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There seems to be such an urgency to get married, especially for girls and women. The urgency becomes desperation as they pass the dreaded 30-year-old mark. When they are asked why they want so desperately to get married, the answer is either “all my friends are married?or “my mother is bugging me? The reasons seem disaster doomed! So they go out of their way to ensnare a man, any man at times, who is willing to put up with them or whom they can tolerate just so they are not “left on the shelf?as the favorite terrifying saying goes. Being left on the shelf is just as fearful as a death sentence. Whether they are ready to face the trials of married life is immaterial. This fantasy of marriage is encoded in the genes of women.

Men are not nearly so desperate although having someone they can call their ‘girlfriend?is essential to their ego or a necessary pacifier for their raging testosterones.

These relationships of “habit?can go on and on and on until someone stops, take stock and ask themselves where their relationship is going. Then pressure is exerted and the question of marriage arises. The man either bolts or feels obliged to tie the knot. Ready or not.

Many people who write to me seem to be faced with these doubts. Together with their birth dates, they have asked my help to analyse if they are ready yet to take on such a major step in their life. Their handwriting can reveal character traits that can explain their reticence while their birth dates can indicate if their age or the year is auspicious.

James is caught in this tight predicament. Although he claims that he loves his girlfriend Wendy of 3 years, he is still not sure if he is ready for marriage. He has asked me to analyze why he has these doubts that bothers him because he feels that Wendy is the perfect person for him.


31 years of age.

James is intelligent, extremely ambitious and with a great deal of common sense. This is seen by the flow, speed and spacing of his script. He is introverted, secretive even and has a strain of self-centered meanness. He has a quick mind, with good communication skills though he can be sarcastic and cutting in speech (1) as seen by the “t”crossings and dots on i’s.

He is critical of himself and also of others although he does not tolerate criticism of himself by others (2) loopless l, f etc). The threadlike connections of his words show that he is instinctive, needs his own space, individualistic and calculative. He also finds it difficult to commit to anyone.

Astrologically, it reveals that James could have had an emotional break-up at the age of 26 and may be afraid of being hurt again (men too can be afraid of being hurt ?it is not only the prerogative of women). Because of that he may be cautious. He is very ambitious and his emotional hurt may have made him throw himself into his career, so he has formulated his goals and is afraid that marriage and a family can interrupt his plans. Things have gone on fine without pressure for the past 3 years with Wendy. Now, faced with an ultimatum, he is caught off his stride.

Being 31 in the year 2004 is not a good age for James to make any long-term decisions because the year and age are both not auspicious. James hesitates about committing to Wendy because he is not stable yet in his career and fears marriage may restrict his plans. He fears failure most of all.

My advice is that James delays his decisions to the year 2005 when he turns 32. He will be more confident of himself then. He should then be brave and make the commitment otherwise, he may find it more and more difficult or Wendy may just walk off.

James has to learn to trust others especially Wendy whom he seems to love and obviously finds perfect. Marriage is a course in life that teaches one to be giving, tolerant, trusting, responsible and contented. James needs these lessons and emotions to grow. This self-growth will mature him and make him a better man. Is will also help him reach his ambitious dreams, as a family can be his anchor and not his albatross.



Though mothers are anxious about the marriage of their children, an early marriage can also raise certain concerns irrespective of how good the “catch?is. They do realize that no matter how eager they are that their daughter or son gets married, the last thing they want is for them to be divorced when they realize they have made a mistake.

June has a daughter Judith who is 20. She is deeply in love with Max who is 26. Max is going away to do his Masters in Medical Research in the US and wants to marry Judith so that he can take her along with him. June, the Mother is afraid Judith is too young to marry but at the same time, she does not want Judith to miss her catch ‘Max?who is good looking, intelligent and comes from a well connected ‘high profile?family as she puts it. Judith has been going out with Max for two years.



Judith’s handwriting shows balance, good aesthetic quality and well-developed zones. This indicates a clear mind with balanced needs and good values. She is creative and is organized as seen in her stylized capital H and her continuous script. She is cautious even though she is young. So this indicates that she exerts some measure of logic in her decisions even in the choice of The Man.  

There are however some points that must be noted and brought to Judith’s attention to work on to improve her attitude and eventually her married life. Many people make the mistake of bringing self-development to a halt as soon as they marry.  Marriage does not mean that you must drop everything so that you remain in a time warp. That is a death knell to marriage, love and an exciting relationship.

Judith has a few things she can improve and develop.

Her ‘t?crossings in itself tell a whole myriad of characteristics.

t1 ?This t crossing indicates that she has a mind of her own and should have her own career or interests even though she is married.

t2 - This t stroke reaffirms her need for her own career as it reveals a person who needs a challenge in life and one who wants to be current with the world.

t3 - Reveals a certain lack of self-confidence. This is not surprising as she is young, possibly not sufficiently exposed and has not as yet found herself or her strengths.

t4 ?Shows that she retains past experiences and it can affect her character and moods.

t5 ?Discloses a suspicious and jealous nature that can grow into an obsessive nature.

I would advice Judith that even though she has not let her heart totally eclipse her logic in this hasty marriage, she has to take the opportunity to further her studies in America while her husband continues her and not start a family before she has got a degree herself or achieved some measure of independence.

