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A Brief History of Alphabets


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Believe it or not, many great ancient Philosophers and Thinkers were not entirely supportive of the Art of Writing. Socrates and his pupil Pluto who were living during the time when structured alphabets and the Greek writing form was fast spreading throughout Greece, proclaimed it to be the destruction of Man’s intellect and capability of memory. In those ancient days, history, theories family lines, legends and myths were passed down from generation to generation by the memorizing of lengthy poems that relate everything. So a great memory was needed to remember all this and they claimed that writing made the mind lazy!

However, writing either on clay, stone, papyrus or wood was the first sign of ‘civilization?as it correctly and precisely stated the laws, drew up calendars and made accounting possible.

The earliest writing form was discovered in Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq. The system was called Cuneiform and was made up of wedge shaped letters pressed into soft clay. It was first written in columns at first, before it came to be written from left to right. The Cuneiform system was used by the Mesopotamians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Elamites and Assyrians since 3000 BC right up till the 7th and 6th century BC when Aramaic was the lingua franca of the Middle and Near East and the Phoenician script became more popular.

Fragments of a clay tablet accounting the Great Flood in the Cuneiform style


Though Eurocentric scholars proclaimed that all writings evolved from Mesopotamia from a proto-Elamic script and influenced the writings of the Chinese and Indus, it cannot claim any influence on the Mayan or Aztec civilization.

Elamic Script

This theory does not hold any water because the European alphabets were based on phonetics or sounds whereas the Chinese, Egyptians and Sumerians writings and even the Mayan texts were ideographic where every word, definite object or abstract conception is  represented by a picture.  However, the Egyptians, with their symbolic or hieroglyphs were only a step away from Phonetic alphabets.

Egyptian hieroglyphics into Modern form



Picture: Tortoise Bone [Earliest Writing]

The Chinese developed their own alphabets and writing which the Japanese, Koreans and Mongolians can even read.Writing samples were seen on ancient tortoise (oracle) bones. But it was in the period of Emperor Huang Ti or the Yellow Emperor that evidence of a writing form existed 2,500 years ago.

The evolution of the Roman Style has also an interesting history. The implements of writing that were used also influenced the development of the various styles. It was only with the use of feathers and quills and later, fine iron nibs could writing become smaller and more concise as opposed to carving them on stone or petroglyphs, or other material.

Though writing and alphabets evolved through various routes one of the most interesting alphabet forms were Runes.


Though writing developed for two distinct reasons literacy and religion, the magical power of alphabets were revered by many civilizations and religions. The Chinese used writings as a direct link to their gods. In some ancient Middle Eastern cults, it is believed that if you write the 5 names of God, you can attain magical powers.

Other cultures used magical alphabets for talismans, magical inscriptions and divination. One of them is the magical power of the runic alphabets. These alphabets once lost in oblivion during the spread of the Christian era of Europe and resurrected during the Nazi reign of Germany when it was the basis of a great deal of the Occult Practices of the Nazis, is now gaining popularity as a form of divination or lot-casting.


Alphabets of Ogham


In ancient Europe, esoteric knowledge was preserved in the form of Runes and sometimes in an alphabetic writing system called Ogham. Runes, were deep magical secrets formulated by well-trained Celtic Druids, who were persecuted for their magical secrets by the Romans and Tuetons, then fled to the British Isles. Runes are now being used again as a means of divination.

Even nowadays, the written word is considered powerful enough to cure illness. Mediums using ink or their own blood write magical words on paper, which is then burnt and mixed with water for the patient to drink.

Throughout time, since alphabets were invented, mankind has had great regard for the written word. When ink is put to paper to form words, it symbolizes a contract to bind and formalize any agreement. Writing expresses feelings that may be too delicate to utter or too cruel to deliver in person. We depend on the written word and when it is the personalized writing of the individual, it embodies the spirit, emotions and magic of the person and can evoke powerful bonds of communications.




Moksee has a clean evenly spaced handwriting with a tendency towards a curly script. This indicates a measure of sensitivity and creativity. But the one significant point of note is the way his writing does not rest on the lines of the paper but rises about it in a convex line.

