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Beyond the Written Word


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At a glance, an assessment of a person’s character can be made. Likewise, at a glance, the handwriting of a person can be analysed for certain characteristics. What is noted is the spacing, order, neatness, pressure, flow, word formation, presentation and the straightness of the line of writing. Naturally, the best and most comprehensive analysis can be done when the writing is done on an unlined paper, without margin guides. But even on lined paper, certain revealing evidences can be noted.

A person who has a clear handwriting which is evenly spaced, and written with consistency, in a straight line, will undoubtedly convey an organized mind - and an organized life, who is highly conscious of esthetic values. He or she is in control of his life, being able to cope with crisis in a calm manner and has the spiritual resources to take emotional or physical pressure all in his stride. The balanced character of such a person can be the stabilizing force of his team, family and others who he works with. He can always be counted upon to be supportive and a pillar of strength in a crisis.

Example of Straight Line and Good Spacing
Anonymous Girl
(Picture: Sample 1-AnonymousGirl)

 This is a fine example of a well-spaced, upright handwriting with a good script. The writing however, does cling to the lines, but this indicates an added facet of Anonymous Girls?character. She is organized and disciplined but at times too rigid and a stickler for rules. But she has an honest, dependable, balanced character with leadership potential.

 When the layout of script is badly spaced, it indicates a disorganized mind, which is easily frazzled and is not clear thinking. It also indicates a person who will not be able to communicate his thoughts clearly or be counted upon to have forethought and planning. He lacks aesthetic values and will end up wasting his resources due to his lack of self-control.


Example of Bad Spacing
(Picture: Sample2-Phoebe)

This exemplifies not only a badly spaced letter, but it also indicates a person who is at odds with herself. Being only 14, she could still be in the process of ‘growing up? but these are the formative, important ages when the mind is maturing and developing into the adult she is eventually going to become, so this is the time when supervision and advise are crucial. Her different moods and emotions are so visible by the way letterings alter from being upright and then sloping forwards as she gets excited or wishes to accentuate her desires.

When the words are crowded in a page, with letters written tightly together in an uneven line, it reveals someone who is not at peace with himself and fears loneliness. He has little or no respect for the privacy of others and should not be trusted with secrets or confidentialities. Such a person is disorganized in thought, action and communication skills. One would even go as far as to question the intelligence of such a person. As he or she writes, so will he speak, gabbing thoughtlessly about nothing.


 Example of Crowded Writing

(Picture: Sample3-CMSN) 

CMSN should question himself about his conduct and find out why his Boss picks on him. He has pride and arrogance tainted with a lack of self-confidence. He may have been criticizing his boss behind his back and this could have reached the bosses ears. That could be the reason why the boss has got it in for him. A quiet meeting with his boss to clear the air is recommended to ease his anxiety and release the tension at work.

When the spacing is wide, you are looking at someone who prefers solitude and is inhibited in his emotions and communications. He or she will draw up barriers around him and is afraid to get involved emotionally. It does not mean that he does not need affection or love, but due to past experiences, he has chosen loneliness as his path and aloofness as his Armour.

The wider the spacing, the more withdrawn is the person. However, this manner of spacing can change as he finds comfort in love and companionship. People who write with wide spacing and experiencing loneliness usually opt for fine nib pens.


Example of Wide Spacing
(Picture: Sample4a-Amber)

(Picture: Sample4b-Amber)

 When the pressure of the writing is very light, the depth of his loneliness is very deep and such a person needs immediate help. This may be noticed in the writing of someone who has lost his or her dearly beloved one and feels that no one else can fill the gap. 

When the spacing is wide but the writing is large or the nib is thick, it shows a totally different picture. Such a person can be a boast, dominating, extravagant but affectionate. He or she has a sense of self-importance, which may be unfounded!


Example of Wide Spacing with Large Writing
 (Picture: Sample5-RachelK) 

 When the spacing is mixed and the lettering is good, with overlapping lines and loops, it implies an intelligent person who is active, spontaneous, with the capability to handle immediate or daily affairs competently but who does not plan far ahead. It could also imply that such a person is afraid to look too far ahead due to some insecurity. The insecurity could be the fear or growing old.


Example of Overlapping Lines
(Picture: Sample6-Snow)

Snow needs an active life full of excitement and adventure. Journalism would be excellent for her and she should focus on it because she exhibits creativity, aesthetic values, and enthusiasm in her script. Besides this, she has a good grasp of the language and can communicate well through it.

While evaluating the spacing of handwriting, it is wise to take into consideration the direction of the line of writing as well. Even a lined piece of paper will not control how the writing flows.

When the letters cling tightly to the lines of a paper, it implies the need for the writer to have a crutch through out his life. Such a person may never leave home and the support of his parents. He may find numerous excuses why he will not leave home or even get married but in actual fact, he is afraid to strike out on his own. He may be weak willed; a follower rather than a leader or he may be totally lacking in self-confidence.


Example of Writing  which Hugs the Line
(Picture: Sample7-Alexis)


Alexis’s writing hugs the line. This indicates her insecurity, which stems mainly from her nervousness and stress. This has caused her to look for support. It is a good approach because she tends to be impatient with a tendency to dissipate her energy doing too many things at one time. A little caution and reticent can prevent many mistakes in Alexis?case.

