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Expressions of Emotion


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Our minds and hearts have ways of expressing the joy or turmoil that pulsates or rages within us. At times it is our face that reflects it, sometimes it is an aura that surrounds us and most definitely it can pass through the neurotransmitters of the brain and through our handwriting. Although we have a distinguishing writing style which is unmistakably ours or a signature that has been born from the image that we have cultivated, our emotion bleeds its rhythm through our handwriting and nothing can mask it.


Tracing the Emotional Collapse of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, in an amazing collection of his signature through the years, reveals his rise and eventual emotional collapse that is so explicit. Born on the 20th April 1889, Hitler was meant to be an artist and a romantic. Born on the first day of Taurus with Venus as his destiny, the stars promised fame, fortune and a spectacular life, but something else lurking in his being, brought about the evil. Indeed Hitler’s first passion was art and he had a feverish desire to be an artist and an Architect, but it was not meant to be. Instead, he architectured the rise of the 3rd Reich and implemented a dream to create a pure Germanic Aryan race.


His quest to gain knowledge and recognition took him to Germany from Austria and though he did not succeed in the arts, it was his warped creativity, his desire for recognition, his charisma and luck that took him step by step to make him the most powerful and feared man in the world.



His normal signature itself is one of the most sightful pieces of evidence of his hidden persona. The ‘open-mouthed?‘A?in Adolf discloses a careless and gullible person who can be easily swayed. The absence of a lower loop in the “f?and a slash replacing it hints of an emotional conflict that affected him sexually. It speaks of a person that was not comfortable with normal sex or had some sexual hang-ups.

His ‘H in Hitler is stylized and elaborate which means that he had a respect for tradition and status and wanted to acquire it. Above all, the ‘H?revealed his inner desires and creative self. But finally, the way his signature droops at the end expresses his lack of confidence, weak emotional strength and by all accounts marks a suicidal tendency.


At the height of his glory when he was made Fuhrer, his signature had made a dramatic evolution. Gone was the gullible, careless ‘A? in its place was a strong slash that declared his presence and importance and the slashed ‘F’was more prominent and it appeared to resemble a “cross?. This is a hint of his paranoia which could indicate that he felt that he was on a mission from God to embark on a dubious crusade.

However, the most revealing feature was the highflying, ornate ‘H?that showed his elation and soaring delusions of grandeur. Though it was still pegged down by self-doubt in the way the whole surname still drooped, the “H? nonetheless flew high like a kite. This was taken from a document of the 5th of March 1933 when he was 43.


By the time World War II was declared on the 1st of September 1939, his signature had evolved into ciphers and emblems. Adolf now resembled the dreaded insignia of the feared SS. The SS force was his brainchild and the strong arm he used to maintain his stranglehold and instill fear on all. The ‘H?in Hitler was more decorative and stylized reflecting his feeling of self-importance and ego but the most interesting feature was the appearance of a thick slash to the ‘H? This shows that amidst the elation, success and grandeur, a strong will and a hardened heart was developing. This was the offset of his cruelty and single-minded obsession. This was the mark to be feared and it became thicker and more obvious as the years went by.


19 July 1940

 Astrologically speaking, his downfall began at the age of 53 in 1942 and with his first defeat at Stalingrad till he finally took his life in 1945 eight days after his 56th birthday, his signatures echoed his despair and dwindling courage. But the SS insignia, his trademark, was defiant till the end, though his ego, as reflected in his surname Hitler slowly evaporated till it was no more than an indistinguishable blot at his death. Hitler and his spirit existed no more.

 As was initially predicted in his signature, he took his own life 2 days after the last signature.


 Life Force

 One’s signature and writing does reveal the life force in a person. When a person is healthy, happy and in control, the writing is strong with a good rhythm and written boldly.  

 When depression or illness sets in, the rhythm and insecurity is clearly visible.


 When a person begins to lose control of himself or when fear or doubt sets in, it is very revealing to study the handwriting especially to decipher what insecurities are emphasized.

  These two samples of a normal handwriting and one during the recovery of an operation clearly indicates the transfer of a persons?emotional emphasis and the lurking fears.


 In his normal handwriting, all these zones are balanced. The rhythm is constant; the loops are full and the upward strokes strong and straight.


 During the recovery period, the middle zone is greatly emphasized indicating the self-centered concern of his well being to the point of self-obsession. The rhythm is irregular and the word formation uneven indicating an inner panic or fear. But the most revealing is the defensive ‘d?

