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Graphology or the art of hand-writing analysis is not only an aid to various fields of business like Human Resource Management, Banking, Criminal Scene Investigation or Education but also provides a personal input in astrological analysis for added accuracy. This match is called astro-graphology.

You may ask how this is possible. Astrology has many branches, to keep it simple we shall use a method call ‘Numerology’ where numbers or dates are used. Each Planet has an allocated number.  Each Planet has a type cast, character and even a typical physical appearance. In numerology, a person born under certain numbers would take on the characteristics of their ruling date planet. When compared to their handwriting, it can be deduced if this ‘ruling’ planetary number is vibrating positively or negatively in the person. The handwriting can also reveal if the inherent Planetary attitude, character and talents are present in the person and this can be used as a guidance for education or career as well as reaffirming the personality. Every planetary influence has its negative traits and when they apparent in the handwriting, it can prove to be the root cause of the unhappiness or failure. With this knowledge steps can be taken to rectify them.

 The Sun – The number 1 People

This includes those born on the 1st, 10th 19th or 28th.

Sun is the most powerful planet in our solar system. All other planets revolve around the Sun.

A person who is born under the Sun’s vibrations is first and foremost a leader who in always in command. A high achiever, such a person sets high standards and ideals for himself and is unhappy when he does not achieve it. Characteristically, a Sun person is proud a visionary and idealistic. On the down side, he or she is egotistical, self centered, arrogant, intolerant and thoughtlessly too direct. But they are charismatic and are great orators and communicators. All these skills and talents can make a Number 1 person very successful. If taken to excess, it causes disharmony in the person and creates discord around him.

Sun People

Ms. Rita

Miss Rita displays all the positive traits of a Sun person in her handwriting. Her distinct high zone indicates her high ideals and desires. She is generous and intelligent with a creative mind. Her upstrokes like her ‘I’s, ‘t’s and ‘d’s show her emotional strength, leadership qualities, pride and unbending will. All this will work well for her unless she has set too high goals that are unachievable or if her pride has caused her some grief in her emotional life. She should be particularly careful this year and take a softer approach with everything especially in areas of love and finances.


In her own words Yupi has express that she makes no bones about controlling her negative Sun qualities. She is intolerant and uncaring in how she treats others. This is nothing to be proud of. Her handwriting indicates that she is most concerned about “self” as seen by her predominant central zone. This magnifies her Sun qualities like being self-centered, pride and self-important. Due to this, she feels that she can say what she likes because she feels that she can survive on her own and will not accommodate any interference or criticism from anyone. She has leadership potential but uses it the wrong way by trying to bully with her aggression or her voice to intimidate, dominate or control. Her printed writing form indicates her creativity but her small letterings reveals a lack of confidence resulting from an unfulfilled spirit.

 She has great potential but must first correct her negative side to allow her achievements and talent to radiate like the rays of the Sun to warm her with self-pride and draw to her sincere friendship.

The Moon – Number 2 People

The Moon is the soft gentle nurturing planet, which is the next most influential planet to Earth. As she moves in our solar system, she changes her face while influencing the tides, moods and even the fertility cycle of women on Earth. Those born under her influence are nurturing, motherly, shy, indecisive and usually soft-spoken. They are creative but are motivated by moods and can break into tears for the slightest reason. In a woman, such sensitive characteristics are much appreciated, but in a man it can cause confusion to those trying to deal with him.

Moon People

Milky 82


Milky82 embodies all the Moon qualities. She is shy and reserved as seen in her curled up letters. Soft and gentle, she can easily be intimidated and needs a gentle touch to prod her onwards. She has strong Motherly instincts and even her choice of pseudonym is significant as the Moon governs the breasts in a woman or man. Milky82 may not be able to be a bold brazen businesswoman but she would make an excellent mother, teacher, nurse, doctor or homemaker. She would be a gentle and loving wife and mother though she can be overprotective and clingy. She would be an excellent cook, excelling in cakes and all the sweet goodies that she will use to spoil her charges with. When a Moon person has faint, light pressured handwriting with diminished loop and thread like endings, it indicates fickleness, indecisiveness, and a fear of commitment. Their timidity is also cowardliness and indicates fear of pain or displeasure.

Jupiter – Number 3 People 

This includes those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.

Jupiter is the next most influential planet to Earth, as it is closest and largest. Jupiter is known as the Great Benefactor. Those born under the influence of Jupiter are determined, ambitious, decisive and generous. They tend to be dominating and will always try to control those around them. Their needs and desires are voluminous. This can be either to their advantage or act against them. They must learn to say enough is enough and refrain from over powering others. Sometimes they are overbearing and their big ego and greed is their main vice.

