and has doubts about his career choice. He wants to know if medicine is what he should pursue.

Just from the way he writes his Is,(1) I wonder if doing medicine is what he has chosen for himself or if it is something his parents want him to do or if he is following a family tradition. This I?type speaks of a conservative, conventional person who respects tradition.

His writing flow, form and spacing speaks of an intelligent person, who is clear thinking and is able to put his thoughts into action. He has a patose?or pasty type of script which is thick, with a strong pressure. This script-type indicates that he likes the finer things in life and wants to enjoy life. The thought of spending another 6 years studying can be a daunting thought to him.

Ong can be successful in anything he sets his mind to be. He has a good hand and a strong date of birth to enhance it. Medicine would be good for him especially if he specializes in cardiology of any kind. He would also make a good engineer. Couple the both together, I can see Ong becoming a renowned cardio genetic engineer.

If he can commit himself to the years needed to study, and if he becomes passionate about this career and not do it because he was coerced into it, he will be the success his destiny predicts. Ong is stubborn in thought and assertive in action and should not be bullied into anything otherwise he rebels. He can be aggressive with a bad temper when provoked but has a compassionate heart that would make him an exemplary doctor who devotes himself to his patients welfare.

Ong, take a short break after your 6th form exams. Travel, enjoy yourself, and then, look again at what you really want to do. The stress of being the best can burn you out and that could be why you have these self-doubts.


Lonely Lady

Lonely Lady exhibits her misery by the downward sloping of her written lines and her physical and sexual frustrations in the leftward lower loop of her fs and gs (1).

Her crisis in loneliness is real as she is ready to love now, but there is no one around. She has now created a barrier around herself and her loneliness is seen in the wide spacing of her writing.

Her handwriting with their free flow and full loops together with her birth date indicates that she is creative with a superior intellect. This feeling of being superior? could be the reason she has turned down previous proposals of marriage. I dont blame her if she could not compromise her morals or standards for love but are her standards to unrealistically high. Could her idealism and ego be the cause for her loneliness as she waited for the one to pander to her ego?

He crisis of regret has exploded this year because she may have been dealt a bad blow to her self-confidence and she has no one now to comfort her. The pain she feels is so apparent, but so is her independence, will power and intellect. She must not live in regret which is one of her failings as seen in her t?(2) crossings, she must look ahead because next year a foreign element, be it in a person or a trip abroad, can change her life. She is now ready to be more receptive to a change of attitude if love comes her way, and use her immense intelligence and common sense to realize that to receive love, she must first be ready to give love.




When a person begins to notice a writing change, it indicates an emotional change. It can be for the better, for example if the slant moves from a backward slant to a forward slant.

Keller is experiencing such a change and it indicates a crisis in his self-confidence and self-perception. He has not been able to maintain a stable job because he feels that his attention span is short.

Judging from the changes that he has noted, he is beginning to compensate for his lack of success by adding superfluous and decorative strokes to his letters. His downward beginning strokes indicate that he is losing touch with reality (1) and is becoming frustrated. His ending strokes (2) indicate that his ambitions (founded or otherwise) make him impatient and too eager to reach them without putting the required effort.

His physical frustrations and anger are obvious in his y?formations (3) but unless his goals and the reality of his abilities are not matched, he cannot achieve success.

He has to stop fantasizing and admit to reality. By practicing a simple form of grapho-therapy, he can control his mind. Knowing his problems, he has to control himself when he writes his decorative Ks, Ys, Ss etc. as he writes them, he must consciously focus his mind on his current job and carry through simple day to day tasks first before dreaming of visions of glory that are beyond his reach.

Just as a career guide, Keller would do well as an accountant, being involved in a creative kind of work will be good for him. He could be a good writer especially for horror or sci-fi subjects. He would do well in the fashion or beauty industry. He could also do well as a designer. As the Earth energy is well placed in his horoscope, he should take up gardening as a hobby or even as a career. Career wise, anything to do with the Earth, like real estate development, cement etc will be good areas to be involved in. Research and the academic field are also suitable for him.  Therefore for a start, he must choose a career that is compatible to his birth date and his character and one that can grab his full attention.


Blue Gambit

Sometimes a personality crisis arises when one begins to doubt oneself. Innuendoes like having a feminine?handwriting would make one wonder if signals are being given that are suggestive. Blue Gambit is in this predicament.

Blue Gambit has a diminished middle zone which indicates intelligence, modesty and an eye for details. On the down side, he can be petty, narrow minded or burdened with emotions that are contained due to past experience ?a dominant parent for example.

He is ambitious, creative and idealistic. Conscious of his reputation and good name, he is afraid of making mistakes. He has a low self esteem as seen by his low t?(1) crossings and this together with his fear of making mistakes can cramp his learning process.

The most significant writing characteristics is his extremely left looping ys and gs (2). This indicates the loner. This can also mean that he is very self-conscious and does not want to project himself.

All writing points as well as his small script indicates a person who is not sure of who or what he really is and is afraid to express his true feelings or true self in the fear that he can be ridiculed. So he hides behind a mask and may not reach his full potential or give himself the chance to be happy.

He has to be more daring and leave his zone of comfort and contentment by self-expression and shedding past hurts and intimidation that has stunted his growth.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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