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Are You Heading For A Divorce?


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Love is a chemistry that happens when two people meet. Experts in human behavioral patterns attribute it to pheromones emitted by two people that blend, exciting the two people making them irresistible to each other, what a view to copulate and procreate. But after all that initial hoo-ha, and the excitement has subsided, have these two people got what it takes to make the marriage last?

At this stage when the reality of living ever after together hits the married pair, the understanding, tolerance and true grit of the individual emerges. This is when many couples wonder if their marriage can endure. By then, the many inextricable threads make divorce a bitter measure to take, especially when children are involved. Because of this, many marriages become an arduous endurance. Sad. What a waste of life!

Therefore, should not couples that are on the brink of divorce first ask if their marriage could be saved? Or why don’t two madly in love people look at the reality of a few years hence to determine if they ‘like?not ‘love?the person they are to be committed to?

Sure, many say that they cannot predict how their partner will change, but I put it to you that certain character traits are inherently clear in handwriting. Meanness, loyalty, sexuality and ambition are easily disclosed in handwritings, as well as other sensitive personality traits that make a marriage compatible.

So if the blazing passion has shimmered to a mundane fight for existence and marital boredom, and the partnership is beginning to fray at the seams, and you are searching for help to keep your marriage off the trial towards the divorce courts, look at the subtle signs in your partners handwriting to indicate how to handle him or her and avert heartbreak and disaster. If there is a way, don’t you want to discover it before resorting to the “D?word?

A lady wrote to me for my views of her handwriting and that of her husband’s. She would like to know what they reveal. Their names have been changed but their birthrates have not.

Mary and Tom

Mary and Tom have been married for ten years. They have two beautiful children who they love dearly. Marriage has become intolerable and they see divorce as the only solution to the fights and depression they are experiencing. Now, even the children are affected by their coldness towards each other. Mary fears that Tom is trapped in love affair and this doubt and suspicion has made matters worse for her. This doubt has even prevented her from being civil towards Tom. Worse still, she fears that the other woman may intentionally become pregnant and make the situation even more complicated.

Mary says that Tom is moody when he is at home. He seems always distracted and when Mary asks him why he is so withdrawn, a vicious argument always ensues. Tom has not laid a hand on her but he has smashed some furniture and slammed doors. This has frightened the children very much. She can’t bear to see the terror in their eyes and fears that this may scar them for life.

Now Tom and Mary seldom talk to each other. Mary finds that she cannot sleep well and her work has suffered. Due to this, she has seriously discussed divorce with Tom. He has not rejected the idea. However she is now trying one last effort by sending me their details.

She has asked me to analyze her handwriting together with that of her husbands and has given me their birthdates as well as an added input to check for compatibility, faithfully and solutions.

7th March 1973. Age: 31 

3rd November 1966 Age: 38


Mary, with her leftward slanting script, is reticent, withdrawn, shy, a devoted wife with strong principals and overcautious. The ‘arcade?way she joins her O’s to her following letters (1) indicates that she takes pride in her achievements and re-affirms her reserved nature. Her lower zones are the most pronounced, revealing her absorption with her physical need and desires, but the way her ‘Y’s and ‘J’s (2) are elaborate in their lower loops discloses an over compensation, perhaps due to sexual inadequacies, a sexual restraint or kink. Interestingly enough, the pressure of her writing is strong which means that she is passionate but her passion had not found its sexual release. But she is passionate enough in her jealousy and love for her family.

The way her ‘E’s,  ‘O’s and other words (3) are compressed shows that she is secretive and introverted and does not reveal her true feelings. So she tends to hide her private doubts, inadequacies and dissatisfaction and her real sorrow is bottled up. But from the pressure of her writing and the thick nib she uses, it is obvious that she is passionate and can be aggressive when provoked.

Mary is intelligent, a progressive thinker and very through as seen in the backward crossing of her t’s (4) and though she is ambitious, her family is very important to her and she will be very protective of them. But her date of birth indicates that she has a healthy ego and will not tolerate being humiliated.