When a Jupiterian chooses a thick nib and writes in a bold heavy script, then an excess of the Jupiterian quality is their fault. Otherwise, Jupiterians are a blessing to a family or an organization.

Jupiter People



Wahida has a signature that is larger than her normal script. In itself, this indicates she imagines herself to be more capable than she is actually is. For this reason, she will strive hard for her ambitions. In fact she may be over ambitious as her signature rises at a very steep slope. Her under-stroke emphasizes her desires and her determination. It also reveals that she is exacting and thorough.

Compared to her precise, abrupt and angular script, her signature is softer with more curves and portrays a slight indecision in her ‘d’. This means that the side of her she exposes to public is no way near the real self. But when the opportunity comes, Wahida will grab it and soar to great heights.

Uranus – Number 4 People

This includes those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st.

The most recently discovered planet, Uranus is respected as a Planet of Modern inventions and innovations. It is known the North Node or the Dragons’ Head. This Planet rules the Stock Market, the IT industry, alternative medicine, psychology and space explorations. In a person it emphasizes the interest and a gift for such things. It makes a person flamboyant, erratic, unconventional, in touch with their psyche and eccentric. They desire to be rich and famous and eventually will succeed.  Number 4 people can be scientist or artist but whatever they may be, they are interesting but different to understand or to control. They tend to have a unique style of dressing which is unconventional, verging on the quirky or weird.

Jupiter People


The flamboyance, style and energy of Uranus are seen in Jeffery’s extravagant signature. Without proper direction, Jeffery can bounce through life trying many things new and exciting but reaching no fulfillment. He would be very drawn to the stock market but needs control for it to benefit him. He is like a butterfly in love, difficult to trap. He will be prone to many involvements as his full, curved script shows a great deal of erotic fantasies.



Gurf shows the zany type of Uranus who is an extrovert, eccentric and fun. He tries to be so different that even his name is indecipherable. He will do well in the Arts or the IT industry. Not willing to grow up, he will bring his creative mind into his work. He should not confine himself to a run-of-the-mill type job but try to find his talent a place in the world of Design, the Arts or Communications. His mind and personality cannot be bound by convention or too tight discipline.

Mercury – Number 5 People

The Planet that swings fastest around the orbit is Mercury. It revolves around so fast that is has to connect itself 3 times a year during its orbit. These corrections are called retrogrades. The qualities of Mercury are swiftness of mind and body. They cannot stay still. Good communicators, negotiators and very opportunistic, they are successful as salesmen, entrepreneurs, teachers, power brokers and sportsmen like Michael Owens. They are very amicable and find it difficult to refuse anyone or anything. This can either make them well liked or distrusted when commitment is not met. Stress is their main scourge and impatience a big fault.

Mercury People


Energy and versatility are seen in Firemonks signature. He is going in so many different directions at one time. While he is trying to encompass his name with a curve, he ends it with a sharp, upward stroke. This indicates his desire to secure his territory while aiming very high in his ambitions. He wishes to accomplish this with exactness and precision as seen by the under-stroke and a dot.

His written script is angular, revealing ambition, an irritable character that is abrupt in speech and action. However the ambiguous ‘5’ will cast a doubt in any graphologist. This misshaped number together with an angular script can be interpreted as shrewdness to the point of being able to deceive for personal gain. Unfortunately, this is one of the negative traits of the mercenary Mercurian.


Venus- Number 6 People

This includes those born on the 6th, 15th or 24th.

Venus is always associated with love. In its highest form, Venus is associated with the refine form of love like kindred love, pure or plutonic love that survives time and is not sullied by sex or impurity. Most of all Venus represents the idealistic and romantic love of poets like Shelley and Worthsworth. Venus engulfs all things beautiful. For that reason, those influenced by Venues love all things beautiful. This, at times, deems those born with the sign of Venus lovers, playboys or Romeos. However, this may not be the case unless their Venus is afflicted or badly placed.

The Venus person is charismatic, charming with a great deal of sex appeal. They are the romantic poets, architects, designers and perfume makers. Selective and self-conscious, they can be accused of being aloof and conceited.

In graphology, we can determine the type of Venus that rules the person. The person does not have to have full, curved letters with flowery print for the Venus to be well placed. Sometimes we must look for other clues.

Venus People



Her chosen pseudonym and the poem she has written proclaim this utterly romantic Venus. She is searching for an ideal and is prepared to adhere to her principals. She is very conscious of herself and appearances as she constantly touches up her letters. This is a Venus trait as they are particular about they appearance and are fussy dressers.

