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A Question of Trust


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The question of trust and dependability is utmost in everybody’s mind. It does not matter who you are dealing with; be it your husband or wife, friend or the grocer. We live in a world where we soon learn that if we do not look out for ourselves, no one else is going to look out for us. This could burst many balloons and it is sad, but this is the reality of life. Are these the words of a jaded cynic? Not at all. The sooner we learn to be ‘wise? to the ways of the world, the sooner we are protected from the villains of the world. Look at it this way; by knowing traits of the bad guys, when the good guys come along, you can spot them.

Handwriting analysis can unwittingly disclose dubious or dangerous traits of the author, just as the eyes can reveal what’s in the soul. You don’t have to be a psychic to read them; you just have to be observant. Here are some tell tale signs to take notice of


Sample 1 Disguised Script 

The Devil in disguise script can be the most devastating. In appearance, he or she is deliberately correct and polite. Butter won’t melt in his mouth and he bears an air of self-righteousness. His speech is measured and so is his toothy smile so sincere. His handwriting is well formed but written in a slow deliberate script with no breaks. The writing is contrived and copy book style. Beware, he is presenting a false image of himself. He lures you with his perfection. But underneath that veneer lurks a devious, calculative mind. He is an unsuspecting conniver who has his prey marked. Be careful, it might be innocent you.


Sample 2 Sharks Tooth

Such handwriting reveals someone capable of secretiveness and deceit. He has a sharp mind and in any business dealings he can easily get the better of you. In matters of love and marriage, such a person would seize an opportunity to make a good match which will benefit him materially or socially. His or her loyalty is suspect.


Sample 3 Exaggerated Script

Such a script, which is not a genuine calligraphy, hides secret intents and desires. Probe beneath the surface to determine the real person. He or she is not what he makes out to be. There is a lot of fantasy and romantic illusions surrounding such a person.


Sample 4 Blotches, messy and punctuations galore

Unless you have the emotional stamina to unravel the turmoil within this person, walk away because he is a time bomb waiting to explode. Extreme anxiety and tension has wreaked havoc with his emotions and he can vent it suddenly with aggression and violence.


Sample 5 Misprints

Unless dyslexic, such a person is unable to commit be it to love or responsibility. Because of that, he is not dependable. He will be unreliable at work and avoid committing to a relationship. The question of marriage will make him take flight.


Sample 6 Leftward strokes and terminal

Unless you are ready to give all the way, then avoid anyone who writes this way. This is a mark of a very selfish person. He or she will not part with a penny or willingly help someone in need. His attitude is me first, last and always.


Sample 7 Small ovals and open base

Selfish in his demands with unconventional desires, a person with such a writing trait has  his own idea of gratification might not be what you had in mind. Go into any relationship with such a person with opened eyes.


Sample 8 Blurred and misshapen numbers

This is a blatantly wish to deceive. Hoping that a smaller figure will be mistaken for a higher one such a person hopes you misread his intentionally ambiguous numbers so that you will give him the higher amount. When questioned he will innocently apologies for the doubtful error. Totally untrustworthy in every way.


Sample 9 Incomplete Terminals

In dire straits, such a person will desert you. He is unwilling to face reality or take a definite course of action. He will not support you all the way and will leave you in the lurch when you need him most.


Sample 10 Threads

This is one of the most common and easily spotted forms of an insincere person. Such a person will normally prefer a thin nib and his writing will float above the line. His words will end in a frail tendril or even join up with the next word as if looking for support. This is the mark of an elusive and even a cowardly person.


Sample 11 Double Circle “O?br>

Not so easily detected but a nab shot of someone who will lie through his teeth while he will be looking you straight in the eye. This is the signature of a well-known President ‘I have not had??.?

 Every one of us can be failed for occasionally being ambiguous in some written words or occasionally leaving the bottom of our ‘a’s or ‘o’s open but if these traits are common in a handwriting, then a conclusion can be deduced. Handwriting is a valid expression of our values, but be careful before making an assessment as your judgment can have reverberating effects. If you are in doubt, send me a sample for further verification.



Dragon Girl


This is a sample of someone who is always touching up her writing. This indicates a person who is nervous and always wants to make a good impression. She is never satisfied with her achievements and therefore will think that she is a failure. But her expectations are not realistic. Of course in life we must try to reach for the stars but if we do not have a space ship, how are we going to get there. 