In good health and full of confidence, the ‘d?is well defined, closed at the top of the circle and the upward stroke is straight and without a loop. When under stress during recovery, the ‘d?has an “appeal for comfort and protection?curl in the circle and the upward stroke has an added loop which is never present in his normal writing. Loops are always a cry for love and affection and also protection. This single letter expresses the vulnerable position the person was in and the need for reassurance.

If your child is ill or your wife or husband has suddenly changed in attitude or temperament, it is interesting to look towards and compare his handwriting to find out what has caused these changes because in its?little tell-tale curls and loops is the cry for help. Handwritings are so revealing and can disclose what words will not or cannot say!

Be it even with your boss or business associate, if they have suddenly changed and you are constantly being put down by him or if he has become more demanding or difficult, look at his written words and you may discover that all he needs is love, reassurance or re-affirmation of your support because he is suddenly overcome by doubts and fears and is vulnerable or he may be suddenly caught in a jam and his position has become threatened.



Clara K.

 Clara K. is curious about her doodling. She has 3 different types of doodles. The common factor is all 3 is the search through a passage that is complex or blocked. Doodle Number 1 is more rounded and flowing indicating a blockage due to sentiments.


The second shows an easier passage (towards a goal) but nonetheless it is not straight and clear.


The third looks like a tire thread or a herringbone pattern. This shows more aggression but an active attempt to try to find a way through this rough passage.


Now the important point in the 2nd and 3rd doodle is if they are ascending or descending. If it is ascending it indicates that Clara K is still positive and that she can cope with things. If it is descending then it indicates diminished hope.

 My analysis is that Clara K. who is very ambitious and creative is hampered in her road to fulfillment of her ambitions due to sentiments (Doodle 1) but is determined to find her way through the maze though she cannot find a clear direction due to her lack of confidence, emotional commitments or financial restraints. This is slowly causing her to be angry inside and will get worse if the patterns are descending, as she sees no respite.

 She has to be more assertive because she has a good horoscope and it is a waste of life to have ambitions unfulfilled. She must build up her self-esteem and confidence, as it appears to be at a low as revealed by the small script. If she allows sentimentality to hamper her then she should not blame anyone but herself if she is unfulfilled.



 Footie has a handwriting that has a disturbed rhythm, mixed slant and irregular spacing. This is a clear indication of someone who has a great deal of internal conflict which is obstructing her from connecting well with those around her and prohibiting her from making good judgment on many things in life from her career to even simple things like how she should dress.


She lacks confidence and finds it difficult to commit to anything preferring to float and remain aloof as seen by her floating script.

 She can be sarcastic and sharp-tongued and uses this as a defense shield to hide her self-doubt and insecurities. This is seen in her slash-like commas and apostrophes. She is too concerned with her romantisized and idealistic dreams and tends to ignore her basic needs as revealed by her diminished middle zone and emphasized upper zone.

 Her handwriting with its irregular rhythm can also reveal a health problem and it could be her heart that needs attention.



 Muruga displays a complex personality in the different handwritings he has. Sample A is a print form revealing independent thought and creativity. A printed script form also indicates a person who is highly critical of himself as is in the case of Muruga. This characteristic of his always makes him regretful of his action and causes him guilt, as he is aggressive and fiery in temperament, action and speech as seen in his birth date. Therefore, he must learn to control this energy or he will be constantly feeling guilty of his rash, passionate actions. A good way to control his furious energy is to learn from now to count till 5 while taking deep breaths before he reacts to any provocation.

 When he is less aggressive and impatient and more pensive, a gentler, linked script will emerge. He cannot help but have multi-emotional displays in one letter he writes because of his passionate and expressive character, as seen by his strong upright strokes but he also has a his softer side which is revealed in his loops in sample B.

Sample B

 So, as long as the pull of his character takes him from on extreme to another, he will continue to be as expressive in his writing as he is in his creativity and passionate outbursts. Directing it into film production as he aspires to do will be very good and with all his emotions he will be able to feel the script and express it in his films.


M. Kumuja

 M. Kumuja exhibits an enriched script but of good taste. This means that she is artistic, talented and naturally intelligent. However, this does not make her vain, an easy prey to flattery and a seeker of attention, but she will do it so charmingly that no one will refuse her.

 At 21, her true nature and a desire to establish her own identity is emerging and she wishes to embody it in a signature that best portrays her image.  

  1. At 21, she has better loose this zany, childish style.

  1. Sample A
  2. This emphasizes her vanity and dramatic character which can be misconstrued.

    Sample B
  1. This gives a more balanced image of someone who is energetic, passionate and creative, all that Kumuja is, and above that, the underscore and dot under the signature promises that she will keep to her word and will not just he airy-fairy but precise and thorough.

    Sample C

All the signatures have great energy, style and individuality but as it has to convey credibility, C is my choice.