The diminished ‘d?(6) with a loop stem reiterates her lack of confidence and her need for protection. This means that she has to grow in self-confidence, inner strength and independence or she will become a clinging, jealous wife who needs a man or a stronger influence (her Mother perhaps) to help her make important decisions.

If she can continue her self-development freely, then marriage at her young age can work out.

When one is older and has suffered a painful loss, the fear to love and commit again can be an intimidating prospect.



Henry is a widower. He lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago. His children are 10 and 12. He is 45. He wants to know if he has put his past to rest and if he is ready for marriage. He does not have anyone yet but would like to know what kind of person can suite him as he does not want to make a mistake which could affect his children, both of whom are girls and whom he feels need a woman’s influence.


Henry uses what is called a pasty or pastose type of writing. Pasty strokes are produced by people whose nib of preference is thick or those who use a felt pen to produce a think writing stroke. This is normally a matter of choice as when they choose a nib or a pen to write, they will always choose one that produces this thick strong script. 

People who have a pasty writing script are loving, warm, tactile, humorous, and live life to the fullest; experiencing the finer pleasures of life and the physical thrills to the fullest. They can be self-indulgent and also pleasure seeking. Their physical and sexual needs are strong.

Morally they can be accused of being lax and easily swayed by their indulgence, lack of constraints and low ethics. But usually it is because they are too lazy to fight them.

Though Henry does portray many of these pleasure loving and easygoing traits, the high crossings of his t’s (1) does indicate his high self worth. He is not likely to jeopardize this and stoop to immorality and degradation. But he cannot be expected to carry on life bereft of a warm loving companion.

He has ambitious and high ideals and aspirations are seen by  his ‘o?to f connections (2). This would indicate he needs a person who will support his plans and uphold his family and personal values. Henry prefers someone else to lay down the law and enforce it too. He prefers to remain the nice guy. So the person of choice has to be tactful, firm as well as compassionate and patient.

Being a person who wants his artistic senses satisfied, he should find someone who is refine, appreciates the arts or is herself an artist.

Yes James is ready for marriage but he has to take his time to find someone who will meet with most of his physical and mental criteria. His birth date does reveal a lonely some, reclusive and depressive person with a gloomy outlook. So having someone to share his life can bring light into it again to help him along his path to a complete happy life. His loneliness is also portrayed by the lower curve of his “I?3), which also shows his independence and self-constraint in the filled-in upper loop.

Meeting such a person can prove difficult and he would find her in a dark disco or bar where Henry may hide away to drown his pain. He may meet her at work, a benefit, a holiday retreat or at a buffet lunch in a chic restaurant. He may also try a gourmet delicatessen where acting the confused single male may bring a helpful charming lady to his aide or a wine-cellar where his expertise can shine in helping a possible mate over her choice of right wines. Happy hunting Henry.


Marriage is a bond where two people make a promise to share their lives together making them whole and complete. Making the right choice for the right reasons brings happiness. Viewing it as a trap or the final fantasy in one’s life is disaster. If you are wondering about yourself and if you are ready for marriage, viewing it as the beginning of a new step in life means that you are ready. Otherwise, think again.


27 Feb 62

Norliza is intelligent, and creative as seen by her rich full script with a constant writing flow and pressure, which indicates a clear mind, capable of coping under pressure. She is hardworking and a high achiever as seen by her “dancing?P’s (1). Her full ‘O’s (2) shows that she is generous, but tends to be taken advantage of because she is sensitive and compassionate as seen by her ‘d’s (3) with high top loops. However, the top loops of her ‘t’s (4) reveals that she is sensitive to criticism and has a temper which erupts when she is irritated.

Her floating script reveals her lack of trust and commitment although she can be passionate when she is committed to a project, ideal or a person.

Her large open ‘g?and ‘y? loops disclose her sensual, loving and affectionate nature but she may be too romantic and emotionally immature in matters of love and sex.

The age of 44 is not a good year for her especially in matters of love and family but it can be controlled if she does not loose her common sense, logic and balance. She must stay calm, as things will improve as the year-ends and especially when she is 45.


8 Dec 77

The floating script and the predominant middle zone writing of Tulasee point towards a person who is self conscious and cautious of people and her decisions. Her lower case I’s (1) indicating a lack of self-esteem, which could be due to her lack of exposure and experience. She is honest and affectionate as seen in her clear, open o’s, a’s and d’s (2) but she is yet to experience the passion of love being traditional and a conformist as revealed in her copybook t’s. (3) Her “t”s are crossed low revealing a lack of self worth. 

The suspended endings of her e’s (4) can indicate a lack of generosity or a frugal nature who is very careful with her financial matters as she is always anxious about the future, and her ‘j’s (5) which have a cross instead of a dot expresses her impatient character.  

She needs to be more spontaneous and let herself experience life a little and not be too bound by tradition or her strict upbringing before she gets married. Marriage will have to be a happy union for her as she can abruptly end any relationship if it disagrees with her. But being a conformist and conservative, she might endure and sacrifice a great deal in a relationship even though she has lost her trust in it or if her love has been destroyed. The age of 26 was depressing but a lot will be better when she turns 27.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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