 When the writing rides above the lines, it reveals a person who is filled with mistrust. It can also indicate a person who badly needs help and support in some way either physically or emotionally but refuses to accept his plight and rejects help when offered.


 Example of Writing Floating over Line
(Picture: Sample8-Josephine)

 Floating or writing that rides above the line can indicate mistrust of many things but mainly of one’s own abilities. Josephine expresses this in her writing. Her lack of self-confidence makes her easily manipulated. She can be pressured to do things to please others because she is unable to judge her self-worth. Her examination results should guide her in her education and career path. She is very intelligent and creative with a good head for numbers but if she wants to be an Interior Designer, should ask herself if she is passionate enough about it because without passion, no creative career can be successful. 

Writing lines do vary with circumstances. It can be due to the state of health or emotions of the person. Moods or even the position when writing can influence writing flow. But when the directions are consistent, a judgment can be made.

 Rising lines reflect the optimism, co-operative enthusiasm, initiative and ambitions of a person who is not easily discouraged and who has a zest for new ideas and experiences.


Example of Writing when the Lines Rise
(Picture: Sample9-Cherubangel)

Cherubangel’s writing exemplifies the enthusiastic character of those with rising lines. She is never short of ideas and is always optimistic even in the brink of a catastrophe. She will therefore be a brave leader who will give the encouragement and support to those around her when it is needed most. She is creative and inventive and requires freedom of expression. She has the ability to solve problems intuitively but she needs to be emotionally more sensitive to the needs of others.

Falling lines denote the opposite. It can also reveal grief or depression especially when the pressure is heavy and the spacing is wide. Fatigue or illness is also sympthomised by falling lines. When the lines fall and the script is slow and lacks enthusiasm, it speaks of pessimism and apathy.


Example of Writing when the Lines Fall at the End
Ambitious Cancer
5th July 1977

Ambitious Cancer has to work hard on his tenacity and courage if he wishes his dreams fulfilled. Due to haste and impatience, he can over step and trip on himself. When that happens, he must have the courage to pick himself up and carry on. He is in a hurry to be successful and can throw caution to the wind in his haste. He will do well if he travels abroad but he must be ready to face the adjustment he has to make and the competition he will face. 

Undulating lines reveal a moody, nervous person or one who lacks control. Such a person is easily influenced as he may be going through a period of instability or has lost his directions in life.

 Example of Writing which Undulates (Wavy)
(Picture: Sample11-LH86)

LH86 has a good hand though his writing undulates. He is looking for directions now but when he has found his course, he will be focused and fully committed to it. I would advice him to study something that can utilize his good aesthetic sense, design capabilities and creativity. Pharmacy can open a new world for him especially if he goes into biotechnology or genetic research. He has a tremendous scope available to him and it is not surprising he is momentarily confused.

Convex lines betray a restless person who gives up or get bored too easily or a person who lacks persistence.


Example of Convex Writing Line
(Picture: Sample12-Joey)

Joey whose writing flows in a convex line is very sensitive to rejections and failure. This can cripple her enthusiasm and persistence. She is very conscious of her own needs and can be insensitive to the needs of others. She has to be more flexible and tolerant so as to foster better working relationship with others otherwise she may find herself ostracized especially when she is trying to adapt to new surroundings abroad.

Concave lines testified to a hard worker who fights to the finish and is determined to reach his goals. He may be facing some self-doubt or depression but he will overcome his problems come what may.

Example of Concave Writing Line
Sajitha Ramesh
(Picture: Sample13-Sajitha)

Sajitha displays a concave line in her writing sample. Her problems are temporary as she has a good, upright script, which flows rhythmically. She is intelligent and will have the resilience to overcome her problems. She should be more open in her expressions and communicates and not allow her ego to come in her way especially when dealing with emotional issues.

Sometimes words are written spasmodically rising or descending in a line. This form is called ‘tiling?or ‘patchwork? When the words rise in a line, it reveals a need to control emotions or enthusiasm. It can also reveal a conflict between emotional goals and the reality of a situation.  

When the words fall, it is evident that the person is righting an emotional battle. It can also reveal depression, fatigue or a discouragement that the person is encountering.


Example of a Tiling Writing
Silly Stacy
(Picture: Sample14-SillyStacy)

Silly Stacy has to pull her socks up and get on with her undertakings. Her writing, which is “tiled? sometimes rising and falling, show her despondency and emotional stress but it also shows that she does not make an effort (o’s that don’t close and letters that suspend at the end). If she is not taking up a course that she wants to then she must not waste time and make a change however drastic it may seem. She has to have a good talk with her guidance counselor and not endure her distressful situation any longer and waste valuable time, energy or parent’s support! Education is very important but you must like what you are doing otherwise precious time, emotions and finances are wasted.

Such writing patterns are usually temporary, expressing emotions that the person is encountering at the moment. But these clues can give you an insight to the emotional state of the person which goes beyond the written words.

Handwriting is undoubtedly a very revealing expression of a person but above all, it is an intimate and subtle revelation of emotions, character and moral fiber. Words that are written may be used as a camouflage but getting beyond them gives the analysis of handwritings a deeper meaning of communications.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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