Divorce to her would be the very last measure she would take.



By his handwriting, heave pressure and his choice of pen, it is easy to deduce that Tom is physically energetic with a strong sexual drive, aggressive, highly imaginative and very dominating. He is loving and tactile. This means that he loves to touch and be touched. He is also possessive, uncompromising, with an explosive temper and can also be very obstinate. His heavy pressure could also reveal frustration. The way he crosses his “T”s (1) confirms his aggressive nature, which can be impetuous, violent and verbally abusive. So he may say and do hurtful things when he is angry.

Tom’s large, forward slanting script discloses his effusive, friendly and sociable character, a man who is charismatic; who tends to dominate any gathering with his wit charm and warmth. He is a great conversationalist but it does not mean that he is careless in speech, on the contrary, he is very discreet as seen by his compressed ‘O’s, E’s etc (2). This also means that he does keep his problems to himself, and that he can be discreet in his movements.

His upper zones are less developed and the way his “L”s are loopless (3) points to a man who is matter-of-fact, direct, practical and realistic. His low zone is well developed with full loops (4), which indicates that he desires material comforts and has a health and satisfied sexual drive. So he may not be sexually or physically deprived.

His cautionary beginning strokes (5) indicate a person who does not act rashly and plans his moves. His caution can apply to the way he handles money or the way he plans his daily life. So, he has a measure of constraint and is careful.

Are They Heading For Divorce?

Mary and Tom are intelligent, loving, considerate and thoughtful people. They obviously love their children and will not do anything to destroy their lives.

They have very different social characters, Mary is reserved and Tom is gregarious. This difference could be an attraction. Can you imagine if both are talkative and bouncy all the time!

Both Mary and Tom have passionate natures so their love for each other and their family are full and strong.

Obviously they have become disjointed or lost their connection and communications at some time. The main point of their discontent seems to be sexual.

Though Mary is passionate, sexually she is missing something and because of her reserved nature, she has not been able to express her needs to Tom. Tom who is obviously very masculine and sexually well developed has not been able to recognize Mary’s problems and may have taken their sexual disharmony personally. He may then begin to doubt his own prowess. This will dent any mans, ego.

Yes, he may have had to reaffirm his masculinity with someone else but his horoscope, which reveals his strong ego and maleness, does not indicate a dishonest man. Neither does his handwriting. But because he is also discreet with a strong sense of self worth, he will find it hard to talk about the inner doubts of his masculinity.

So here are two people, both very intelligent, loving and caring, on the brink of divorce, too shy, proud and sensitive to discuss a very important breakdown in their marriage, which is now an explosive torment of angry frustration.

I doubt if Tom is ready to set up another family. He is getting his physical fulfillment elsewhere and due to his cautious nature, would chose to have one person whom he has found physical or even mental compatibility with, rather than play the field and further endanger his marriage and reputation. Yes, he has the danger of making a mistake like having another child but it would be unintentional on his part. However, his birthday does reveal that he can be compromised by an emotional deception especially when he turns 38 this year. This affair may have started when he was 33 as he was ‘emotionally sensitive?at that time astrologically speaking. This year, he is facing the consequence of his mistake.

Mary too is going through a difficult time astrologically and divorce is a possibility at the age of 32.

As Mary was young and inexperienced when she got married, she was unable to express her desires. Now, she must settle this with frank talk. She needs to tear down her restrains, with the help of Tom, and make things more compatible physically and sexually because, that is the main, but very crucial reason for their marital breakdown.

Though the problem they face is a sensitive issue, it is not irreconcilable. Many couples are faced with similar problems, which then becomes the root cause of a marriage disrupting. So before they that a final step like filing for a divorce, they should find a way to bridge gap and the effort they make will undoubtedly strengthen their bond and love for each other. They should then not look back into the past but rather look to the future because astrologically speaking they are compatible.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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