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If you are 16 and petrified about what you should do with your life, don’t worry too much because even at 60, many of us still don’t know. For a start, you may not know if engineering is right for you because what you really want to do is get out of school fast and become a Robert Kuok or a Rupert Murdock. But the fear of ‘not having a degree in this competitive world?drummed in by your parents has shackled you to 3 more years at a desk.

Another confounding fear is if ‘he or she is the right one for me??In ancient times the Greeks would consult the Oracles and the Chinese, the I Ching. Nowadays, if you do not wish to look to the heavens for an answer you can study your own hand writing for some clues.

Because, if there is someway to reduce the odds or tap into the nebulous future, wouldn’t you give it a go? Frankly speaking, it I had the fortune to have met someone who could have given me some frank, intelligent glimpse as to what my talents and my potential was and how I was perceived by others, I would not have made so many blunders in my life. For this reason, I searched for ways and means for an answer.

Now, armed with my wisdom and knowledge gained from blood, sweat and tears, let me try to help you to find out just what’s right for you.



Hope is a matter of fact and straight to the point person. She is a good communicator and is an extrovert. This handwriting shows mental energy, intelligence, efficiency and ambition. This is seen in her upright  style, rhythm, and crossings of the ‘t? She would be a good manager, administrator, lecturer, trainer and human resource executive.

Her ‘t?crossings and dots in her ‘i?also indicate that she is impatient and has a healthy self-esteem. Her straight upward t, d and l strokes reveal her quick mind, determination and confidence. Her spacing is wide indicating that she has independence of mind and thought and desires personal freedom. But the occasional backward loop of her ‘f?and loopless low strokes shows that she is physically and sexually dissatisfied.

Hope can be a very successful corporate executive who has ambitions of starting her own company. She is lonely but it is a matter of choice. She needs love and companionship to make her blossom and she has a lot of love to give but her ego will not tolerate rejection so she has built a wall of defense around her. Anyone who takes the trouble to penetrate this tough exterior will find a heart of gold.





Being left-handed does not mean that the handwriting has to be analyzed differently.

In Juna’s case, it indicates a person who is totally disinterested in the impression she gives of herself. She has a low self-esteem as seen in her ‘cancelled?signature and gives way to her moodiness as shown in her undulating handwriting. Juna’s writing also hints of a health problem connected to her stomach.

Although she is creative, she does not apply herself and will drift in life unless she corrects herself. Grapho-therapy is an applied science where children or grown-ups are given lessons on handwriting improvement. In doing so, they automatically correct their faults, like carelessness, as in the case of Juna, and focus on positive presentation. After all, your handwriting does reveal your character.

The problem could be that Juna’s parents are putting very high standards on Juna expecting her to produce 7As in her PMR to set an example to her siblings, as she is the eldest. This is so punishing because Juna buckles under such demands. Her frail writing cries out for support and understanding. Not everyone is an Einstein. Some are artists and homemakers like what Juna could be best at. Such parental pressure creates a low self-esteem in one so young, which could result in a number of complexes and a lack of confidence as she grows. This is a real problem that can emerge. So parents, take a good look at your child. Don’t break their young spirit. You can’t relive your life through your kid.




Frustrated has no loop in any of her letters except in her ‘d’s which indicates a lack of confidence in her abilities or a person who is defenseless or easily intimidated.

Frustrated displays a great deal of immaturity in her handwriting for one who is 27. Her open lower loops indicate sexual and emotional immaturity as well. This could be why she is frustrated. 

Now, she wants to live and work away from home obviously to gain independence, with personal and emotional freedom. I don’t blame her but this is a very dangerous year for her to make that move. It would be like a sacrificial lamb being delivered to the waiting city of wolves.

However, if she insists, then I would advice her to live with some relatives. Otherwise it would be too drastic a change and this is not a good age for her to be trying to fend for herself after leading a sheltered life as her writing exposes.

For now, she must be patient. At 29, a loving, slightly older man, will come along to love and protect her. He has to be able to put up with her moods, pouts and fears but in return he will get a loving though possessive wife who will be an excellent mother.




Ann has a clean cultivated and refined script. This also reflects her honest, refined and cultivated character. The most significant feature in her writing is the way her words tend to slope downwards. This indicates immense emotional distress, despondency and depression. This can also indicate a health problem, but in this case, I would say that Ann is suffering emotionally though a heart condition could manifest itself if she does not calm her intense nature.

This intensity of emotions could also be the reason her husband left her. She wants to know how and why her husband left her. Because of her straightforward approach to things, her ego, high standards and ambition, she could have made her husband feel inferior and not good enough for her. Being a man, he had to leave so as to regain his own equilibrium and self esteem.  Ann could also control her temper and jealousy if she wishes to sustain her marriage if her husband returns.