This reveals a person who gets bored quickly and gives up too easily. He is ready to take off on any new project or adventure with a tremendous start but can very soon become disappointed if he cannot accomplish his goal or meet his expectations fast. He expects immediate results, praises, promotions and success. When it does not happen fast, he does not have the tenacity to persevere but instead opts out for something else. This can result in his lament that he ‘job hops? Well you know the saying, “The rolling stone gather no moss.?/font>

Moksee also needs excitement in his life and if his job becomes too mundane, he gets bored. My advice is for him to get a job that is active and fast moving. He would do well in any sales job or in an offshore oil exploration company. No lack of excitement there!




Shoy exhibits another interesting writing flow that resembles a “tiling?job. His spacing is wide revealing his loneliness or the desire to be reclusive. This would be due to his reserved or shy nature. His small script suggests a lack of confidence but if you point it out to him, he will deny it.

There is a lack of generosity in his formation of words meaning he will not give of himself in spirit or in love. This is sad, but in his letter, he does reveal that his attitude can be the cause of his plight. This brings me back to the point about his ‘tiling?effect of his writing.

Tiling is when the individual words rise or fall continuously in a line. In Shoy’s case, it falls, which speaks of depression, and spiritual or physical fatigue. Shoy is continually fighting discouragement. He is creative and ambitious but is despondent because he lacks the strength to push his ideas or ambitions through. His dreams and longings are thwarted by his insecurities, a lack of assertiveness and fickleness. Easily discouraged, he needs to build up his confidence and will power and overcome his sensitive nature.

Success is achieved by strength and persistence, and it is there waiting for him to grab it.




MC is an ambitious and very persistent person and wants very must to be in the social limelight. This is clearly obviously in the extremely high crossing of her ‘t’s and her apostrophes.

She is conscious of her appearance to the point of being vain and has a keen eye for form, design, color and co-ordination. She will be an excellent designer of clothes or interiors. Her creativity and good taste can serve her well in her career if it has anything to do with fashion, the arts, architecture or any creative field.

But there is an undercurrent that causes MC to overcompensate in her behavior especially in the areas of relationships. The jarring backstrokes of her ‘g’s and ‘f’s indicate an unfulfillment in her physical side and could be linked to an emotional or sexual disturbance or inadequacy. She has to work on this issue.

Her curly d’s also exposes a sense of defenselessness, which she is trying to hide by an outward show of carefree nonchalance, but is it there, always making her cautious and clouding her confidence, and causing a damper to her great ambitions. Success can be hers but she must be more assertive and less self-conscious.


Little Lost Girl

Little Girl Lost has a good hand which is well spaced and with even pressure and a full middle zone. If anything, her upper zone is the least developed and lacking in loops. This indicates that a person has lost his spiritual awareness and hope. This can result in him or her becoming careless in ethics and tradition.

This could be happening to Little Girl Lost who has been let down and is now becoming hard, demanding proof instead of unconditional belief to things as she feels that she can receive no help spiritually. This lack of hope and faith is the most devastating loss, as one then feels totally alone. For this reason, she feels lost.

A diminished upper zone can also indicate a lack of drive and ambition, which is so unlike a person born with a strong Jupiter like hers. (30th of June) She has lost her spontaneous spirit and has become careful about her moves as indicated in her long cautionary pre-strokes.

It is a shame to see a person with so much potential losing her spirit and zest for life. With such a well-disciplined mind and the ability to be a good planner who will see all her projects through (continuous link in every word with no breaks), she should put her grievances behind her and look ahead. If she is unable to relent and continues to stubbornly hold grudges, she will end up a hard, bitter lady who has lost out on life.

The ages of 29 and 30 are good ages to restore your spirits and find a new lease in life that will make you happy and fulfilled so do not let it go to waste Little Girl Lost. It’s time to find yourself again.




Deepa is ambitious but is frustrated by her inability to achieve them due to her own shortcomings. This is seen in the straight line that runs through her signature. Due to this, she may be impatient, aggressive or argumentative as indicated by her strong, loopless understroke. She is also a dreamer and has grandiose ideals her signature is actually a cipher which indicates an active imagination and intelligence. She must learn to be honest and realistic especially in whatever she does and she must not make-up things especially to cover up her faults.


Guna Sundari


Guna is proud of his father and family that is why he uses only his family name in his signature. But why is he not happy with himself? The S in his signature indicates that he conforms, and respects tradition and the establishment. He is correct in every way and is very conscious of his appearance. His signature rises which reveals his ambitious nature. He is intelligent and is concerned about his material needs as shown by the low beginning stroke of his S. He has to gain self-confidence and achieve a good measure of success before he comes to terms with himself. An early marriage is not advisable.

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