My advice to Dragon Girl is to evaluate herself and her circumstances and be realistic about her goals given her resources, ability, appearance, education etc., to assess if she can attain it. If she cannot reach her expectations, she will always feel frustrated, so how could she expect to attain self-harmony and self-love.




Generous and nurturing in nature, Saravanan who is ever ready to please can do well to be less of a do gooder and more self-concerned. He is too sentimental and does not have much self-confidence. He will try to compensate for this by being over generous or using money, with the hope to win friends and admiration. Neither of this is going to do much for his well being as many are going to take advantage of it and leave him in the lurch. His ‘I’s do indicate that he is beginning to be disillusioned by life so he must get himself right otherwise he will lose all motivation. He is creative and can do well in any job that requires his talents but he must be willing to work hard and not be too sensitive. He will do well in any food related careers or businesses but he must be careful not to over indulge as he can put on weight easily. Until the age of 31, he must be persistent as things will be not be too smooth until then.

Deaidera Kek

Deaidera has a very good birth date and shows intelligence and diligence in her handwriting but her confused signature reveals her lack of confidence and traces of one who is easily despondent and fatalistic. Always wishing for stability, she should realize that life will take her on many different roads so she must be prepared to walk the path of life with confidence as it has a good destiny. I will advice her to expand her mind and never rest on her laurels. She should take up other courses to better herself as she has the potential for great success. The gift of communications and her boundless energy are her assets and she must use them well. She would never be happy with a desk bound job and requires an activity to use up her excess energy. However, she also needs quite and rest to recharge her spirit and life force or she can burn out.





To be successful and happy, KLT must learn to be magnanimous and generous with her love as well as belongings. The leftward pull of her lower zones does point towards selfishness. In matters of love, we must give love before we receive it. If you wish for a good life partner, you must be less self-centered. At work, you must be willing to do the extra hours and not be too calculative. No matter what, when you are seen to give your job and responsibilities at work extra care and attention, you will be valued as an employee. So be prepared to go out of your way to handle your responsibilities well and you will be rewarded and appreciated.



Idealistic and pretentious is what is revealed in your signature. It screams for attention. All this showiness in your signature conceals a lack of self-confidence. Less show and more get-up-and go will give you the success your birth date promises. The arts suit you very well. Focus on it.


To Know


Judging from your date of birth and the undulating lines of your script, I would deduce that you are restless, moody and indecisive. You tend to be easily influenced and unstable in your decisions. On one hand you are passionate and restless. But on the other hand you are introverted and pensive. This complexity of nature can make your career choice difficult. You are also versatile, being able to fit into an active life-style as long as you can have moments to yourself. So look for a job that can use your passion yet give you moments to reflect. You would make a good lawyer, teacher or researcher in the medical field. Make your pick then settle into it.




Anthena displays the ‘incomplete terminals?syndrome of one who is afraid of reality and commitment. She feels that friends desert her but I must ask her to examine herself first. She may find that she has somehow let her friend down by not standing up for her or she may have not supporter her when she needed it most. Perhaps that is why her friend deserted her. Friendship is a two-way thing and many trials are put to test in a good friendship. Could it be that you had not stood up well to a test and that is why your friend in turn let you down? Meet her and find out the reasons. It will be a good lesson on self-discovery.


Yoke Ping

When there is a marked difference between the script and signature as seen with Yoke Ping’s sample, it indicates that how she perceives herself and what she really is, is markedly different. She may perceive herself to be stylish, elegant and in control, but in reality she is riddled with self-doubt and indecision. Yoke Ping has to work at getting her capabilities at par with her perceived self-image. It can be done as she has potential and a great deal of flamboyance ready to be tapped thought she presently lacks self-confidence and focus.





There is a great deal of unresolved inner conflict in Yoongs handwriting. This can be the big influence in her moods. From her birth date, her main problems lie in her emotional life and this is where she must come to terms with and seek closure to unresolved hurts and anger.

She is also very strict, rigid and dominating with high expectations. Much of it is unrealistic and beyond the capabilities of those she is in contact with or works with. This can bring about disappointment to her high expectations. She has to be more balanced in her outlook and realize that we are all humans with our faults, weaknesses and needs. I am sure she realizes that she has her weaknesses too, and must accept it, as others no doubt will do.

If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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