Mr Aries


This is the extravagant, amorous Romeo. A snappy dresser with a lot of style, he will use his charm to woo without discretion. Though he is romantic, if one examines the 3 zones of his signature, the lower zone that concerns physical and material needs is most bloated. This indicates where his interest lies and where his promises and sweet words will lead to.

Neptune – Number 7 People

This includes those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th.

Neptune is a mystical planet just as 7 is a mystical number in many religions. Neptune is the planet of the psychic and the healer. They rule medicine, anesthetic, numbers (as in counting), rhythm, travel and languages. Sometimes called Dragon Head or the North Node, they deal in all things mysterious and subterranean. For this reason, people of Neptune are deep, mysterious and difficult to understand. Spiritual and in touch with their inner consciousness, they can have visions and a strong sixth sense. The problem begins when they become isolated, loners or delve too much into their psyche.

Neptune People

7- December-1979

This is the complex signature of Kanes. Already he has created a mystery about himself. He is as complex and secretive as his signature wishes to portray. The circles creating the cortex to the ‘s’ at the end hides a great deal at the same time the signature is created to be so complicated as he is afraid of fraud and deceit. It seems as if he is seeking protection in it. Concentric circles also a sign of neurotic tendencies.

An excess of such a behavior is unhealthy as it is a prelude to Obsession, Compulsive Behaviors. Kanes must learn to relate more to people around him. He should learn to trust others and himself as well and should not be afraid to reveal his true self.

A leftward sloping script of a Number 7 person is another indication of a reclusive personality. When such a writing style is seen then it is apparent that you are dealing with an introverted person who fights shy of involvements.

Saturn – Number 8 People

This includes those born on the 8th, 17th or 26th.

Saturn is the dark Planet which many fear. The Chinese however revere Saturn. It forms the basis of the Feng Shui movement of Luck in a house which follows the sign of Saturn. Saturn is the planet of deep thinking, stability, morality, learning and philosophy. Those born under this sign are constantly seeking knowledge, wishing to raise the moral tones in society and uplifting the rules of the universe. Their intensity of emotion makes them fatalistic, anxious of the future, easily depressed and gloomy. Instinctively aware of the future, they turn to religion for comfort but know the value of money. People of Saturn always prefer black ink.

Saturn People


Though her writing is spontaneous, energetic and voluptuous, Peggie exhibits strong Saturn traits. The most obvious is the way she writes her ‘t’s. Though there is flamboyance and artistry in it, it discloses Peggie’s desire for security and protection. The way she writes her ‘P’s in Peggie also indicates her need for physical benefits. But what is most notable is the far-reaching end of her signature. This shows her farsighted thought for the future and a desire to control it.

As Saturn is a planet that throws his ‘people’ this way and that in their path of life, Peggie must realize that she cannot control the future but must live the best she can in the present and not let her anxiety stand in the way of happiness or ambition.


Mars – Number 9 People

This includes those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th.

Mars is the planet of combat, passion, competitiveness, inner strength, tenacity, motivation and courage. Those born under such a powerful sign is never down for long. They are fighters to the end. Although these are more masculine traits, women who are born with Mars as their Planet are better suited for survival in this day and age. People of Mars are also very kind and compassionate and will take up causes or protect the underdog. They make good soldiers, doctors, lawyers, activists, social workers or steel millers.

Their complexion and their hearts are red and this makes them seem aggressive. They are very prone to flattery and can be easily made of. They are usually let down in life by their closest friends. The well-placed Martian can keep his temper in check but those with an afflicted Mars are dangerous and violent when aroused. To spot the bad Martian examine their hand writing for blotches, heavy pressure and exaggerated lower zones, or large angular script.

Mars People



Alison has a balanced handwriting with an easy flow. She is intelligent with a balance in physical, personal and idealistic needs. Her signature reveals an assertive person who is cautious but willing to take a calculated chance. The two dots at the end reveal a demanding person who is detailed and exacting in her work. The most interesting feature in her signature is the forward curve in the center. This reveals her tenacity. She will not give up on anything once she has set her mind on it.

If this curve had a hook-like appendage at the tip, then it would indicate a negative Mars quality which is unforgiving vengeance.

The curves and fullness of her letters reveals a physically passionate person who is as committed in love as she is at work. These emotions have to be reciprocated for her loyalty to sustain and her true love to endure.

Astro Graphology can be remarkably accurate as a character and personality assessment. It strengthens the analysis of handwritings revealing or confirming character traits. It is helpful in career guidance and emotional strengths or weakness though on its own it cannot be a predictive science.

 If you wish to have your handwriting analyzed, just drop me a short note with your date of birth. If you wish to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym.

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