The age of 30 was bad, but there is improvement in her life this year and at the age of 32, so she should try to contact her husband and show him that she has calmed down and accept him back ? no questions asked. If she can do that, then reconciliation has a chance of success. But, can she?




Small writing indicates a lack of confidence, self-pride and an introverted nature. The irregular rhythm speaks of inner conflict and personal dissatisfaction resulting in loneliness and a lack of good sincere friendship. On top of that, she is shy, sensitive and timid as seen through her birthdate. Her date of birth also suggests that she has determination and ambition, but unless she comes to terms with her inner conflict, she will not be able to be clear sighted or concentrate on her goals.

I would advice Trueself to accept who and what she is and ‘settle into her skin? Instead of seeking someone else to build up her self worth, or emotional relationships, for the moment, she should keep her mind on achieving her degree with honors. Following that she should attain economic stability in a fulfilling job. When this is achieved, she will then be able to call the shots with confidence. This will draw to her solid, reliable friends who can appreciate and respect her. Only when she has achieved this can she expect to form good, stable emotional relationships which will not destroy her self-pride and make her feel inferior.

Trueself, you must learn to love yourself before you can find someone to love you.




Joel displays an angular connection form of writing. Such a style indicates a personality that has to constantly deal with challenging and stressful situations in his job. But don’t be mistaken, he enjoys it. Now with the thought of retirement looming, he wants to look for another challenging situation to ‘dabble in? Without a challenging occupation, Joel can become irritable and restless.

Although he can be successful with the stock market, he is not the type to just ‘dabble?in it but take it seriously, I would caution  therefore Joel not to be too daring or take risks and study the market these next few years before going into it seriously. His lucky ages will begin at 58 so he should be cautious until then.




A person who writes only in capital has a statement to make. He or she is unique in attitude and thought, which, due to his determination and self-control will become very successful. This is especially so if the writing is neat, with a good rhythm and consistent in size as is with Nicol’s writing.

Capitals do not have a lower zone, but in Nicol’s writing, she does stray below the invisible bottom line. This shows that she is concerned about physical and material things and can be motivated by financial gains.

Although her writing is controlled and severe, an affectionate nature is perceived by her ‘E’s. Her slightly forward slanting handwriting indicates that she is ready to communicate at the right level although a reserved, correct nature can be what she portrays.

At the moment, Nicol has not let her true nature develop and she would settle in a job that is stable, secure and mundane. But when her true self eventually evolves, she would crave for a more exciting job. Her self-control could be due to environmental constraints or a strict upbringing.

She would do well as a Banker, Researcher, in the Government Service or become an academician. But when she breaks free, she will seek the excitement of the stock market, financial broking or look for adventure in an appointment in an International Body like the UN, Wild Life Conservation or the Foreign Service.

If she were good in science, I would advise her to go into genetic engineering or into space and aeronautical engineering with an aim to join NASA.

Nicol can be anything she wants to be, but first of all, she has to find her trueself.




Being a super sensitive person, Nagulan has to learn to be tougher and more assertive. His character is portrayed in all 3 signature samples. Signature number 2 is the most revealing with its canopy. Signatures 1 and 3 are more straight forward and firm but signature number 2 is the most straightforward. The clearer and less complicated a signature is, the more open is the personality. Therefore, I would recommend signature 2 which is more frank and shows ambition and a good measure of self-pride and caution.




The planet Venus influences Elena a great deal. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and romantic ideals. Elena does how creativity and refinement of nature in her handwriting but is also exposes a good amount of passion, self-esteem and impatience.

This combination can be a lot to handle for a woman. But if she allows her heart and her passion to control her, then she is in trouble. She has to prioritize her decisions. If her financial security and independence is important then love has to take second place and not confuse her decisions.

Finally when she is attracted to anyone, she has to carefully examine her emotions to define if it is love, physically passion or a romantic disillusion. They may appear all one and the same to Elena. At 24, she would have had a difficult relationship and another unhappy relationship can happen again at 26 if she allows it to happen.

She reaches emotional maturity at 27 and until then my advice is to tame her romantic heart and focus on securing her financial independence because my fear is that she may become jaded before her time by the many who have come along and made use of her ever loving heart and body.




Sue exhibits a very talented and intelligent handwriting. She has what is called an enriched script with a good form. She has a matured attitude, good taste and the ability to see the essentials of any situation and get to the brass tacks of things. This will serve her well in any crisis and make her the pillar of her family’s strength.

All her zones are well developed but her middle zone is the weakest, showing that she has suppressed her self-growth and her ambitions for others. She is a very ambitious person as seen by her signature and large capitals, especially the ‘I’s and unless she can fulfill her own ambitions she may lose out of the total fulfillment of life.



Through the ages, man has tried to control his destiny. But unless you know who you are and what you are made of, you are at Destiny’s mercy. Therefore, isn’t it wise to seek the answers to your doubts and indecisions? It is the foolish that think they know all the answers and the weak that won’t admit their faults.


If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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